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76December2023Editorial - RUOK? COMFAA c/o. 2COMFAA; david frost; matt royals;
76December2023Rest In Peace - December 20232neil ferguson; rod coupland; richard grezl; noel knappstein; donald debus
76December2023Meet The New COMFAA4matt royals;
76December2023Please Can You Help (Wessex Book Appeal)5steve long; wally
76December2023COMFAA Update - December 20236matt royals; aukus; david frost; todd glynn; mh-60r; dsr; uas; 723; bathurst; sandown; robert ray; 725; romeo; mrh90; nigel rowan; aswex; 822x; collins; submarines; adelaide; brisbane; uss canberra; ncis; swti; misr; 816; 808; poseidon; ddg; lhd; rohrsheim; amaftu; choules; hx21; dmad; esm; camcopter; rpas; sycamore; japan;
76December2023Letters to the Editor - Qantas Hijacking12
76December2023Understanding Your Benefits - Physiotherepy Services13jim bush
76December2023FAA Wall of Service Update - December 202313cluley; hooper; sandberg; clark; gillam; thompson
76December2023Letters to the Editor - Huey Ditching14brian abraham; bob tingley
76December2023Letters to the Editor - Donald Campbell14dumbleyung; kukerin; bluebird; danny joyce
76December2023Letters to the Editor - The Skyhawk Years15LSO; natops; skyhawk; paddles; paul hamon; graham quick; vs41; s2e; keith johnson; jacksonville; a4; phil thompson; lyall o'donoghue; john park; peter james; ward carrol
76December2023Mystery Photo Answer - Latecoere 631 Flying Boat18french; biscarosse;
76December2023HMAS Albatross and the Procedure Y Project22kim dunstan; seaplane; ship; japan; signals; admiralty; china; jellicoe; franklin; 1927; png; pacific; japanese; shanghai;
76December2023Light Fleet Carrier26steve chaplin; submarines; collins; raaf; cap; tindal; katherine; darwin; izumo; JMUC; yokosuka; jsf; f-35b; kaga;
76December2023Around The Traps - MOBI34nirimba; bill marcroft;
76December2023Around The Traps - Firefly Mk IV34ron marsh; tw695; contra-rotating; hucknall; graeme lunn
76December2023Around The Traps - Nirimba to the rescue35david prest; mobi; fire;
76December2023Around The Traps - New Helo Type? 35seahawk; osprey
76December2023Around The Traps - HARS Kite Day Flypast36howard mitchell; hars; tracker; sea cliff; hargrave; gary criddle; le merton; michael hough;
76December2023Around The Traps - Turkey Cartoon36
76December2023Around The Traps - Danger: FAAAA Scam Emails36
76December2023Around The Traps - First Automated Autorotation37Sykyryse; r22;
76December2023Around The Traps - Air Taxi Demo in NYC37Joby; new york; evtol
76December2023Around The Traps - RAN Korean Veteran Crosses The Bar38Noel Knappstein; korea; david harries; vat smith; mike fell; sydney; sea fury; han river;
76December2023Around The Traps - Fly Navy Spreads Its Wings38stickers
76December2023Around The Traps - NCIS Meets the FAA39
76December2023Building A Dream - the Antonov 22542myira; ukraine; soviet; buran; space; hostomel, kyiv; russia; vdv; belarus; lotarev; rolls royce;
75November2023Opinion - The Voice2marcus peake
75November2023Letters to the Editor - Ditching and Recovery of Iroquois 8944Phil peck; bob mcdermott; 893; carl daley; ken alderman; rick reuter; overpitch; dave smith; bob geale;
75November2023Letters to the Editor - Mystery Photo and Donald Campbell5kim dunstan; dumbleyung;
75November2023Letters to the Editor - Flyby, printing and computers6fred dawson; john currie;
75November2023Letters to the Editor - The Official History of the Defence Signals Directorate6kim dunstan; albatross;
75November2023Mystery Photo Answer - Beriev Be-68ukraine; soviet; floatplane; mikhailovich
75November2023Wall of Service Update - November 202310cluley; hooper; sandberg; clark; gillam
75November2023Understanding Your Benefits - Nuclear Test Medal11maralinga; monte bello
75November2023Caption Competition (Photo) HMAS Melbourne11
75November2023The Weary Willies12drones; bg-1; doolittle; aphrodite; b17f; bq7; heligoland; joe kennedy; ventura; lightning; mosquito; liberator;
75November2023Around The Traps - FAA Museum open for business again14stu harwood;
75November2023Around The Traps - Oh Poop!14faeces; jewellry; minneapolis; giraffe
75November2023Around The Traps - Looking for Capt Peter Brown14
75November2023Around The Traps - Tirpitz Recycling15Oslo
75November2023Around The Traps - Extra Baggage15
75November2023Around The Traps - EV Debarcle15
75November2023Around The Traps - Tracker Brew16Jezebel beer; S2; Julie
75November2023Around The Traps - Joby Delivers First eVTOL to paying customer16USAF;
75November2023Around The Traps - Geoff Vidal Videos17
75November2023Around The Traps - Hawker Sea Fury in German Markings17
75November2023Around The Traps - Neil Westphalen Info17
75November2023Around The Traps - Fat Passengers, Skinny Seats17Sumo; Japan
75November2023Around The Traps - No Link Between MRH90 crashes18Taipan; army;
75November2023Around The Traps - Iroquois on a Stick18findlay; nowra; mayor; albatross; fiona phillips; gareth ward
75November2023Around The Traps - Wanted - Slipstream Editor19
75November2023The Crippled Giant20B17; B-17; all american; kenny bragg; harry nuessle; german; me109; godfrey engel;
75November2023Hijack - The Taking of Qantas 173724vh-nxn; melbourne; launceston; cory purvis; john morgan; greg khan; denise hickson; david robinson;
75November2023Wessex Book (Advert for contributions)27steve long; wally;
75November2023A Sound For God To Make28halifax; explosion; nova scotia; dartmouth; bedford basin; imo; haakon from; mont blanc; aime le meded; william heyes; stella maris; francis mackey; frank baker; arcadia; collision; benzol; tnt; gun cotton; tnp; tacoma; truro; patrick coleman; boston; evan wyatt; charles burchell; guvernoren; falkland; kay chapman; fort needham;
75November2023New Book Release - Birdies40sharron spargo
75November2023FAAAA Subscriptions Due Soon - Nov 2341
74October2023Rest in Peace - October 20232dennis stone; frank larter
74October2023Wally Book4wessex; steve long
74October2023Letters to the Editor - Distinction between ex Military and Civil Trained pilots5ted goater;
74October2023Letters to the Editor - Winkle Brown6Len Diprose; DC-3; XS-1; M.52; brian abraham
74October2023Letters to the Editor - The Skyhawk Years6Len Kenderdine; VF805
74October2023Letters to the Editor - Vision Australia Aids6DVA; Peter McNay
74October2023Caption Competition - Monkeys on USN Fighter7
74October2023X-Ray Lima 161- The Story of the Victor that nearly didn't make it8blue steel; conway; john saxon; john baker; avro; frank longhurst; mach; asi; parachute; meteor; canberra; alex hollingsworth; david glenn; raaf edinburgh; jimmy caitlin; goose bay; thumrait; oman; lyneham;
74October2023Mystery Photo Answer - Blackburn Firebrand TF514hms eagle; hms warrior;
74October2023Change to Softcopy Slipstreams15
74October2023Wall of Service Update - October 202316cluley; hooper; sandberg; clark
74October2023Naval History/Trivia Quiz in Canberra 04 October17john perryman;
74October2023Firefly Photograph17Ian Laidler
74October2023Around The Traps - CannedCopter?18Schiebel S-100; Raytheon;
74October2023Around The Traps - 271 Pilots' Course Graduation18jim bush; bill attohowe; mike keogh; andy collard; jack williams; zane viljoen; david frost; fraser jackson; connor russell; brad eaton; andy daiken; brett dowsing
74October2023Around The Traps - FAAA Scrapbook BIG PDF18spaz sinbad; onedrive; phil thompson
74October2023Around The Traps - Skyhawk Book Launch20peter greenfield; david prest; peter ingman; john da costa; ailsa chittick; marcus peake; terry hetherington; paul norris; faam; museum; joe hattley; vf805; vc724;
74October2023Around The Traps - Wessex over Sydney Opera House (photo)22wessex 826l dave masterton; vince di pietro; awm;
74October2023Around The Traps - Gannet Under the Radar (photo)22moorabbin; xg789; terry ellis; sydney; melbourne
74October2023Around The Traps - HMAS Albatross Birthday 202323scott palmer; casey merriman
74October2023Around The Traps - Proposed 11.2% Pay Increase for the ADF23
74October2023Around The Traps - Iroquois Back on Terra Firma (photo)24894; nowra
74October2023Around The Traps - Iroquois 894 Ditching (photo)24john macartney; phil peck; arthur sharland; rob mcdermott; kimbla; jervis bay; tingley; smith; law; parish;
74October2023Around The Traps - Aussie Aviation Artist (photo)25drew harrison
74October2023Around The Traps - First Drone Recovery for RN Ship26hms prince of wales;
74October2023Around The Traps - 99 Years Old and Looking Young!26henry young;
74October2023Around The Traps - A Very Expensive Mistake - Ditching RAF F35B27hms queen elizabeth
74October2023Around The Traps - Joby On Track for 2025 Commercial Ops28air mobility; eVTOL;
74October2023Around The Traps - Amazing What You Find Flying Around (photo)28
74October2023Around The Traps - The Dragonfly Project29Airbus;
74October2023Around The Traps - The AWOL Bomb29Grampaw pettibone
74October2023Resurrection - The Fall and Rise of Bluebird K730donald campbell; coniston water; bill smith; tonia bern-campbell;
74October2023A Speck of Dust (or two)38marcus peake; nsca; oodnadatta; alice springs; pine gap; ray dousett; kingair; rob dickson;
73September2023Letters to the Editor - Roger Scovelldaggers; bob luxtoh; gibson; dagliesh; john webb; richard scott; steve howlett; barbette; david anderson; mick storrs
73September2023Letters to the Editor - Roger Scovell Funeral
73September2023Letters to the Editor - Correction to Accident Datebob ray; peter ward; sanderson; smith; keith englesman; brian abraham
73September2023Letters to the Editor - Wind Shearrobert ray; whitton; beecroft;
73September2023Letters to the Editor - Princes Highwaydavid elliston
73September2023Letters to the Editor - New Book by Eric Winkle Brownrobin spratt; paul beaver
73September2023Letters to the Editor - Rifle Practise on Sydneylen anderson; arthur payne; les anderson
73September2023Letters to the Editor - Tattoospinky's; hong kong; beachball; godfrey
73September2023Letters to the Editor - Rabaul cris george; peter ewer; kapingamarangi; burnett; kaga; akagi; shokaku; zuikaku; john brown; bomber
73September2023Letters to the Editor - Peter Arnoldhms tiger; keith bright; hmas melbourne; soppelsa;
73September2023NSW RSL President apologises for treatment of Vietnam Veteransray james;
73September2023Mystery Photo Answer - Fokker F-10 Tri Motor/Douglas DC-1Dakota; knute rockne; TWA; Boeing; DC-1;C-2; DC-3; C47
73September2023The Missing Link (HMAS Creswell)david jones; nowra; OUT; albatross; torpedo; edwin link; wagga; temora; jervis bay; nabbington; nabswick; kraille; crail; jbrf; beaufort; raaf; cyclorama; simulator; trainer; training;
73September2023Wall of Service Updatre - Sep 23cluley; hooper; sandberg
73September2023Around The Traps - Old Bar Veterans' Day 2023macartney; jeff maki, deb scanes, david gillespie; vietnam; memorial
73September2023Around The Traps - HMAS Albatross Gets $124m upgrade
73September2023Around The Traps - Australian Artist Has The Goods!drew harrison; bob geale
73September2023Around The Traps - Huey 898 Memorial Gardens Sep23vic battese; michael hough; howard mitchell
73September2023Around The Traps - Cause of Crash Still Not KnownMRH90; whitsunday
73September2023Around The Traps - Think B4 You Fly!
73September2023Around The Traps - 817 Squadron PatchesBursa;
73September2023Around The Traps - Concorde Back in the Sky? (Photo)
73September2023Around The Traps - Most Expensive Fire Lighters? (EV)
73September2023Around The Traps - Vietnam Fallen HonouredVigil
73September2023Around The Traps - Aussie StringbagsSwordfish; hms hunter; raaf pearce;
73September2023Around The Traps - The New Shape of Wings?TTBW; truss; braced
73September2023Eine Frage Der Ehre - A Question of HonourGerman; Fleet; Scuttling; Peake; von sheer; armistice; konigsberg; queen elizabeth; beatty; von meurer; von reuter; seydlitz; karlsrhue; richard stumph; cardiff; firth of forth; scapa flow; friedrich ruge; orkney; emden; flying kestrel; bayern; peggy watson; hindenberg; fremantle; revenge;
73September2023What Became of the Wreck of the Tirpitz?
73September2023Remember This? The Tracker Story Re PublishedS2; Grumman; Cyclone
72August2023The Skyhawk Years (Advertisement)4Peter Greenfield; david prest; a4g; skyhawk
72August2023Understanding Your Beneifts - Asbestos & Chemical Health Check5dva; cadmium; lead; cancer; NLHC; tuberculosis; gold card; white card; mental
72August2023Wall of Service Update - August 20235cowley; o'reagan; milsom; white; Prest; skomba; yates; cosgrove; spratling; buchanan
72August2023Letters to the Editor - B26 crash6torpedoes; b26; runway 26; downdraught; kim dunstan
72August2023Letters to the Editor - AI in Aviation6godfrey; beachball;
72August2023Letters to the Editor - AJASS6noel farmer;
72August2023Letters to the Editor - Slimmng Drug7ozempic; semaglutide; diabetic; dva; jon dorhauer
72August2023Letters to the Editor - Error on Doolittle Raid7vernon benjamin
72August2023Letters to the Editor - Fly Navy Sticker8roger harrison
72August2023Reunions - August 20238old bar; phot branch;
72August2023Fatal FOD9Chinook; ipad; ntsb;
72August2023Around The Traps - Rifle Club on Sydney10michael payne; arthur payne; vengeance; platypus bay; fraser island; les anderson; peter hargreaves
72August2023Around The Traps - New Contract to supply military fuel10geelong; viva energy; pat conroy;
72August2023Around The Traps - Bursa Images10mike simm; roping practice
72August2023Around The Traps - More Trouble with Electric Vehicles12felicity ace; havila krystruten;
72August2023Around The Traps - MH-60R Historic Maintenance Agreement13sikorski; romeo; darren rae
72August2023Around The Traps - Hands Up Who Has a Tat?13tattoos; singer
72August2023Around The Traps - Hiring Clothes to Travel Light13
72August2023Around The Traps - Pigs Do Fly!14phil thompson; pink floyd; battersea; heathrow; balloon;
72August2023Around The Traps - 270 Course Graduation15brad eaton; brett dowsing; bill abbotson; jim bush; mike hannigan; harry coldwell; greg cook; mike keogh; max speedy; vince di pietro; geoff ledger; graeme lunn; peter adams
72August2023Around The Traps - Width Bars on Runways15
72August2023Around The Traps - Huey 898 Albion Park Tarmac Day16todd glynn; vic battese; howard mitchell
72August2023Around The Traps - Scattering of Ashes16Robert Ray; 723; ec135
72August2023Around The Traps - Roxie Laybourne17bird strike; feathers;
72August2023Just Along For the Ride - Humour18arthur johnson; dc3; gooney; winston james; wall gascoigne; dakota; meat pie; s206
72August2023Mystery Photo Answer - Airstream Caravan Caf?20ted goater; chiang rai; singha park; taupo; hawaii adda; costa rica; bangkok; b707; b747
72August2023Vietnam 50th Anniversary22dva
72August2023Carrier Art24graeme lunn; liaoning; clemenceau; melbourne; shandong; fujian; sydney; vengeance; oakley; firefly; intrepid; aloha; anzac; queen elizabeth;
72August2023Torpedo Training28albatross; raaf; nowra; beaufort; btu; 60TU; usn; jervis bay; woomera; cris george; raeburn; marauder; milne bay; lancasters; nuremberg; hanover; frankfurt; leopoldsburg; b-26; lerew; rabaul; avro anson; warhawks; burra bra; nabbington; avenger; lincoln; neptune; nelms;
72August2023The Last Days of The Tirpitz34peake; henry moore; goodwood; tallboy; raf; lancaster; liberator; mosquito; yagodnik; torpex; tnt; paravane; bardney; woodhall; kaafjord; jw mines; waddington; kegostrov; tromso; hakoya; soviet; obviate; catechism; sweden; norway; wellington; merlin; tornetrask; sumburgh; ehrier; tait;
72August2023Now, Here is the Challenge44peter greenfield; david prest;
71July2023Rest In Peace - July 20232Frank Markham, Bill Crowley, Jim Davidson
71July2023Letters to the Editor - Just Along For the Ride4Wally Gasgoigne; Harold Kent; Arthur Johnson; Tracker; S2; Stoof
71July2023Letters to the Editor - Test Pilot4Mike Curry; Seahawk; Sea King; AMAFTU; Seamus O'Farrell; Freank McMillian; Jack Lutze; Jack Ryan; Ivan Misfeld; Keith Englesman; Lynx; AS330; SH2F; B212; YUH60;
71July2023Letters to the Editor - Thank You!6Kevin Rasmus; Leigh Costain;
71July2023Letters to the Editor - Farewell to a Legend6Desmond Woods; Taranaki; kiama; sheep; hermes; royal marines; 40 Commando; Falklands; playboy; daedalus; army; dortmund; kuwait; gorbachev; creswell; richard adams; richard mcmillan; robert poate; afghanistan; alan du toit; tim barrett; peter cosgrove; tim brown; sydney; emden; martin holzberger; chris smallhorn; flying stations; wendy ross; james goldrick;
71July2023Reunions - July 20239FAA Reunion Aug 23; Phot Branch Reunion Oct 23
71July2023Wall of Service update - July 20239cowley; o'reagan; milsom; white; Prest; skomba; yates; cosgrove
71July2023Understanding Your Benefits - July 202311Podiatry Services
71July2023Artificial Intelligence in Aviation12marcus peake; a.i; ai; predictive maintenance;
71July2023Mystery Photo Answer - Tractor Aboard USS Hornet16Paul Allen; santa cruz; solomons; japanese; lexinton; juneau; helena; doolittle; pearl harbor; hudson;
71July2023Tax Time - Claiming the Cost of your FAAAA Subscription18
71July2023Fifth Beatle Discovered! (Photo)19
71July2023Around The Traps - RAVN20Red Air; pilatus; PC9; F/A-18A; Hornet; RAAF;
71July2023Around The Traps - My Country…Oh My Country (Poem)20
71July2023Around The Traps - Fire Tenders Old and New (Photographs)21
71July2023Around The Traps - Low Flying Air Zimbabwe B70721darryl tarr;
71July2023Around The Traps - Gerhard Barkhorn (German Ace)22erih hartmann; harrier; kestrel; xs689;
71July2023Around The Traps - Don "Duckie" Matherne (Photo)22EMU
71July2023Around The Traps - Credit Where Credit's Due - Education Credits22Macartney; ACU; university; veterans;
71July2023Around The Traps - Commemorating Service in the Vietnam War23DVA; medallion
71July2023Around The Traps - Interceptions (Chick Wings Cartoon)24phil thompson;
71July2023Around The Traps - Veterans Health Checks24macartney; cvc;
71July2023Flying the Tracker - Part 2 - The Ship26Own Nicholls; melbourne; lso; fclp; mirror; maddls; s2; stoof;
71July2023Aussies in Glory34graeme lunn; sea fury; andrew powell; 14th CAG; korea; edward stephenson; 804 squadron; 767 squadron; addls; dlco; peter wyatt; oggie swanson; heron; taranto; implacable; clarles lamb; alan cordell; peter cabban; john mattnews; firefly; nails clarkson; dick sinclair; jimmie bowles; brassie cooper; 808 squadron; pedro fox; bromide baker; paengyong; tobruk; richard how; mike fell; sea gladiator; skua; martlets; wildcat; illustrious; tirpitz; emperor; ron coleman; sasebo; john bailey; barracuda; haeju; wongol; mick fieldhouse; hms ocean; lowry; majestic; martin scott;
70June2023Rest in Peace - June 20232ronald mckenzie; errol shelley; peter barnes
70June2023Letters to the Editor - Flying the Trojan T284trojan; t28; whiting field; vt3; lexington; bomber brown
70June2023Letters to the Editor - Flying Out of Duxford4gerry dowling; tiger moth; roger harrison
70June2023Letters to the Editor - Coming Clean - HMAS Sydney's Island6marcus peake; melbourne;
70June2023Letters to the Editor - Vixen OFT7clive blennerhassett; wessex; guy cooper
70June2023Letters to the Editor - History of Curly Brydon7adam howe brydon; graeme lunn; richard townley
70June2023Mystery Photo Answer - Aichi M6A1 Seiran8japan; submarine; panama; ww2; pacific; uss proteus; yokosuka; tokyo bay; 1945; pearl harbor;
70June2023Wall of Service - June 202312cowley; o'regan; milsom; white; prest; skomba
70June2023Understanding Your Benefits - May 23 - Dental Services13DVA
70June2023Did You Know? The Queens Jubilee Carriage13king charles; camilla; hms victory; tower of london; st paul's; edinburgh; mary rose; mayflower; balmoral; canterbury; carlisle; chichester; durham; ely; hampton court; holyrood;l kensington; lincoln; liverpool; osbourne; salisbury; stirling; westminster; scone; ferriby; britannia; endeavour; big ben; spitfire; hurricane; lancaster; waterloo; shakespeare; isaac newton; jenner; harrison; banks; florence nightingale; magna carta; doomsday book
70June2023FAA Scrapbook Update14spaz sinbad; phil thompson;
70June2023Reunions - Old Bar 2023; Phot Branch15
70June2023Fly Navy Stickers - May 2315
70June2023Historical Snippets - Harrier on Civilian Merchant Ship16illustrious; portugal; alraigo; harrier; watson
70June2023Historical Snippets - Grumman Wildcat Ditching HMS Searcher16Hugh Mirrison; new zealand; operation judgement; norway
70June2023Ship Art (Advert)17
70June2023Around The Traps - Seasprite18SH-2G; Seasprite; omaka; 805;
70June2023Around The Traps - 737 Firefighting Crash18coulson; b737; fitzgerald; atsb;
70June2023Around The Traps - Hangar Rats (Photo)19mirage; williamtown; phil thompson; tagging; vc724; graffiti
70June2023Around The Traps - HMS Sussex Kamikaze Attack20mitsubishi; sonia
70June2023Around The Traps - Graham Abraham & Prince Charles20richard branson;
70June2023Around The Traps - Firefly WX82821ron marsh; moorabbin; wansey; vh-hmw; mickey mouse; markey; spence; simpson; classic aviation; wb518; griffith; kurdziel; colorado; wb377;
70June2023Around The Traps - Titanic as you've never seen her before22magellan;
70June2023Around The Traps - First Woman To Command A/C Carrier completes tour23amy bauemschmidt; uss abraham lincoln;
70June2023Around The Traps - No. 269 Course Graduates from RAAF Pearce23jim bush; mike keogh; brad eaton; jure plestina; ben leece; marc ledwidge; al clark; brett dowsing; bill attahowe;
70June2023Flying the Tracker - Part 1 - The Ship24owen nicholls; phoenix; hars; melbourne; majestic class; mirror sight; angle deck; steam catapult; firefly; sea fury; venom; tracker; s2; argentina; canada; brazil; netherlands; essex; flyco; meatball; lso;
70June2023Building the SKA (Square Kilometre Array)28marcus peake
70June2023Sink The Beast - The Tirpitz34marcus peake; bismarck; faettenfjord; hood; tovey; pq12; victorious; albacores; lofoten; stenning; ciliax; trondheim; pq17; operation source; midget submarine; kaafjord; operation tungsten; eriboll; altafjord; barracuda; corsair; firefly; fireflies; bisset; seafire; swordfish; norway; scanes; cranwell; mclennan; jellie; hill; narvik; tromso; warrior; mascot; meyer; junge; formidable; indefatigable; furious; duke of york; moore; mcgrigor; scapa flow; goodwood; hellcat; banak; kolvik; nabob; trumpeter;
69May2023Foreword 1953 - CAPT H. Buchanan, HMAS Sydney2coronation
69May2023Editorial May 20234peake; coronation;
69May2023Military Humour (Photo)4
69May2023Rest in Peace - May 20234ronald mckenzie; everett jenkins; bevin hardy; don gunn
69May2023Opinion - Defence Strategic Review 20235
69May2023Letters to the Editor - VA Commemorative Medallion for Vietnam Vets6dva; hmas sydney;
69May2023HMAS SYDNEY with Island on the Port Side7superstructure
69May2023Letters to the Editor - Crashed Firefly8keith wilson; richard kenderdine; leonard kenderdine; treburrick farm
69May2023Letters to the Editor - T28 Trojan Warbird8peter mclaren; jed hart; trevor rieck; jack mccaffrie; ashburton aviation museum;
69May2023Letters to the Editor - Spraying Insecticide9peter manktelow; ddt; hazard; chemical;
69May2023Letters to the Editor - Were You Involved in the British Nuclear Tests? 10paul fothergill; british; medal; medallion; brett dowsing;
69May2023Letters to the Editor - DVA Effort May Result in More Errors10geoff harrison; ian thompson; dva; delegates
69May2023FAA Wall of Service Update - May 202311cowley; o'reagan; milsom; white
69May2023Understanding Your Benefits - Vietnam 50th Anniversary Medallion11jim bush; dva;
69May2023The Press Gang (Humour)12marcus peake; 705; paparazzi; sandy mathieson; fleet review; spithead
69May2023Mystery Photo - Nimrod MRA414hawker siddeley
69May2023Around The Traps - Beast Crane Restored16melbourne; hastings deering;
69May2023Around The Traps - Changes in the Museum17faam; Stu Harwood;
69May2023Around The Traps - What's Going On? (Photo of Mirage with graffiti)17williamstown; vc724
69May2023Around The Traps - Caligula's Barge18rome; lake nemi; mussolini; suetonius;
69May2023Around The Traps - Missing After Action - Lost HFV veterans18francis mills; garrie morris; graham terrell; raymond homer; david varley
69May2023Around The Traps - Navy Augusta 109E Paint Scheme19bell 429; graeme kenderdine; adf serials; global rangers;
69May2023Around The Traps - Plaque Finds Home Outside Museum19Vietnam; hfv; 9 Squadron; john balazic
69May2023Around The Traps - Skyhawk Book Making Good Progress19avonmore books;
69May2023Around The Traps - Missing for 80 years20doug doyle; frank doyle; a34-47;
69May2023Around The Traps - Mount Rushmore from the Canadian Side (Image)20
69May2023Around The Traps - Snippet from '7921phil thompson; col stubbs; melbourne; seahawk; 888; ditching; finan; commodore martin; vic battese; n16-908
69May2023Around The Traps - Gannet Propeller on Manus Island22xa350;
69May2023Around The Traps - The King's Cypher - Uniform Badges22coronation; crown; queen elizabeth; king charles
69May2023Ribbons - Feature Article23Graeme Lunn; john eaton; hmas sydney; coronation; 1953; medals; korea; australia; ralph lowe; perth; sunda strait; burma; dsc; herbert buchanan; valentine; stukas; vanity; mid; dunkirk; ronald robertson; malcolm; napier; yokosuka; tokyo; john stenning; albatross; victor smith; vat smith; scharnhorst; black prince; daniel buchanan; andrew hamilton; glory; grumman avenger; indomitable; sicily; vampire; john austin; shropshire; yamashiro; arunta; kiwi; maori; fiji; fijian; somoa; samoan; reg saunders; greece; crete; new guinea; kokada; kapyong; keith parsons; dso; afc; raaf; caterpillar club; ronald thompson; 625 squadron; lancaster; john campbell; 457 squadron; spitfire; sea fury; borneo; 808 squadron; gerard riley; dfc; 156 squadron; albert oakley; 254 squadron; beaufighter; harold bailey; 8 Squadron; george cross; king george; john mould; leon goldsworthy; hugh syme; humphries; cbe; purbright; fleet review; coronation;
69May2023The Coronation Cruise - HMAS SYDNEY26king charles; fleet air arm; faa; black prince;
69May2023Snippets From The Cruise28hmas sydney; ceylon; hayward; len kenderdine; cocos-keeling; coronation; singing stoker; emden; sydney; tobruk; anzac; vc; victoria cross; partridge; kenna; hinton; kelliher; rattey edomonson; firefly; el adem; vampire; 78 squadron; panama; auckland; aloha;
69May2023The Coronation Parade30hmas sydney; mckay; clapham; embankment; queen elizabeth; trafalgar square; ran; rnzn; ceylonese; ceylon; buckingham palace; blancoe;
69May2023The Fleet Review32spithead; coronation; hmas sydney; hms surprise; patricia; portsmouth; solent; medina; hms eagle; britannia; turner; flypast; dragonfly;
69May2023Review of the Fleet by HM The Queen (graphic of ships' anchorage)34spithead; 1953
69May2023Sea Venom Memories36clive blennerhassett; hmas melbourne; barrie daly; garrett geerlings; john wilkie; max speedy; david cronin; guy cooper; bob muffet; nel louer; limpy; skyhawk; qantas; albatross; maxaret; vampire; alex ignatief;
69May2023Sea Venom Heritage 42
68April2023Foreword - CDRE David Frost2comfaa
68April2023Letters to the Editor - Use of Insecticides4mike perrott; john macartney; john mordike; peter mcgurk; chemicals; hazchem
68April2023Letters to the Editor - Tax Fund Information4douglas decision; ato; rsl; msbs; dfrdbs; msb;
68April2023Letters to the Editor - Pathway Forward - Defence & Veteran Suicides4royal commission; dva; kaldas
68April2023Mystery Photo Answer - Northrop M2-F36steve austin; wingless; six million dollar man;
68April2023Letters to the Editor - Just Along For the Ride7gannet; xa329; graham falkiner; arthur johnson; hmas melbourne;
68April2023The Brain of an Elderly Person8
68April2023Understanding Your Benefits - Commonwealth Seniors Health Card9jim bush; dva; pbs
68April2023Wall of Service Update - April 20239cowley; o'reagan; milsom; white
68April2023Hot Rod Man - The Legacy of Ed Heinemann10richard kenderdine; a4; skyhawk; gustave; moreland; lockheed; douglas; northrop; el segundo; xft-1; grumman; vance breese; xbt-2; dauntless; coral sea; midway; a-20; boston; db-7a; a-26; invader; dc-5; boeing; sb2c; helldiver; curtiss-wright; buaer; ticonderoga; avenger; skyraider; a-1; skystreak; skyrocket; bell x-1; f3d; skyknight; yak-15; a2d; skyshark; f4d; skyray; f5d; skylancer; a3d; skywarrior;
68April2023NGS For Dummies (Humour)22marcus peake; culdrose; hms tiger; glo; light brigade; 826; target
68April2023The RAN Gazelle25vince di pietro; 705; culdrose; ausone; cornwall; xx441
68April2023Around the Traps - 817 Squadron HMAS SYDNEY (photo)26jim buchanan; guy cooper; frank trainor; pat arthur; carl daley; bob waldron; bert webster; steve cook; squizzy taylor; mike bayliss; frank wylie; bob griffen; murray bucket; joe kroeger.
68April2023Around the Traps - Crossing the Date Line seven times26
68April2023Around the Traps - Navy Bell 429 Colour Schemes (Question)26
68April2023Around the Traps - Under The Bridge (Cartoon)27heffron
68April2023Around the Traps - Roll on the Clock!27owen nicholls; alan clark; jim gumley; barry bromfield; george harvison; clark stitz; peter wilkinson; tracker; s2
68April2023Around the Traps - How Times Change - Flying in a Super Constellation28qantas;
68April2023Around the Traps - Landing a Fixed Wing on a Helipad28carbon cub;
68April2023Around the Traps - Times Change, Excellence Doesn't28
68April2023Around the Traps - Reunions - April 202329old bar; 723; dave freeman-smith; john macartney
68April2023Around the Traps - MRH-90 Ditching29army; jervis bay;
68April2023Around the Traps - Anzac Day 2023 - Information30
68April2023Around the Traps - Ejection Roll - Martin Baker31der kinderien; tomlinson; blennerhassett; baddams
68April2023Around the Traps - Fly By Bike (picture)31
68April2023Around the Traps - Merlin Magic32rolls royce;
68April2023Around the Traps - Outcomes of NSW Division AGM32phil carey; keith boundy; jeff dalgliesh; ron batchelor; john balazic; todd glynn; howard mccallum; glen harley; max altham; murray coppins; raffle; committee; david frost;
68April2023Unmanned Manning33uav
68April2023The Two Dozen34graeme lunn; pacific; raaf; philip vian; indomitable; illustrious; indefatigable; victorious; operation meridian; sumatra; nabthorpe; schofields; robert bradshaw; avenger; barracuda; corsair; firefly; hellcat; seafire; manus; okinawa; honshu; 899; george dennison; spitfire; kittyhawk; hurricane; argus; douglas russell; arthur gould; nat; natski; formosa; sakishima gunto; formidable; kamikaze; implacable; george pagan; a25; colin fraser; ian loundon; brian smith; charles bowley; arbiter; slinger; corsair; avenger; japan; glory; alexander ramsay; el alamein; albacore; nabob; tirpitz; bickerton; 706 squadron; robert crosley; spanky; george brown; bruce fraser; les norton; aileron reversal; neville faulks; missouri; william halsey; cecil harcourt; shinyo;
68April2023The Two Dozen - Where did they go? 44les norton; richard cowley; curley brydon; rupert murdoch; ian loudon; charles bowly; neville faulks; duncan caldwell; implacable; thomas payne; dusty miller; nat gould; keith clarkson; korea; george jude; douglas hare; spanky brown;
68April2023Rest in Peace - April 202347robert ray
67March2023Letters to the Editor - Flying Under The Bridge3Vince di pietro; hc723; 723 squadron; geff gledhill; squirrel; kiowa; hmas moresby; sam dale; mark morey-hype
67March2023Letters to the Editor - Iroquois over Mt Ruapao4max speedy; phil knowles, trevor rieck, noel pinniger, roy taylor, jim llewellyn
67March2023Letters to the Editor - Flying the Sea Fury (Video Link)5Ian Wilson
67March2023Letters to the Editor - Amendment to 'Glorious Record' Article5andrew powell; allan cordell; hms glory; korea;
67March2023By Appointment to Her Majesty6andy dakin; hms gurka; britannia; queen elizabeth; wasp; fastnet
67March2023Understanding Your Benefits - Cover for Mental Health Care9jim bush
67March2023Rest In Peace - March 20239john ahern; jim buchanan
67March2023Wall of Service Update - March 20239Martin cowley
67March2023Barry Lister's Book - Just Winging It9
67March2023Around the Traps - First Kill for F22 Raptor (Photo)10
67March2023Around the Traps - B737 Firefighter Crashes in WA10Coulson Aviation;
67March2023Around the Traps - David Eagles (Photo of Sea Fury)10Ron marsh
67March2023Around the Traps - Brazil Scuttles Aircraft Carrier11sao paulo; koch;
67March2023Around the Traps - Arrow II Project Update11
67March2023Around the Traps - Oval Saga Continues12errol kavanagh; narrabundah;
67March2023Around the Traps - Air Affairs CEO Gets Award12chris sievers; casa
67March2023Around the Traps - A Complete Fraud (Photo)12lancaster; gloria jeans; imposter
67March2023Around the Traps -What a photo!13HARS; Howard Mitchell; spitfire; vic battese; todd glynn; iroquois 898
67March2023Around the Traps - Awaiting Its Fate (Photo)13dakota n2-90; masling; wylong
67March2023The RAN Missioin with Emergency Force II - A Different Perspective14john brown; bomber; greg morris; geoff vidal; bill huntriss; ismalia; egypt; sayed; lebanon; norway; bell uh-1b; austair; defair; bill robertson; sinai; nahariya; swedish; swedebat; bay williams; cairo; peter ring; bahrain; butterworth; c130; hercules;
67March2023Bereavement Made Easier18
67March2023Remembering Jenny's Side Party19royal navy; hong kong; hms devonshire; hms leander; ng muk kah; murry maclehose;
67March2023Last Month's Mystery Photo - The Leduc 0.1020Ramjet;
67March2023Russian Arctic Convoy Museum22Graeme Lunn
67March2023Phoenix Rising - The Acquisition of Replacement Trackers23jack mccaffrie; tracker; s2; rob partington; synnot; hangar fire; doug Sutherland; lindsay boyd; louis triebels; bill newton; jack ryan; gerry hewish; masdc; davis monthan; dnae; melbourne; san diego; tucson; sst; usn;
67March2023Goodbye, Old Friend - Photos of the Boeing 74732christian van heijst.
67March2023Skyhawk Book Appeal - Final Update Mar 2334
67March2023Changes in the Way you Read FlyBy34
67March2023Caption Competition (Photo)34
66February2023Letters to the Editor - Colour Scheme for A4G3David Collingridge
66February2023Letters to the Editor - Flying Under The Bridge4Brett Dowsing; Laurie Beavan; Leigh Godlington; Mark Ogden
66February2023Letters to the Editor - Extolling the Virtues of the Apple Isle4anson goater;
66February2023Is the Story Worth Preserving? The A4 Book Appeal6Marcus Peake; GoFundMe; Jack Mayfield
66February2023Looping A Gannett 8Hank Koopman; Aerobatics; Albatross;
66February2023Funny Maintainers10
66February2023Last Month's Mystery Photo - Iroquois in Nuclear Blast11Max Speedy; Mururoa Atoll; French; Polynesia; Test
66February2023Understanding Your Benefits - Ambulance Transport12Jim Bush
66February2023We are Making Changes to FlyBy Access13
66February2023Wall of Service Update - February 202313
66February2023Around The Traps - Loss of Skyhawk 88614krenn; thompson; charge sheet; kaposi
66February2023Around The Traps - Eric Winkle Brown Video14Robin Spratt;
66February2023Around The Traps - EVTOL - Promises Kept, Promised Broken15AAM; electric; hydrogen;
66February2023Around The Traps - HARS Takes Delivery of UH-1H/Auster Taxi Tests15Auster; iroquois
66February2023Around The Traps - From Controversy to Cutting Edge - F-11116
66February2023Around The Traps - Oz to buy 40 Black Hawks16Taipan; UH-60M; Jeremy King; Richard Marles; Oakey; Holsworthy; Peter Dutton;
66February2023Around The Traps - Long Term FAAAA Member Awarded OAM17Ron Christie
66February2023Around The Traps - Oz Govt Plans to Electrify Regional Airliners17Beechcraft Kingair; Cessna Caravan; Twin Otter; Casa C212; CRC-P
66February2023I'd Like to Go To Australia18Richard Stratton; Douglas Hegdahl; USS Canberra; Vietnam; Viet Cong; Hanoi; communist; ticonderoga;
66February2023Fairey Gannet Article Advertisement23
66February2023A Glorious Record24Graeme Lunn; colossus; triumph; band; illustrious; terrible; sydney; glory; seafire; corsair; barracuda; nabthorpe; sturdee; inamura; kusaka; beange; implacable; formidable; australia; hobart; devonport; princess elizabeth; theseus; bataan; commonwealth; BCOF; unicorn; invasion stripes; warrior; mustang; mig-15; sasebo; firefly; stovin-bradford; king george v; ho3s-1; sea otter; ceylon; st paul; hank; warramunga; smithers; keane; mike fell; 21st CAG; george hooker; peter wyatt; andrew powell; 804 squadron; martin scott; sea fury; ocean; charles evans; skua; 806 squadron; martin scott; vengeance; 851 squadron; 821 squadron; edgar lewin; peter stuart; godfrey place; albion; dragonfly; charles lambe;
66February2023About the Author - Graeme Lunn38
66February2023Iroquois over Mt Ruapao - New Zealand (Picture)38peter manktelow; max speedy; dave nelson; roy taylor;
66February2023Where Does Your Super Go When You Die? 39
66February2023Remembering Peter Arnold40Gannet; Miranda
66February2023Stop Press - The Skyhawk Appeal Update40
65January2023Letters to the Editor - Comment on UNEFII Article3geoff ledger; wayne schofield; alan adamson; roger purdie; billy huntriss; huntress; les bould; greg morris;
65January2023Letters to the Editor - A4 Paint Scheme3aggressor; rowan moffit
65January2023Letters to the Editor - 817 photograph3vietnam; hong kong; melbourne; wayne kimpton; staff lowe; guy cooper; tony casadio; jim firth; jeff dalgleish; zork rohrsheim; tony hill; ivan misfeld; bruce crawford; john leake; vic battese; gordon edgecombe; mike bayliss; john wilkie; john nicholl; roy coulter; jim buchanan; pat vickers; alun evans; ron gent; carl daley.; bob ray; terry benningfield; joe kroeger; taylor; jeff mcintyre; phillips; max mclure; yalema; gordon burke; terry brooks; max speedy
65January2023Letters to the Editor - Loss of Skyhawk 8864krenn; kevin finan; murray coppins; alan clark; keith johnson; a4; hobart
65January2023Ron Gent Passes Away4
65January2023Buying Flying Stations II5
65January2023Rest In Peace - January 20235ron gent; robert bryce; william lindon; harold hurren; hans reinhaedt
65January2023Under the Bridge6graeme lunn; frank stiertz; kittyhawk; van breeman; deenik; rab; slingsby; stevenson; isaacson; vengeance; mosquito; lyall bell; robert bradshaw;
65January2023FAA Wall of Service Update - January 20237Hart; shipp; huelin; casadio; phillips; newbery; baker; zeman
65January2023Toz Dadswell's New Book - Justice in a Hurry8
65January2023A Few Words From Our New Welfare Officer8john macartney; mac;
65January2023Solution to Flight Photo in Hawaii9greg morris; jamie edwards; andrew roach; david doherty; bill peters; henry sweetland; ian daley; mick cleasby; rod walsh; mick cleasby; dale butcher; barry trapp;
65January2023UN Emergency Force II Part II10geoff vidal; bill hundriss; greg morris; ron backlin; rias abin; UNTSO; ismalia; timsar; suez; sinai; palace hotel; seaweed; gallipoli; souk; cairo; anwar sadat; abu rudeis; fairbairn; darryl nowak; max page; radtech; iroquois; uh1-h; austair; pinky; placky; wran darling; les bould; tel aviv; bernie gelston; ron lawrence; wally vink; joe pollard; john edwards; rick serafin; stephen turner; john brown; terry crawley; glenn taylor.
65January2023Supporting Those Who Come After Us15wings pin; brett dowsing.
65January2023Last Month's Mystery Photo - Junkers Ju 8716stuka; graeme lunn; luftwaffe; kriegsmarine; graf zepplin.
65January2023Full Circle - A Visit to the Omaka Aviation Centre20Mosquito; NZ2336; John Smith; mapua; gloria lyons; kittyhawk; p40; p-40; japanese; new zealand; rukuhia; hudson; NZ2049; guadalcanal; red baron; popkin; manfrew von richthofen; peter jackson.uito
65January2023Squadron Command During the Falklands24hugh clark; sea king; royal marines; army; culdrose; 706; 825; engadine; queen elizabeth; atlantic causeway; atlantic conveyor; helston; furry dance; qe2; san carlos; south georgia; 5 brigade; canberra; norland; fearless; goose green; estancia; 3 commando brigade; sir galahad; sir tristram; mike cudmore; fitzroy; ajax bay; port stanley; ascension; brize norton; cornwall
65January2023Postscript - LCDR Joe Gates USN (Photograph)30
64December2022Letters to the Editor - Comment on photograph3slim smith; geoff nichols; dino gedling; squeaky hamilton
64December2022Letters to the Editor - The Twin Pioneer Engines3david elliston
64December2022Letters to the Editor - Why the TA4 Didn't Operate to Melbourne3Brian Abraham
64December2022Letters to the Editor - AMAFTU Trial on the TA44Ian McIntyre
64December2022Letters to the Editor - HFV Patches available4John Macartney
64December2022Rest in Peace December 20224Neville Livingstone; Doug Anstee; Keith Baker; Douglas Morris; Richard Parry; Phillip Wright
64December2022Understanding Your Benefits - Electric Scooters and Wheelchairs5Jim Bush
64December2022FAA Wall of Service Update Dec 225Hart; shipp; huelin; casadio; phillips; newbery; baker; zeman
64December2022Important Notice About Vets Access to Telehealth5rsl; dva;
64December2022COMFAAA Christmas Update 20226david frost; 822X; Old Bar; Nirimba; amaftu; supply; adelaide; s-100; camcopter; comtrain; 723; 725; mrh-90; mh-60r; 808;
64December2022The RAN FAA Mission with the UN Emerg Force, Part I12geoff ledger; greg morris; Yom Kippur; UNEF II; Egypt; Israel; UH-1H; C130; Hercules; Ismalia; Cairo; Sinai;
64December2022Do you have a story to tell? 21
64December2022Around The Traps - Look, Ma, No Hands!22DARPA; black hawk; pc22
64December2022Buying Flying Stations II22Navy anchorage
64December2022Do You Have a Spare Copy of Flying Stations I?22
64December2022Adrift Sailor Charged With Being Adrift23krenn; skyhawk 886; melbourne; hobart
64December2022Burnt Trackers23trevor rieck; lady haslett; bob simmonds
64December2022FAA Engineer Still in the Electric Aircraft Race24andrew moore; siobhan lyndon; vertiia
64December2022Photo: Wessex and Header Tank24george spence; geoff ledger; bill shanks
64December2022HMAS Perth Memorial Update25
64December2022VIC Division Mess Dinner at Mt Buller - Nov 2226jeremy butler; paul thitchener; mindy clark; karl zeman; harry salisbury; julie hutchins; allen clark; greg willaims; chris fealy; mal smith; meg clark; steve hutchins; irene salisbury; jo zeman; adrian hills; mike rich
64December2022From the Centre of the Earth to the Expanse of the Universe26
64December2022Plaques for Lost Mates27
64December2022Mystery Photo Answer - Alan Henscner28
64December2022Help Find Peter Knauth28
64December2022The Classes of 196230Max Speedy; Peter Coulson; Dick Holmes; Ian Best; david Cronin; ross macarthur; david collingridge; barry diamond; robert waldron; bruce crawford; errol kavanagh; jim buchanan; geert prass; peter stevens; peter plunkett-cole; john hutchison; rob ray
64December2022813 Squadron Aboard Campania37graeme lunn; charles neville; john boothroyd; kenneth short; rhoderick mcgrigor; steward cooke; cyril chapman; courageous; glorious; ark royal; hermes; eagle; audacity; joseph parish; striker; rodney; ra60; murmansk; malcolm mitchell; david bentley; U-921; u921; vaagso; hotbed; jw.64; swordfish; norfolk; nairana; bellona; renown; wildcat; ju88; richard fleishmann-allen; robert smyth; tsr; tag; asv; stringbag; albacores; fencer; 842; condor; os.60; nairana; denbigh castle; pq.17; avenger; chaser; jw.57; activity; victor smith; vat; lark; kola; alnwick castle; sparrowhawk; landrail; loch ewe; bluebell; u-711; kriegsmarine; firebrand; wyvern;
64December2022The Sea Fury Story (Link)51
64December2022S70B - Can You Help? 51
63November2022Letters to the Editor - Kalell Kemp Acceptance into Navy3
63November2022Letters to the Editor - Memorial Service for late VADM Ian MacDougall3Desmond Woods
63November2022Letters to the Editor - WO Clive H. Collins3Terry Mezera; Robert Moody; Thomas Suhrhoff; RANHFV; Bill Shurey; Timothy Monti; Brian Abraham
63November2022Wall of Service Update - November 20224hart; shipp; huelin; casadio; phillips; newbery
63November2022Understanding Your Benefits - Defence Services Homes Insurance Scheme4
63November2022Rest in Peace - November 20224terence thornett; robert gilmore; lindsay mcdonald; bryan matthews; ken vote
63November2022The A4 Question - Why the RAN Didn't Operate TA-4s to Melbourne5phil thompson;
63November2022LADS - The Quiet Achiever6Steve Swayne; dsto; laser depth sounding; woomera; fokker friendship; dash-8; f27; dakota; queenair; vh-ewp; hydrography; hydrographers; mike penny; rod nairn; rob milne; peter johnson; hill-murray; dario signorini;
63November2022Mystery Photo - Union X772N11isaac popper; john guest; conical;
63November2022Did You Know VAT Smith? 13Graeme Lunn; victor trumper
63November2022911 - The Washington Experience14brett dowsing; john howard; michael thawley; george bush; simon harrington; jack mccaffrie; howard furness; adrian woodhouse; roger jackson; brian delamont; michael rossendell; fay turner; vern clark; david shackleton; mackenzie gregory; keith schollum; steve woodall; ANZUS; washington dc; tom schieffer; jan hyde; edeena cross; barbara wells; david stevens; michael galvin; heidi rossendell
63November2022Around The Traps - Melbourne's Propellers22kim dunstan; hmas sydney; colossus; majestic; pioneer;
63November2022Around The Traps - New Mega PDF Link22phil thompson;
63November2022Around The Traps - Photo of Queen's Visit22michael hudson
63November2022Around The Traps - VA-25 Toilet Bomb23uss coral sea; skyraider; dunny; vietnam; hornet
63November2022Around The Traps - Coffmann Starter23ron marsh
63November2022Around The Traps - Launch of "Flying Stations II"24
63November2022Around The Traps - History of our FAA24desmond woods
63November2022Around The Traps - QLD Division Donates Money to HARS25ray murrell
63November2022Around The Traps - The Beast25
63November2022Around The Traps - Rare Breed Visits HARS25twin pioneer; sy allsep; wedderburn
63November2022Around The Traps - Out And About - Bathurst 1000 and Old Bar School26thomas randle; sam dale; old bar;
63November2022Around The Traps - COMFAA Offer27david frost
63November2022Around The Traps - Our Men In Vietnam27ken vote; andy craig; geoff vidal; marty ward; tony hill; john brown
63November2022Around The Traps - Best Wishes to Keith Taylor27
63November2022With Pipes and Drums Beating - FoE March Nowra Oct 2228Freedom of Entry; Sunset; ceremonial; beat to quarters;
63November2022FAA Seminar and Book Launch October 202228flying stations ii; david frost; desmond woods; todd glynn; tim barrett; fcm
63November2022FAAAA Federal Council Meeting October 202230david frost; phil carey; terry hetherington; james caldwell; paul norris; marcus peake; john stewart;
63November2022We'd Like Your Service Details30
63November2022A Loan Officer by Graeme Nunn31vat; victor smith; edmund anstice; arthur turner; bernard robinson; bill henley; paddles; mick streeter; hank hurley; bill sweeting; clive van der lilly; fred lane; colin champ; noel creevey; john roland; dick sinclair; john herrick; garth eldering; Ian Tas Webster; Ian macdonald; john harwood; maurice henley; john pullen; stringbag; firefly; fairey; russian convoys; campania; murmansk; loch ewe; rhoderick mcgrigor; nairana; bellona; william hutchinson; alexander farningham; cassandra; bamborough castle; ju88; bahamas; kola; winston churchill; cyril chapman; norman lee; fireflies; sea hornet; seahawk; culdrose; eagle; vangard; courageous; glorious; fleet review; queen elizabeth; heron; sea venom; bulwark; hazel wright; hal far; malta; bilbeis; mig; john wilcox; robert olding; ark royal; loganair; barra;
62October2022Slipstream Editor - Advert for New Editor2Ron Batchelor
62October2022Dolphins - Tugg Cartoon3
62October2022September Slipstream Delayed3
62October202275 Years and Beyond - Notice of Events on 21-22 Oct 22 at Nowra4David Frost; Tim Barrett; Desmond Woods; Freedom of Entry; Open Day;
62October2022Letters to the Editor - Date of the Skyhawk Picture5John Brown;
62October2022Letters to the Editor - Asking for Details about Health Issues5Garry Heald
62October2022Letters to the Editor - Bell 206 and Bob Bolton5David Rey
62October2022Letters to the Editor - Information About Aircrew Watches6Mark Tan
62October2022Letters to the Editor - Travelling on Concorde6Jack McCaffrie
62October2022Letters to the Editor - Freedom of Entry Sunshine Coast Late 20226Lee Prichard; Caloundra
62October2022Tribute to HM Queen Elizabeth & Stories of RAN Involvement7David collingridge; henry campey; wally gascoigne; equerry; ted wynberg;
62October2022Understanding Your Benefits - Rehabilitation Appliances Program9Jim Bush
62October2022The Next Opus? The CityAirBus NextGen Electric Aircraft10EAST SC-VTOL; eVTOL
62October2022SNO Number One11Graeme lunn; stan keane; terry morgan; point cook; bill henley; swordfish; hms glory; korea; furious; courageous; trondheim; admiral hipper; narvik; warspite; grenade; warspite; ofotfjord; u-boats; submarine; hartvig; ark royal; glorious; sparrowhawk; scapa flow; orkney; strasbourg; littorio; bismarck; godard; milliner; hms sheffield; mark horan; hms king george V; eugene esmonde; scharnhorst; gneisenau; prinz eugen; avenger; sea hurricanes; russian convoy; arctic; pq17; pq.17; archangel; onslow; u-589; scylla; qp.14; 825 squadron; u-155; hms audacity; thorney island; merlin; monck; edmund anstice; corncrake; norman lee; hms theseus; 804; 812; sea fury; firefly; dragonfly; mcpherson; kure; cag; warramunga; hmas sydney; scott-moncreiff; blackcap; garston-jones; harvard; 1831; richard how; john nunn; brassie cooper; digby johns; ian hutchison; fred lane; thomas troubridge
62October2022Were You On Operation Solace?18somalia; hmas tobruk; john perryman
62October2022AVCAT Scholarships 18long tan bursary; matthew granger; legacy
62October2022FAA Wall of Service Update - October 202219hart; shipp; huelin; casadio; phillips; newbery
62October2022Who Were The Men Behind The Machines?19igor sikorsky, sydney camm; charles fairey; ed heinmann; charlie kaman
62October2022Around The Traps - Death of Stella Edwards20jaye; ATA; stella joyce petersen; sherburn; yorkshire; mustang; swordfish; barracuda; gordon brown
62October2022Around The Traps - What's Happening To The Old Nowra Bridge? 20
62October2022Around The Traps - New Seahawks On Order21Lockheed martin; mh-60r;
62October2022Around The Traps - Revised Mega PDF Now Available21phil thompson; spaz sinbad
62October2022Around The Traps - New Australian Airline to Launch21bonza;
62October2022Around The Traps - Australian Naval History Podcasts22
62October2022Around The Traps - Seahawk Contract Finalised22seahawk;
62October2022Around The Traps - Does Anyone Know Why?22skyhawk TA4;
62October2022Around The Traps - Eviation "Alice" EV Aircraft22
62October2022Fly Navy Stickers - October 202222
62October2022Around The Traps - Coming Airshow Events23
62October2022Around The Traps - Melbourne's Propellers23
62October2022Mystery Photo Answer - Spirit of St Louis24linbergh;
62October2022Rest In Peace - October 202225don sandberg
62October2022Nowra Veteran's Wellbeing Centre - Feedback Wanted25
62October2022Briefing File - Coffman Cartridge Starters26fred lane;
61September202275 Years & Beyond - Sept 22 Update on the FAA Events w/e Oct 21/223ANI; sunset; albatross; seminar; david frost; desmond woods; flying stations; freedom of entry;
61September2022The Ten Commandments of Helicopter Pilots4
61September2022Protrate Examinations (cartoon)4
61September2022Understanding Your Benefits - Heart Health Program5
61September2022FAAAA AGM - Oct 22 Update5
61September2022Letters to the Editor - Tugg Cartoon on "Touching"6david prest;
61September2022Letters to the Editor - Elvis's Lockheed Jetstar6brian Abraham
61September2022Letters to the Editor - Sea Venom in NT7jeff dalgliesh
61September2022Letters to the Editor - Sea Venom in NT - 27steve long
61September2022Letters to the Editor - 'Birds Away' Video7jim worsley
61September2022Letters to the Editor - Runs Ashore in Gibraltar7paul norris
61September2022FlyBy Magazine Index - A Heads Up8
61September2022The Navy Recruiter (Cartoon)8
61September2022Wall of Service Update - September 20228hart; shipp; huelin; casadio; phillips; newbery
61September2022Around The Traps - Jim Buchanan Moving to Canberra9
61September2022Around The Traps - Origami - Osprey on Canberra (Photo)9
61September2022Around The Traps - Veterans Day At Old Bar Stunning Success10david frost; deb scones; sophie wheen; ec135; mark campbell; david gillespie; chris schilt; john macartney; barry grainter; david carriage; june liddell; carol vidal; guy cooper; geoff vidal; david farthing; tom staadt; rodger cooper
61September2022Around The Traps - New Scribes12jeff dalgliesh; dick martin; pincher; ron batchelor; slipstream
61September2022Around The Traps - Vietnam Vets Remembered in Nowra12terry hetherington; bomaderry; robyn phillips
61September2022Around The Traps - Not All At Sea - Cook Islands Wreck12anson goater;
61September2022How The Navy Nearly Had a Hot Air Balloon13michael hudson; rak walls; paddy hodgman; cnorp; chief of navy;
61September2022Mystery Photo Answer - Westland Pterodactyl14gtr hill;
61September2022Bell Article Now Bigger17kiowa; brett dowsing
61September2022New Datasheet Published - Monte Bello Burning17hmas sydney; nuclear
61September2022Fly Navy Stickers17
61September2022The Radial Rides Again18Tracker; fire fighting; s2; s-2; kansas; bill garrison; california; rick clements; cactus air force; tim coons; carson city;
61September2022Unsubscribing Problems - Watch Where You Click!20flyby;
61September2022What Happens to Your Widow When You Die? September 2022 update21pension; dfrdb; msbs; attorney; legacy; veterans' affairs; dva; wills;
61September2022Rest in Peace - September 202222tom henry; michael johnston; john harrison; ian febey
61September2022Seahawk S-70B - Appeal for stories23
61September2022The Douglas Skyhawk - Feature Article24kim dunstan;
60August2022Slipstream Special Notice3shiels
60August2022Wall of Service Update - August 20223hart; shipp; huelin; casadio; phillips; newbery
60August2022Letters to the Editor - Yeovil vs Yeovilton4David Elliston;
60August2022Letters to the Editor - Concorde Experience4andy warwick;
60August2022Letters to the Editor - Concorde and Singapore Airlines4ted goater; g-boad;
60August2022Letters to the Editor - Vietnam Veterans Association5carl robinson;
60August2022Victorian Division Social Events - August 20225
60August2022Understanding Your Benefits - Pensions for Orphans and War Widow(er)s5jim bush
60August2022Rest in Peace - August 20225peter justice; richard marum; bob simmonds; fred mccreanor
60August2022Letters to the Editor - Flying Stations II6stuart harwood; desmond woods
60August2022Letters to the Editor - Negativity of Spirit6cris george
60August2022The Town That Nearly Made It - Press clipping7nowra; peter robinson; scholes;
60August2022Around The Traps - Meet the New Chief of Navy8mark hammond; angus campbell; david johnston; greg bilton
60August2022Around The Traps - Oops! Gannet Ditching 19568bulwark; bangor bay; xa390
60August2022Around The Traps - What Went Wrong? 9mentour pilot;
60August2022Around The Traps - FAA "High Explosives" Tee Shirt9
60August2022Around The Traps - Greg Kelson Photo9brien-scott;
60August2022Around The Traps - The Vertiia9andrew moore
60August2022Around The Traps - Sea Venom WZ93110Daly Waters; Tim's Junk
60August2022Around The Traps - 75th Anniversary Celebration Cake (Photo)10amanda findlay; stephanie hart; david frost
60August2022Around The Traps - HMAS Perth Memorial Construction10bob mummery; jim o'neal
60August2022Mystery Photo Answer - Elvis Presley Lockheed JetStar11
60August2022The Air Minded Class - Article by Graeme Lunn12lawson; errol stevens; gordon baly; james mackie; peter cooper; william dunlop; john bennett; anthony sallmann; frank sturgess; peter brent; hugh dillon; richard rust; peter goldrick; bruce fraser; hms howe; trincomalee; okinawa; hmas kenya; hms london; sea fury; firefly; munro kerr; hmas albatross; hms eagle; john dedman; james goldrick; fulmar; lossiemouth; hmas sydney; eglinton; hms illustrious; korea; hmas condmine; hmas tobruk; hmas bataan; hmas anzac; hmas warramunga; hms seahawk; orr-subbon; donovan slater; edward edmonds; neil sweeney; ronald williams; doug saunders; brian wall; durrant small; john sharpe; maxwell simpkin; hms glory; CBGLO; hms centaur; hmas melbourne; henry burrell; fairey gannets; vampire; hmas vengeance; hmas stuart; frank e evans; hmas stalwart; hmas derwent; hmas yarra; hmas brisbane; hmas supply;
60August2022Friendly Fire - Humour21marcus peake; hwi; 826; hms tiger; sea king
60August2022The RAN's Bell Kiowas24206; 206B; brett dowsing; kim dunstan; westland scout; hmas moresby; hmas albatross; bruce crawford; a17-013; kiowa; brian abraham; mckenzie; jetranger; rob bolton; derek frew; tony drover; john mccormack; bruce tarvitt; chris fitzgerald; hmas tobruk; hmas stalwart; tiny warren; gus washbourne; david larter; mangrove island; onslow; parmelia; seltrust endeavour; al mackenzie; peter cummings; bor-4 orbiter; ussr; kashin; king sound; fremantle; joseph bonaparte; mcnicoll; hmas adelaide; hmas sydney; s-70b-2; seahawk; squirrel; as350; hmas canberra; N17-013; as350b; bill huntriss; oakey; rimpac; amra; paul folkes; mike lehan; hmas melbourne; mike hudson; chris tutin; ian lockett; col allen; beck; wilson; cameron; starrett; salmon; francis hammond; n17-013; bruce tarvit; lawrence stubbs; learmonth; clive blennerhassett; mark ogden; tony dalton; tony reyne; uss knox; bob graffham; hmas leewin; raaf pearce; soviet; esperance; kara; hormone; kamov ka-25; orion; stephen swayne; bill delaney; parmelia; mike dunham; sam summers; paul cosgrove; col liddicoat; tony fareso;
59July2022Important: Slipstream Magazine3paul shiels;
59July202250 Years Ago This Month (July22)3andrew craig; john hazell; britannia flight; eagle; tiger moth
59July2022For Your Diary: FAA Events in Nowra October 224albatross; ani; seminar; flying stations; book launch; freedom of entry; fcm; faaaa
59July2022For Your Diary: All Navy Reunion October 224sunshine coast
59July2022Rest In Peace - July 20224theo bushe-jones; barry lister; barrie mcconachie
59July2022Letters to the Editor - Bell 206 Flying the Flag5torres strait; Thursday island; alan earle; kiowa; chris tutin
59July2022Letters to the Editor - Correction to AAC5AAAvn; tracy brown
59July2022Letters to the Editor - History of the Jet Provost5linton on ouse; sea harrier; pre-shar; yeovilton; david watkins;
59July2022Letters to the Editor - Albatross Sports Team 19586john erwich; robert rae; glen fisher; billy bacchus; george connolly;
59July2022Letters to the Editor - Memories of HMS Condor6arbroath; sea vixens; gannets; seahawk; albatross; gil james
59July2022Letters to the Editor - Mystery Photo - Vulcan7stanley hooker; concorde; olympus; rolls royce; conway; richard kenderdine
59July2022Letters to the Editor - Book 'Wilga Creek'8arthur rowe; ron marsh; ray murrell; ian henderson
59July2022Letters to the Editor - A4 Underwing Mounts8
59July2022Letters to the Editor - The Biggest Macchi Formation Ever8Ray Godfrey;ball; paul hamon;
59July2022Wall of Service Update - July 20229cummings; young; garside; gugliotti; schmidt; dudley; fiedler; toy
59July2022Understanding Your Benefits - Discounts and Concessions10jim bush; DVA;
59July2022Around The Traps - FAA Top Gun11dick lord; centaur; victorious; hermes; ark royal; mirimar; lossiemouth; phantom
59July2022Around The Traps - Nowra Bridge Spans River11Shoalhaven
59July2022Around The Traps - Harsh Words12s206;
59July2022Around The Traps - New Book: Fleet Air Arm Boys Vol 111 Helicopters12steve bond; navy wings
59July2022Around The Traps - Extraordinary Record12phil thompson; spaz sinbad
59July2022Around The Traps - Firefly Flies Again13wh632; marrickville; camden; canadian warplane heritage museum
59July2022Around The Traps - A4 Colour Scheme13steve long; spaz sinbad; phil thompson
59July2022Mystery Photo Answer - Avro Vulcan Test Bed14concorde; olympus
59July2022Veterans Day 202215old bar; macartney;
59July2022Flying Concorde17graeme lunn; british airways; heathrow; delta wing; adrian meredith; tornado;
58June2022COMFAA Update3
58June2022Blackhawk Disaster Remembered7townsville; sasr; army; aavn; accident
58June202275th Anniversary Celebrations8albatross; open day; flying display
58June2022Letters to the Editor - Hurricat on Merchant Ships9Phil Thompson; hurricat; empire dawn; sea hurricane; v6733;
58June2022Letters to the Editor - Macchi Article9Nobby Clarke; Ian McIntyre; john brown
58June2022Letters to the Editor - Gannet Photograph9dirk derks;
58June2022Letters to the Editor - A4 ordnance fit10ray beachball godfrey; andy brown; peter greenfield; phil thompson; pmbr; suu-44; bombs
58June2022Letters to the Editor - Sport10ray guest; bernie jeffrey; brian smith; charlie morris; ralph turner; leon o'donnell; col poulton
58June2022Letters to the Editor - Being in the FAA10zed
58June2022Letters to the Editor - More about the Vennet11venom; gannet; abbotsinch; nicholas cale
58June2022Photograph - Clive Palmer's Seat11election; politics; ikea
58June2022Abuse Compensation Reminder12ombudsman scheme; adair donaldson; compensation; trauma
58June2022Attention Met Men12bill delaney; meteorological
58June2022Where You A QHI?13Trevor Rieck; instructor; cfs;
58June2022Coming FAA Events13fcm; federal council meeting; david frost; comfaa; march; seminar; freedom of entry;
58June2022Vietnam Veterans Day 2022 - Heads Up14old bar; macartney;
58June2022Rest in Peace - June 202214colin mackenzie; jack duperouzel; brendan hill
58June2022Understanding Your Benefits - Service Pension Benefits14jim bush;
58June2022Mystery Photo Answer: HMS Condor (RNAS Arbroath)15RNAE; daedalus; royal marines
58June2022Around The Traps - Royal Navy UAVs16malloy aeronautics; ukraine; 822x; t-600 quadcopter; windracers; drone;
58June2022Around The Traps - Quicksink Destroys Ship16
58June2022Around The Traps - Ladybird Easy Reading 17The Aircraft Technician (Electronics); mal alexander; tony guyatt
58June2022Around The Traps - Apache & Seahawk Acquisition17ah6-e; tiger; mh-60r; albatross; seahawk
58June2022Around The Traps - Magazine Unsubscribe17
58June2022Around The Traps - HARS Appeal18
58June2022Around The Traps - Ahoy Korea and Vietnam Veterans18
58June2022Around The Traps - AVCAT Scholarships for Veterans' offspring18long tan;
58June2022Do You Need Something To Do?19nsw division; secretary; treasurer
58June2022Wall of Service Update - June 202219cummings; young; garside; gugliotti; schmidt; dudley; fiedler
58June2022Training Challenges20carquals; vote; beachball; godfrey; kim harris;
58June2022Heritage Datasheet Feature - Our Original Observer22chesterman; lunn; queen elizabeth; rno; morgan; grand fleet; scapa flow; scuttling; marathon; excellent; ramillies; bayern; batum; resolution; turkey; greenwich; adelaide; fairey IIID; geranium; point cook; vincent kennedy; hmas brisbane; avro bison; hms furious; hms eagle; blackburn dart; evelyn landsdown; hmas canberra; hmas albatross; george deverall; joe hewitt; geoffrey hall; donald mcgowan; seagull; darwin; japanese; thomas kinkaid; john collins; emile dechaineaux; legion of merit; OBE;
57May202275th Anniversary Celebrations3COMFAA; Display; albatross; open day;
57May2022Past COs of 723 Squadron - 70th Anniversary3birthday; Iroquois; di pietro; battese; whittaker; harwood; cannell; elms; brightling; perrott; dale; albatross
57May2022Letters to the Editor - Unknown photograph4gil james;
57May2022Letters to the Editor - Bernie Jeffrey4sydney swans; footscray bulldogs; albatross; ray guest
57May2022Letters to the Editor - Flying Fixed Wing by Ken Vote5a4; skyhawk; hamilton; mirage; supersonic; vote
57May2022Letters to the Editor - Skyhawk weapons load5beachball; godfrey;
57May2022Letters to the Editor - Abuse Compensation6allwood; compensation
57May2022Why Am I Here Today?7prest; hmas norman;
57May2022Listen To Your Body8heart; troponin; angiogram; cardiology; bypass; alzheimer
57May2022Mystery Photo Answer - The Vennet9venom; gannet; goater; abbotsinch;
57May2022Caption Competition9donkey; ass
57May2022Wall of Service Update10Cummings; Young; Garside; Gugliotti; schmidt; dudley'
57May2022Vietnam Veterans Day 2022 - Heads Up10macartney
57May2022The Inflatable Aircraft11goodyear; inflatoplane;
57May2022Understanding Your Benefits - Bereavement Payment12jim Bush; funerals;
57May2022Rest In Peace - May 202212duncombe; hitchen
57May2022Ahoy Slipstream Readers!12
57May2022Looking for John Edwards12rieck;
57May2022Charlie Rex Memorial Service - May 202213
57May2022Asked and Answered13
57May2022Around The Traps - Errol Kavanagh Oval - New Sign Erected14narrabundah; mig-15;
57May2022Around The Traps - Geoff Litchfield Memorial Video14
57May2022Around The Traps - 723 Squadron 70th Birthday14
57May2022Around The Traps - HARS Tracker Flies Again15hetherington; smallhorn; nicholls;
57May2022Around The Traps - Miscellaneous Photos16simulator; mh-60r; albatross; AFCST; skyhawk; kiwi; melbourne; collision; frank e evans; sutherland; lucas-smith; ANZAC day; siebert
57May2022Project 108 - A Very Special Venom17steve long; ikara; wz904; wz935; wz897; vc724; macchi; mb-326; camden; wz895; beck; mareeba; wz907; delmar; wz935; wz943;
57May2022Heritage Datasheets - Explanation and Access21
57May2022Heritage Datasheet Feature - The Aer Macchi MB-326H22macchi; dunstan; dowsing; o'day; kavanagh; McIntyre; Makila; McCauley; cooper
56April2022COMFAA LETTER: The 75th Anniversary of the FAA3Commodore Frost;
56April2022Letters To The Editor - Bren Gun Carrier4Skinhead; Kelson; Keedle; Brown
56April2022Letters To The Editor - Transferring to the RAAF4Prest
56April2022Wall of Service Update5Cummings; Young; Garside; Gugliotti
56April2022Letters To The Editor - Reunion at Budgewoi6John Macartney; Ian Hughes; Ian Shepherd; Jock Connolly; Bob Kyle
56April2022Understanding Your Benefits - Medical Grade Footwear7DVA;
56April2022Rest In Peace - April 20227Litchfield; Powell
56April2022Caption Competition7
56April2022Mystery Photo Answer: Caproni Transaereo8
56April2022Fuel, by Robert Dungey10
56April2022The Skyhawk Book11Prest; Greenfield;
56April2022Sea King Down - Article12Bathe; Moggach; Kimlin; Gannon; Green; Weber; Bradley; Frost;
56April2022Around The Traps - Air Combat Training18Draken; Huntington; USAFE; AFAFRICA; Top Aces;
56April2022Around The Traps - Free Rapid Antigen Tests18
56April2022Around The Traps - Sea King Aboard HMZNS Waikato19RIMPAC; Bateman; Provider; AOR508;
56April2022Around The Traps - Nowra Veteran Wellbeing Centre19
56April2022Around The Traps - Fleet Air Arm Boys19Bond;
56April2022Around The Traps - COMFAA at HARS20Frost; HARS
56April2022844 Update21Tracker 844; HARS; Hetherington; Nicholls; Alexander; Lautier; Holloway; Boundy; Parry;
56April2022Learning from Experience23Lehan; Bulwark; Dishforth; Ark Royal; Manston; Yeovilton; Pigeon House;
56April2022The Pioneer - General Interest Article25Sydney Harbour Bridge; De Groot; Lang; Campbell;
56April2022Stop Press: Memorial Service for Charles Rex30Charlie; Lindsay
55March2022Mystery Photo Answer: Grumman XF-10F Jaguar3Jaguar; Corky Myer; Swing Wing; J40;
55March2022Korea: Was This Aboard HMAS Sydney?6Funeral; Sinclair
55March2022The Best Radio Call I Ever Heard7Feature; Marcus Peake; Culdrose; IFTU; Humour; Sea King; Wessex;
55March2022Rest In Peace - March 20228Bird; Rowe
55March2022Understanding Your Benefits9Veterans Health Care Program; Gold Card; White Card;
55March2022Fly Navy Stickers9
55March2022Around The Traps10N2-90; Restore; Dakota; HARS
55March2022Around The Traps10Wings Lapel Badges; Dowsing;
55March2022Around The Traps10Tracker 844
55March2022Letters To The Editor11Frew; Bomber; Wroughton; RNAE; 705; Culdrose; Whirlwind; Hiller; Gazelle; Aerospatiale;
55March2022Letters To The Editor - Where's. Wally?11Wessex; 214; SEATO; Melbourne; FLYCO; Godfrey; Bulwark;
55March2022Letters To The Editor - Bren Gun Carrier12Fire Station; Henderson; Salvage; Kelson; Skinhead; Keedle;
55March2022Notice of AGM: NSW Division14
55March2022HERITAGE FEATURE: Helicopters Over The Sinai15Ashdod; Tobruk; MFO; ANZAC; Tel Aviv; Wynberg; Eitam; El Gorah; UN; Fisher; Henschke; Hype; Lugg; Murray; Wilson; Synnot; Dickenson; Galvin; Lindsay; Fiedler; Eilat; HC723; Nelson; Marcombe; Clark; Hawkins; Kiwi; RNZAF; RAAF; FAA; Vooles; Whittaker; RWAU; Curry; Threlfo; Nest; Gration; Cummings; Chartier; Hunt; Leamon; Duffy; Mason; Curac; Leddy; Brand; Rodenburg; Roberts; Welsby; Jacobs; Harford: Sydney; Dalton; McConachie; Garside; Secker; Smillie; Leddy; Smyth; Lewis; Lunn; Jacobs; Biddle: Hill; Kubel; Bradford; Culley; Newman; Barnett; Andrew; Ritchie; Marcus Peake
54February2022Understanding Your Benefits4NLHC; Non-liability Health Care; White Card; Gold Card; Cancer; Tuberculosis; Mental Health;
54February2022Collecting Material4Purvis
54February2022The Rock5Humour; NSCA; O'Dwyer; AMSA; Townsville; John Friedrich; Explosives; Marcus Peake;
54February2022Rest In Peace - February 20227Dobson; Purvis
54February2022Mystery Photo Answer: HMAS Melbourne8Suez Canal; UNEF; Ismailia;
54February2022How Good Is My RAT?9Antigen;
54February2022A Time To Remember - The Voyager Collision10Melbourne; Voyager; Dadswell; Speedy; Farthing; Morritt; Gannet; RESDES; McPhee; Mesley; Forbes: Becher; Rodgers;
54February2022Around The Traps14Southern Cross; Kingsford-Smith; Thurstan;
54February2022Rapid Antigen Test Free15Antigen;
54February2022Wall of Service Update15
54February2022Letters to the Editor16Kelson; Dunstan; Folkes; Sangston; 2UE; Locko;
54February2022Letters To The Editor17Frew; RANAMAFTU;
54February2022Letters To The Editor - Joining the Navy17Prest; Lonsdale; Nirimba;
54February2022Op Bursa Update - Final19ASM CT/SR; Luxton; Cooper; Whittaker; Keating; Hicks; Gwynne.
54February2022The Skyhawk Book19Prest; Greenfield;
54February2022Your Home Insurance21DSH; DVA;
54February2022HERITAGE FEATURE: AS350B Flights in RAN Frigates22Martin; Dadswell; HC723; Squirrel; B206; FFG; Wessex; Longden; Seahawk; S-70B-2; Kiowa; Iroquois; Sea King; Aerospatiale; Vote; Eastgate; Marignane; Biarritz; Llewellyn; Ledger; George; Stalwart; Tobruk; Moresby; FOCFT; Reboulet; HS748; HU816; Wainwright; Flower; Dowsing; Ralph; Folkes; Scout; Westland; Lockett; Wilson; Cameron; Starret; Beck; Allen; Adelaide; Parramatta; Sydney; Lamb; McCormack; Costain; Fitzgerald; AMAFTU; DNAE; SAMR; Canberra; Melbourne; Newcastle; Reyne; SHOL; FSMS; Sangston; Roberts; Oxenbould; Stutterd; Neville; Frew; Tahn; Squillari; Carwardine; Harwood; Parrott; Mickosh; Donohue; SITU; Baker; Dovers; Shalders; Sloper; Chalmers; MAG58; DESERT SHIELD; Godwin; Jose; Ruiter; Rock; Butler; Emmett; Elms; Arnold; Ritchie; Cordner; Thorne; Innes; Illyes; Moore; DAMASK; Machin; Reilly; Saad; Engelsman; Lunn; Shepherd; Nota; May; Nelson; Collins-Bird; Earle; Cottam; Bolton; Dakin; Di Pietro; Dadswell; Ralph; Vote;
53January2022Australia's Last Sea Sprites2Adrian Craft; Greg Neasby;
53January2022Australia's First Naval Aviator - Part 2: War3Longmore; Calshot; Basil Ash; Henry Vernon; Sopwith; Sampson; France; Dunkirk; Churchill; Belgium; RNAS; Stanley Goble; Stan Dallas; Maurice Farman; Felixstowe; HMS Furious; Revenge; Bustard; Dardanelles; Balfour; Ypres; Jutland; Juno; Tiger; Indefatigable; Queen Mary; Invincible; Wiesbaden; Onslow; Tovey; Bismarck; King George V; Eastchurch; Killinngholme; Short; D.H.4; DH4; Malta; U-boat; RAF; Adriatic; Albania; Jones; Observer; R.N.A.S.;
53January2022Rest In Peace - January 202211Bernie Jeffrey; Nic Roberts;
53January2022Understanding Your Benefits - Essential Medical Equipment Payment.12Essential Medical Equipment Payment;
53January2022There's Nothing To Whinge About12
53January2022Free 12 Month Health and Fitness Program13
53January2022Letters to the Editor - Nowra Bridge Launch Nose14David Elliston;
53January2022Letters to the Editor - HMAS Success14Brian Abraham;
53January2022Letters to the Editor - Sea Sprite Remains15Yogi; Neasbey;
53January2022Letters to the Editor - HS748 at Ayers Rock15Chris Ormond;
53January2022Letters to the Editor - Iroquois Refurbishment15Greg Morris;
53January2022Letters to the Editor - Minas Gervais15Jack McCaffrie;
53January2022Letters to the Editor - Premier Podcasts16B787; Airlines; British Airways; UNSW; du Toit; Jones; Goldrick; McCaffrie; Stevens; Baillie; RANHFV; HMAS Sydney; Korea; Korean; Gulf; Desert Shield; Desert Storm; Iraq; Melbourne; Hobart Yacht Race; East Timor; INTERFET; Refugees; MG99
53January2022Letters to the Editor - HMAS Stalwart Helicopter Flight by Paul Folkes17Moresby; Tutin; Lockett; Wilson; Allen; Beck; Starrett; Cameron; Reyne; USS Hammond;
53January2022FAAAA - Why Should I Renew or Join? 18Membership
53January2022Op Bursa Recognition Update18
53January2022Snippets of History - USS New Orleans19Astoria; USS Northhampton; USS Minneapolis; USS Pensacola; USS Honolulu; RADM Wright; Task Force 67; Guadalcanal; Solomon; Garden Island; HMAS Australia; HMAS Canberra; HMAS Hobart;
53January2022What is a QR Code?21
53January2022Mystery Photo Answer: Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 Biplane22Hilson; Slip Wing; Bi Mono; Boscombe Down;
53January2022The Skyhawk Book24Prest; Greenfield;
53January2022Around The Traps - F35 Crash Salvage25
53January2022Around The Traps - MRH-90 To Be Scrapped25Dutton; Airbus; Taipan; Seahawks; Blackhawks;
53January2022Around The Traps - Iroquois at Wings Over The Illawarra26Battese; Terry Wilson; UH1-B; Own Nicholls; Steve McMahon;
53January2022Around The Traps - Schiebel S-100 Camcopter27822X; HMAS Albatross; Camcopter; Scan Eagle;
53January2022Around The Traps - Errol Kavanagh Oval27
53January2022Around the Traps - New Warbird On The Block27Hurricane; Hawker; Canada; P2961; Willie McKnight;
53January2022Op Bursa Recognition Update -Photograph28
53January2022Team FAAAA - Request for Volunteers29
53January2022Are We Losing Our Minds - Opinion Piece29Ben Wallace; CDS; PC;
53January2022Great Photographs 2 - Tigers and Lighthorsemen30Phillip Cullinan; Oakey
52December2021HMAS Sydney's Last Secret3Walrus; Salvage; Wreck; Float; Kormoran; Thomas Welby Clark; Bacon; Barrey; Fibbens; Marley; Foster; Clarke; Dodds; Homard
52December2021Twas The Night Before Christmas5
52December2021Australia's First Naval Aviator - Part 16Graeme Lunn; Churchill; Murray Longmore; Trenchard; Cockburn; Samson; Short; Eastchurch; Hibernia; Suetter; Paine; Farman Longhorn; Short Folder; Hydro Plane; Mayfly; Cromarty; Hermes; Invergordon; Jellicoe; Packenham; Calshot; ASW; Torpedo; Seaplane;
52December2021Understanding Your Benefits - Social Security and Rent Income Test12Jim Bush;
52December2021Letters To The Editor - Sea Sprites 13Alan Earle
52December2021Letters To The Editor - Secretary DVA13Liz Crosson
52December2021Building The Bridge (Nowra)14Shoalhaven
52December2021Mystery Photo Answer: Macchi ?n14-01315Murray Smythe
52December2021Letters to the Editor - HS748 at Ayers Rock16Al Byrne
52December2021What is Low Background Steel?17
52December2021The Deal18Ken Vote; Cancer
52December2021Rest In Peace - December 202118Kevin Raddatz; Max Stace; Rick Collins; Kevin Wright; John Green; Bob Steele
52December2021Around The Traps - 851 Squadron Badge19
52December2021Around The Traps - Minas Gerais aka HMAS Vengeance19
52December2021Around The Traps - HMAS Brisbane replaces lost MH-60R Seahawk20
52December2021Around The Traps - HMAS Success - Aussie to the end20
52December2021Around The Traps - British F35 Fighter Crash21
52December2021Around The Traps - Eating Well This Christmas21
52December2021The Skyhawk Book22David Prest; Peter Greenfield
52December2021The Fleet Air Arm Roll of Honour - Richard Sinclair23Korea; HMAS Sydney; Bromide-Baker; Chinnampo; Sea Fury;
52December2021Op Bursa Recognition Update23Andrew Whittaker;
52December2021Possum Pilot - 161 Recce Squadron Support of Operation Bursa24Ken Gwynne; 161 Recce Squadron; Rod Newnham; NVG; Kiowa; Esso; Tobruk; Wessex;
52December2021Great Photographs 1 - S70B at Dawn29Thomas Gibson; Kakadu; McCallum;
51November2021One Thousand Men - Memorial Poem3Joshua Dwyer; Remembrance;
51November202170 Years Ago This Month: HMAS Sydney and the Korean War4Keith Clarkson; Richard Sinclair; Ron Coleman; Theo Bushe-Jones; Noel Knappstein; Fred Lane; Norman Lee; Jim Parsons; Jack Suriano
51November2021The Billion Dollar Blunder: The Story of the RAN's Sea Sprites5Peake; McLachlan; Kaman; SH-2G(A); Fitzgibbon; Anzac; Sikorsky S-70b-2; OPC; Kongsberg; Penguin; Malaysia; TACCO; SENSO; ITAS; ESM; AFCS; DMO; Lynx; Sea 1414; FLIR; Litton; Northrop-Grumman; Robert Hill; FOFT; Nelson; MH-60R; New Zealand;
51November2021Letters to the Editor - HMAS Sydney Commemoration12Keogh;
51November2021Letters to the Editor - HMAS Melbourne Hi-Line Transfer13Goater; Voyager;
51November2021Letters To The Editor - BTU Road Hill Climbing13Dunstan
51November2021Letters to the Editor - QLD Christmas BBQ13Murrell; Colaundra
51November2021Letters to the Editor - Sponsor A Young Aviator13Dowsing; badge;
51November2021Did You Maintain or Fly the Kiowa?14
51November2021Op Bursa Update 15Whittaker;
51November2021Fly Navy Stickers15
51November2021Wood For Wood16Operation Fortitude; Normandy; Courable; Thiel;
51November2021Mystery Photo Answer: Martin-Baker MB-518Valentine Baker; James Martin; Wattisham; Zurakowski
51November2021The Icing On The Cake - Humour20Peake: NSCA; Friedrich; CASA; Borroloola;
51November2021Wall of Service Advert21
51November2021HMAS Sydney 80th Commemoration22Kormoran; Geraldton; Denham;
51November2021Around The Traps - Visiting Harrier23Hattley, Dusty Herpes; Shane Rosetta; Roscoe Warrell; MEL Devine;
51November2021Around The Traps - Maintenance Beyond the Call of Duty23Byrd;
51November2021Around The Traps - Navy Scraps Helicopters24MRH-90; MH-60R; Skyhawk;
51November2021Around The Traps - RAN Seahawk Ditches24HMAS Brisbane; Romeo; phillippine sea;
51November2021Around The Traps - Navy Rolls Out New Uniform25MMPU; Overalls; CAMMs;
51November2021Around The Traps - DVA TV25
51November2021Around The Traps - Federal Council Meeting Outcomes25
50October2021COMFAA Update3COVID; Training; Hannah Best; Rhiannon Thompson; Clare Lassam; 822X; 816; 723;725; 808;816; Scheibel;
50October2021The First Hunter Killer7Housatonic; Submarine; McClintock; Watson; Hunley;
50October2021New Member Listing9Tindall; rendell; baddams; todd; austin; coombs; robinson
50October2021The Council's Pigeons - Humour11Friedrich; Peake; Hohenberger;
50October2021Letters to the Editor14Goater; HS748; F27;
50October2021Letters to the Editor14McNay; DC3; DC2; CNAC;
50October2021Letters to the Editor15brian Abraham; Fairbairn; W.D. Atlas; Mulder; McCreanor; Bathurst; Lovett; Vickers;
50October2021Op Bursa Recognition Update16Whittaker; Bennetts; Bindman;
50October2021Mystery Photo Answer: Nowra Racing Championship17
50October2021The Latest Scam20Computer; virus;
50October2021Around The Traps - New COMFAA appointed22Frost; HARS
50October2021Around The Traps - Wild About Harry's22Harry's Cafe;
50October2021Around The Traps - Immunisation Certificate22COVID;
50October2021Around The Traps - Video - Saving MG9922Refugee; Melbourne;
50October2021Around The Traps - Veterans' Help Column Wanted23
50October2021Around The Traps - Graeme Lunn23Quarantine; NZ; Zealand
50October2021Rest In Peace - October 202123bob steele
50October2021Around The Traps - Lost and Found (Hat)23Kaman Sea Sprite
50October2021Memorial Weekend for HMAS Sydney24Denham;
50October2021Vaccine Concerns, Myths and Misconceptions24COVID
50October2021Around The Traps - Our New Website25
50October2021Around The Traps - Feedback Wanted25FlyBy;
50October2021Our New Website25
50October2021Exchange Service Recognised - Op. Bursa26Holthouse; Lunn; Bucknell; Abraham; Burgess; McKie; Jones; Mandziy; Bennett; King; Stanton; Thornton
49September2021Mystery Photo Answer - The DC Two and a Half1Wong; Soldinski; CNAC;
49September2021Short Snippet - Another Hybrid Build2Phoenix, Mantz
49September2021The Difference Between Good and Evil4Peake; Friedrich; NSCA; Hughes 500D; Gosling; Idi Amin; Pope John Paul; Bell 212;
49September2021Wall of Service Update6Macartney; gangloff; fletcher; lea; niarchos; mcconchie; warden; tietzel; reksmiss; beldom; smith; bramich
49September2021New Member Listing7trapp; reksmiss; sausverdis; sellers; nicholl; burdorf; craig; hutchins; smith;
49September2021Rest In Peace - September 20217de leeuw; lancaster
49September2021Old Bar Vietnam Veteran's Day Abandoned8macartney; covid
49September2021Historic Book - Use and Maintenance of Planes Embarked8dumaresq;
49September2021Letters to the Editor - The Donkey's Dick - John Friedrich9NSCA; speedy;
49September2021Letters to the Editor - Fort Ducker ANZAC Day9McNay
49September2021Letters to the Editor - The G Dropper9Gannet; Misima; Louisiade; Milne Bay; PNG; TAA; NOTAMS; Goater
49September2021Letters to the Editor - Where Are They Now?10John Wilson;
49September2021Letters to the Editor - Loss of Sea Fury Yeovilton11Mum Davis; Harvard; stinson; centaurus;
49September2021Letters to the Editor - SAMR12oscar hughes; sprong; peter brown; rod manuel; lou gardiner; nirimba; kingston; white; greenaway; martin; edmonson; fairbain; prest; bone
49September2021Remember This? - Rescue of W.D. Atlas13wessex; 723; de vries; whyalla;
49September2021Op Bursa Recognition Update13whittaker
49September2021Royal Commission Message - Defence and Veteran Suicide14Kaldas;
49September2021Next Month - Special 50th Edition15
49September2021Cartoon - Harry's Cafe de Wheels15Macartney;
48August2021On The Shoulders of Giants1harrie gerrett; mcGowan; swordfish; 820; albatross; christie; courageous; ark royal; valiant; argus; malta; MID; sparrowhawk; orkneys; 700; seagull; supermarine; pegasus; king george v; bismarck; rodney; victorious; sydney; bacon; canberra; australia; observer; walrus; solomons; coral sea; victor smith; tracker; leyte; dechaineux; manus;
48August2021New Member Listing6landon; dempster; hicks; lea; wilson; healey; niarchos; warden; smith; intihar; woods; mcconachie; beldom; dickfos;
48August2021Rest In Peace - August 20216mumford; clayton
48August2021Around The Traps - Every Drop Shed in Anguish7awm; sculpture; seton; anderson; farinazzo;
48August2021Around The Traps - Fort Rucker Anzac Day 20217bartle; crowley; dunaway
48August2021Wall of Service Update7Macartney; gangloff; fletcher; lea; niarchos; mcconchie; warden; tietzel
48August2021Aircrew Reunion Postponed8Macartney; Old Bar; Vietnam; veterans
48August2021Charlie Rex Memorial Service Delayed8covid;
48August2021Letters to the Editor - Kim Harris reminiscing9callister; keeling; moomba; williams; vergeer; rexie; rattray; sinclair; charles; cronin; grenfell; milne; ogilvie; coates; wood
48August2021Letters to the Editor - Football9benson; northley; costain; clarke;
48August2021Letters to the Editor - Four Months in Korea10lane; lee;
48August2021Letters to the Editor - Written in the Sky10benalla; tiger moth; wirraways; oxfords; ansons; nanchang; fawsett; nomad; vampire; tracker; carr
48August2021Story - The Donkey's Dicks11peake; friedrich; wessex; sbh-4; helmets;
48August2021Looking for Tracker Experts11radials; msfs;
48August2021Mystery Photo Answer - AVRO 504K Accident Kiama NSW12rees; cathcart; e3748; jamberoo; cocks
48August2021What Were Peace Loans?12
48August2021Navy Wings - The Fleet Air Arm Boys13bond;
48August2021Attention Vietnam Vets! Book: Manoeuvres and Memories13brewer; coy; 135th AHC;
48August2021Advert: By Sea, Air and Land13
48August2021Op Bursa Update 14Whittaker; Bennetts; Bindman;
48August2021ACT Division Social August 202115schonberger;
48August2021DVA Moral Injury Survey16phoenix
47July2021Four Months in Korea1lane; harries; CAG; Sydney; fell; appleby; bowles; lunberg; hardcastle; firefly; sea fury; mig-15; skyraider; hvar; CORSAIR; mcdonald; sinclair; webster; champ; roland; sasebo; cyclone; bob barnett; peter goldrick; rescap; macmillian; rendova; badoeng; clarkson; coleman; hancox; babbit; lavender; macdonald;
47July2021Around The Traps - Bill Huntress ASM(CT)3medals; don parkinson; john sloan; keith green; lou luther; kev duffey
47July2021Around The Traps - Stingray Drone Air To Air Refuelling3
47July2021Around The Traps - Charlie Rex Memorial Service4
47July2021Rest In Peace - July 20214eddy bell; paul birkenhead; john deering; ray burt
47July2021Do You Need Hearing Aids4dfwa; camaraderie;
47July2021Defence Grounds MRH-90s Again5
47July2021Queens Birthday Honours5andrew craig; paul fothergill;
47July2021AWM Newsletter5
47July2021Website Update6
47July2021How a Dog Can Change A Life12
47July2021Wall of Service Update14macartney; ganglaff; fletcher; lea; niarchos; mcconachie
47July2021Letters to the Editor - Bomaderry Firsts15callister; bill huntress; laurie alderton; don sinclair; mick whittle; con vergeer; glen hawkins; shane verekeer; daryl nowark; larry russell; kim harris
47July2021Fleet Air Arm Front and Centre - The Rescue of MG7716melbourne; torrens; vietnamese; refugees; vietnam; george casey; nghia hung; nguyen van tam; chris frost; vince di pietro; tracker; john anderson; peter evans; binh; amy dolan-brown; allan darby; jessica chi crosskill; peter cannell; tim may; sherryl sherson; jim hayes; keith kilpatrick; bob da la hunty; maureen massey; steve mahon; owen nicholls; keith boundy; amy dolan-brown; tim may; ian hyslop; don dezentje; john ingram; mike webster; rob patterson; john tregoning; darrell white; brian cung;
47July2021Operation Bursa Update22
47July2021HMAS Sydney Memorial Event23
47July2021Book Launch - The Art of Sacrifice24george petrou; peter cosgrove;
47July2021FAAAA Members - How are we doing? 25
46June2021RAAF Nowra and its Base Torpedo Unit1Beaufort; torpedo; cris george; alan smith; btu; xiii; collision;
46June2021Historic Sea Fury Badly Damaged2navy wings; G-RNHF; vx281; yeovilton; alexander
46June2021Ghost Riders Patch2venom,
46June2021Triton - What's Happening?3northrop grumman; MQ-4C; raaf edinburgh;
46June2021Reunion Corner4MG99; vietnam veterans; aircrew reunion;
46June2021Wall of Service Update4Macartney; ganglass; fletcher
46June2021MG-99 Reunion 30 June 20214HARS; Melbourne; refugees;
46June2021Vietnam Veterans Reunion August 20214old bar; macartney;
46June2021Aircrew Reunion October 20214HARS; Melbourne; refugees;
46June2021Wall of Service Update4Macartney; gangloff; fletcher
46June2021Rest In Peace - June 20219ray hawkins; rob hobba; nigel lee; mike killingsworth; petro fenwich.
46June2021The Dock: The Story of the Captain Cook Graving Dock in Sydney10garden island; menzies; potts point;
46June2021Letters to the Editor - Biography of Commander Guy Beange12david bruhn; turn into the wind;
46June2021Letters to the Editor - Albatross Sailing Club12kim dunstan; les kube; col andrews; pat stewart; white ensign club; jock campbell
46June2021Letters to the Editor - Death of Bob Barnett13HMS Glory; RATOG; Firefly; hmas sydney; norman lee
46June2021Remembering Charlie Rex14RANHFV;
46June2021New Members This Month14mark deasy; greg barnett; kyle langford; julie robinson; greg dawes; brian winterburn; steve long; brett thompson; graham hendy; greg davis; eugene gangloff; christopher donald; mark jerrett; martin cowley; adrian sorensen; michal stewart; nicholas kous
46June2021Green Setback14EV;
46June2021Where are they now?15anthony ward;
46June2021Gannet 841 Update17xg789; moorabbin; alan craigie
46June2021Op Bursa Recognition Update18asm; whittaker;
46June2021Exchanges Ahoy! List of RNers on Exchange to Nowra19rieck; david blyth; roy taylor; charlie brown; david anderson; jan criddle; paul bennett;
45May2021The HC723 Line Book 1983 - Feature Article1graeme lunn; ron lawrence; bob luxton; adrian cass; brett dowsing; mike lehan; geoff ledger; jim llewellyn; steve brand; dick chartier; miz henschke; tony reyne; fisher; graham bell; leigh godlonton; mike hudson; john salthouse; nightsun; nitesun; bill shurey; craig marcombe; derek frew; gary macey; campbell;
45May2021The Pinkney Report: Hostile UFO2nightsun; wessex; dick chartier
45May2021Submission to Defence Honours and Awards Tribunal3Tribunal;
45May2021Wall of Service Update - May 20213englesman; dale; callingham; mccauley; ware; bulley; hill; sealy; golden; lendrum; barnes; flannery; james; alexander; wright; balmforth; armstrong; thomas; walters; wood; macartney; gangloff
45May2021Remember Lieutenant Barnett4RATOG; Sea Fury; Sydney
45May2021Rest In Peace - May 20214dean gedling; raymond morgan; ron mcclenahan
45May2021Medical Musings5
45May2021The Unsung Heroes - OP BURSA7
45May2021Letters to the Editor - RAN Austers7kim dunstan;
45May2021Letters to the Editor - RAN Austers7brian Abraham; Fairbairn; W.D. Atlas; Mulder; McCreanor; Bathurst; Lovett; Vickers;
45May2021Letters to the Editor - Duty Air Coxswain HMAS Melbourne8andrew mccarthy;
45May2021Letters to the Editor - Ditching an Airliner at Sea8anson goater;
45May2021Letters to the Editor - Location of Holbrook9robert allen;
45May2021Letters to the Editor - Burmah Oil Company 9robert wood;
45May2021Australian Veterans Childrens' Assistance Trust 9AVCAT; scholarship;
45May2021Reunion Corner May 2021 - Vietnam Veterans Concert June 202110requiem; flowers of war;
45May2021Reunion Corner May 2021 - Aircrew Reunion October 202110HARS; Melbourne; refugees;
45May2021Reunion Corner - Vietnam Veterans Day August 202110Macartney; Old Bar; Vietnam; veterans
45May2021Reunion - MG-99 Group June 202111MG99; vietnam veterans; aircrew reunion; di pietro; ray cully; nguyen; corcoran
45May2021EU Grounds Dakotas Over OH&S Concerns12DC3; DC-3; acquatic; sunken dc-3;
45May2021The Rich Cut15seamus o'farrell; duke of edinburgh; sycamore; duke of york; dick turpin;
45May2021Operation Bursa Update - May 202116asm; whittaker; mark hammond; darryl ward; ian mcneill; michael stewart; david suffolk; bill canna; ian sangston; brett dowsing.
45May2021Chicken Wings (Cartoon)17michael strasser; stefan strasser
45May2021Website Update -May 202117webics
45May2021DFRDB Submission Update May 202118jim hislop; herb ellerbock;
44April2021This Is It - The story of Pan Am Flight 6 and its ditching in the Pacific1stratoclipper; boeing 377;
44April2021Were You Involved in Operation Darwin? 3wrans; cyclone; tracy;
44April2021Veteran Awarded Operation Bursa ASM3danny joyce; cary lawton; gary macey; james campbell;
44April2021Wall of Service Update - April 20214englesman; dale; callingham; mccauley; ware; bulley; hill; sealy; golden; lendrum; barnes; flannery; james; alexander; wright; balmforth; armstrong; thomas; walters; wood;
44April2021What Is happening with our website? April 2021 update4
44April2021Did You Know? The Holbrook Submarine5Otway; gundula;
44April2021Defence Honours and Awards Tribunal Update - Members Killed or Wounded5
44April2021Were You Involved in Fighting the Tracker Fire? 5ian carroll;
44April2021Covid Variants - THE NILE VIRUS6C-nile; p-nile
44April2021Kavanagh Oval Update - April 20216
44April2021Letters to the Editor - Contra Rotating Props6brian Abraham
44April2021Letters to the Editor - The Last to Fly the RAN Auster7jerry o'day
44April2021New Members This Month - April 20217ken alderman; glenn armstrong; tracy brown; nevialle hickmott; stephen huxtable; scott naughton; christopher partington; dennis wright; christoper tonkin; richard balmforth; john benson; chris hall; troy holloway; bob luxton; robert thomas; john weller; dennis newton
44April2021Bursa Recognition Update - April 202112
44April2021War Memorial Expansion13
44April2021The Evolution of a Martian - The Mars Rover14nasa;
44April2021Last Post Ceremony - Crash of Shark 0216paul kimlin;
44April2021New President for QLD Division16stephen huxtable
44April2021New President for SA Division16 John Siebert
44April2021NSW Division - Key Outcomes17
44April2021Squadron Patches and Emblems Wanted17shane leviton
44April2021A Very Fishy Story - Parachuting with a Fish17
44April2021Nowra Bridge Construction Update - April 202118
44April2021Reunion Corner April 2021 - 817 Squadron Reunion19
44April2021Reunion Corner April 2021 -Vietnam Veterans Concert19
44April2021Reunion Corner April 2021 - Vietnam Veterans Reunion Old Bar19
44April2021Reunion Corner April 2021 - Aircrew Reunion Oct 2119
43March2021Of Hurricat and Hoverfly - The Story of the MV Daghestan1catapult; hurricane; condor; cam; catafighters; sikorsky; frank erickson;
43March2021Mystery Photo 62 Answer - Spitfire XIV Griffon Engine2
43March2021Queensland Members Take Note!4social event
43March2021Vietnam Veterans Take Note!4vietnam requiem;
43March2021Who Are They?7sycamore; don farquharson; seamus o'farrell
43March2021Sycamore Ditching7maitland floods; gordon mcphee; leut hill;
43March2021Letters to the Editor - Flyaway to Avalon in 197310O'donnell; eddie bracken; paul norris;
43March2021Letters to the Editor - Operating off the USS Ticoonderoga11barry bromfield; joe kroeger; peter williams
43March2021Letters to the Editor - Operating off the USS Ticonderoga11john crathern; peter rowbottom; fred atkinson; jeff dalgliesh
43March2021Letters to the Editor - Operating off the USS Ticonderoga12peter james; graham quick; kearsage; vs21; melbourne
43March2021Letters to the Editor - Flying the Auster12norman lee; chipmunk; tiger moth; ted goater
43March2021Letters to the Editor - Auster13knowles; don simpson;
43March2021Letters to the Editor - Hodgson and Mauritz13urinquinty; anthony powell; ken brown; jock spence; john hughes; bob morrish; leon atkinson
43March2021Letters to the Editor - Transferring to Qantas14david howells; don davidson; rob waites; doug anstee; malcom barrett; bruce waring-smith; brian farthing
43March2021Wall of Service Update - March 202114engelsman; dale; callingham; mccauley; ware; hill; bulley; golden; sealy; lendrum; barnes; flannery
43March2021Attention All NSW Members - 2021 AGM14dick martin
43March20212021 Reunion Weekend - 817 Squadron Goolwa14
43March2021Birdies Lament (Poem)15tony hubert; paul goddard; colin cook; barry hicks; bill sonsee
43March2021Last Post Ceremony - Paul Kimlin16
43March2021Bursa Recognition Update - March 202116andrew whittaker;
43March2021Vale Jack Eccleston16
43March2021Tracker Magic - Restoration of Tracker 84417HARS; garry hollaway
43March2021Perseverance Lands on Mars18
43March2021Stop Press - Mediallic Awards for those killed or wounded in action19DHAT
42February2021The Navy's Littlest Aircraft - The Auster1autocar; j/5g, sydney; abbotsinch; spithead review; 723; a11-300; a11-301; john groves; bob green; ron smith; peter cabban; jeff gledhill; schofields;
42February2021HMAS Sydney Memorial Event 20212Kormoran; Geraldton;
42February2021Did You Know? Finding HMAS Sydney3detmers; david mearns; kevin rudd; seagull; bardia;
42February2021Wall of Service Update - February 20214engelsman; dale; callingham; mccauley; ware; hill; bulley; golden; sealy
42February2021Rest In Peace - February 20214andy curran; john dudley; basil nash; peter railton-woodcock
42February2021Fly Navy Stickers4
42February2021Don't Miss Out - Operation Bursa ASM4
42February2021Letters to the Editor - FAA Pilots and QANTAS5mike fitzgerald; john bartels; peter lipsett; guy knox; steve vooles; anson needham; gary kubel; tony nelson; andrew crocker; allen dickinson; mick galvin;
42February2021Letters to the Editor - Thanks to the OP BURSA Recognition Team5jock hetherington
42February2021Letters to the Editor - QANTAS and the HFV6pat vickers; ball; ray godfrey
42February2021Letters to the Editor - Trackers On Loan to USS Ticonderoga6defway
42February2021Foxy Lady Grounded - Vintage Sea Vixen7navy wings; simon hargreaves; w5856; sea fury; westland wasp
42February2021Mystery Solved - Portrait of John Dudley7kim dunstan; les kube; col andrews; pat stewart; white ensign club; jock campbell
42February202180 Years On: The Loss of the SS Almeda Star - FAA's Most Grievous Loss11lehmann-willenbrock;
42February2021New Book By FAAAA Member - Where Life Falls11tas browning;
42February2021Editorial - The Future of the RSL12charlie lynn;
42February2021Wanted - Material on the Macchi13greg morris;
42February2021Stop Press - The Restoration of Dakota N2-9014HARS; schofields; bill smith; stephen swan; keith boundy
42February2021Bursa Recognition Update - February 202215al whittaker
42February2021DFRDB Update - January 202115dsfc; dfrdb; herb ellerbeck; bill arden; jim hislop
41January2021The Spirit of Australia - QANTAS 100 Years Old - The Story1hudson fysh; paul mcguinness; mcmaster; winton; longreach; avro 504K; 547; charleville; conclurry; carpentaria; airbus; qf32;
41January2021Fleet Air Arm 2020 - The Year in Review2chris smith; matt royals; ec135; 723; 808; 816; 822x; amaftu; gavin mason;
41January2021Introducing The Vertiia6vtol; garry moore; siobhan lyndon; aml aviation;
41January2021Who Says You Can't? First Female CO of Nuclear Carrier9Bauernschmidt
41January2021First Medals Awarded - Op Bursa ASM(CT)10gary macey; james campbell; vic battese; vince di pietro; peter ashworth; mal wright; marcus peake; andrew whittaker; tim barrett; brett dowsing; ron prichard ; don dezentze
41January2021So What's Happening to the Website? Update Jan 202111webics
41January2021Wall of Service Update - December Jan 202111engelsman; dale; callingham; mccauley; ware
41January2021Rest In Peace Jan 202111gary sommer; haddon spurgeon
41January2021Queen of the Skies - Flying the Boeing 74712ted goater; singapore airlines;
41January2021RU OK?17
41January2021Cap Tallies Wanted17eric james; albatross; melbourne; vengeance; peter james;
41January2021Why Be A Member of the FAAAA?17
40December2020The Westland Scout - First of a New Breed1kim dunstan; ws101; ws102; 723; moresby; n8-101; monte bello; legendre; kiowa; vh-nvy; xr603;
40December2020Mystery Photo N0. 62 Answer - GANNET3roundel; ray morritt;
40December2020Suffer Not The Little Children3fred hollows; truat; vietnam;
40December2020Rest In Peace - December 20203Noel morgan; paul stanton
40December2020Wall of Service Update - December 20207hetherington; mudge; gagnon; nicholls; russell; hurren; burdett; deering; greenfield; gordon; mccormack; folkes; vote; clark; reyne; bleach; kavanagh; engelsman; dale
40December2020Nowra Veteran's Centre Update - December 20207rsl lifecare; darren chester; jim molan; andrew condon; laurie leigh; ray james;
40December2020Letters to the Editor -EMU Mural In The Pentagon8Vince Di Pietro; neil ralph; david farthing;
40December2020Website Appeal Update - December 20208
40December2020Letters to the Editor - Kingsford Smith Southern Cross9mick stoors;
40December2020Letters to the Editor - Kingsford Smith Southern Cross9kj vote; peter fitzsimons; southern cloud;
40December2020Letters to the Editor - Alex Ignatieff9geoff litchfield;
40December2020Navy Heritage Flight Dakota Comes Together10HARS; michael hough; queens flight; c47
40December2020Calling All DFRDB Recipients - Update December 202011ken stone; superannuation
40December2020Update on Errol's Sign11errol kavanagh; narrabundah;
40December2020More About The Tracker Incident 11chris tutin; s2; keith champion; george sydney; sea knight; uss camden; whenuapai; melbourne; ron lawrence;
40December2020Wall of Service Competition Winner12paul folkes;
40December2020Update on ASM(CT) Applications - December 202012bursa; pathfinder; gary macey; james campbell; andrew whittaker
40December2020A Pair of .45s - TRACKERS12N12-152334; N12-153600; 845
40December2020The Avro Museum - Update on Avro Arrow - December 202014canada; museum; calgary; springbank;
40December2020Our Souls At Night - Don't Say It Too Quickly!14
40December2020Navy Wings Advert - 20% Discount15
40December2020Photo: Vic Battese & Tom Smillie - Flying Iroquois 89816huey; HARS
39November2020The Rebirth of a Legend - Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and The Southern Cross1smithy; gallipoli; charles ulm; harry lyon; james warner; seagrave trophy; mottama
39November2020Website Appeal - How you can help2
39November2020Mystery Photo 61 Answer - The Short Seamew2runciman; xa213; bulwark; 700 squadron; hms warrior; short;
39November2020More About The Tracker Incident 4whenuapia; daffy donald; galy caldow; vid the kid; willy wilson; peter coulson; graham bates; alan oliver; uss camden; bennington; sacramento; epperson; hugh schneider; kim fischer; ian magilvray
39November2020Wall of Service Update - November 20204mclachlan; dickinson; grainer; nelson; whittaker; carr; elms; lunn; hill; galvin; mckean; mills; hawkins; marcombe; harwood; knox; price; france; murray; martin
39November2020Wall of Service Competition - Win Your Plaque for Free!5
39November2020FAAAA Holds Annual Meeting - 24 October 20205federal council; slipstream levy; capitation fee;
39November2020Did You Know? Alex Ignatieff and Charles Kingsford Smith6uqunity; 723 Squadron; 724 Squadron; raaf point cook; beech uuskateer; hagan; png: eric kingsford smith;
39November2020Rebuilding the Southern Cross Replica7hars; greg ellis
39November2020Why You Shouldn't Ride A Bike - Humour9
39November2020Queensland Division Solial Gatherings in November 202010
39November2020NHF Iroquois Takes To The Skies10hars; michael hough; 898; chris sievers;
39November2020Patch Heaven10Ray godfrey; vietnam
39November2020The End of Tracker 84511152334
39November2020Afghanistan Inquiry - Provision of Welfare Support - Afghanistan Inquiry11DVA; inspector general; igadf;
39November2020Update on Toz - November 202011
39November2020Award of ASM for Operation Bursa - Hot Update12brett dowsing; ted wynberg;
39November2020Veterans' Health Week12john macartney; old bar; jim buchanan; mike doyle
38October2020Sea Otter1supermarine; kim dunstan; 723; Sydney; walrus; bristol mercury; ajass; jn-200; vh-boi
38October2020Wall of Service Competition4hetherington; mudge; gagnon; nicholls; russell; hurren
38October2020Memorial Sign in Poor Repair - The Errol Kavanagh Oval4narrabundah; mig-15;
38October2020Calling All DFRDB Recipients - Update December 20205whenuapia; tony di pietro; gary callow; sea knight; tony reyne;
38October2020Federal Countil Meeting Coming Up - October 20207
38October2020New FAA Book - The Fleet Air Arm Boys7steve bond;
38October2020Looking for Dale Sharpe7shirley bligh;
38October2020Mystery Photo Answer - Grumman Skyshark8skyraider; A2D;
38October2020A Win For the FAAAA - George Clarke9
38October2020ASM(CT) Update - October 202010andrew whittaker; bursa;
37September2020Treasure Trove of Vintage Aircraft1john smith; mapua; marlborough; mustangs; mosquitos; hudsons; p-40; kittyhawk; gloria lyons; omaka; nanchang; warbirds; new zealand; mosquito;
37September2020Wall of Service Update - September 20203hetherington; mudge
37September2020Operation Bursa Update - September 20203
37September2020The Power of Networking3brian wilkinson;
37September2020New FAA Book - Written In the Sky3mark carr;
37September2020Tracker Recovery - September 20204whenuapai; hugh schneider; peter williams; dave villiers; spike jones; david martin; alf moffet; scruffy allen; wacka payne; peter coulson;
37September2020Wall of Service Competition5
37September2020Mystery Photo 61 Answer - The Avro Arrow6cf105; diefenbaker; ken barnes;
37September2020The Arrow Project7calgary; avro museum;
37September2020Rest In Peace - September 20208brian wilkinson; michael pincher martin; mark measday; kevin doyle; leslie oakley; graham beatles bailey; alan smiley mcgowan; col cook
37September2020Where are they now? Andrew Davis8mum davis; snapper mckean; 809 Squadron; falklands;
37September2020Sycamore Takes to The Water8doug bain; steve batcheldor
37September2020FAA Website Problem9
36August2020The RAN's Iroquois1UH1-B; korea; xh-40; bell 47; lycoming; T53;
36August2020Tracker Recovery - August 20202peter williams; tasmanex; melbourne; garry caldow; greg ryan; max poole; whenuapai;
36August2020Wall of Service Update - August 20204Mclachlan; dickinson; grainer; nelson; whittaker; carr; elms; lunn; hill; galvin; mckean; mills; hawkins; marcombe; harwood; knox; price; france; murray
36August2020Trackky-Dakky On The Move5Steve McMahon; Mark Keech; Ken Goodhew; dakota; n2-60; n12-153600; HARS; air affairs; albion park; michael hough;
36August2020Operation Bursa Update - August 20206ASM; AOSM;
36August2020Oops - Sea Venom WZ8967
36August2020Farewell to a Friend of the FAA - RADM Andrew Robertson7australia; warramunga; anzac; korea; sydney; albatross; museum; gunnedah
36August2020Miss Tilly's Orifice8dan maloney; beatrice shilling; rolls royce; merlin; farnborough; skinner
36August2020Rest in Peace - August 20208brian courtier; timo maensivu; ken adams
36August2020Looking for Brian Wilkinson8bob burgess
36August2020Did You Know? FAAAA Membership Tax Deduction8
36August2020Reunions Postphoned - August 20209
36August2020Census to Include Veterans' Data - August 20209darren chester; dva;
36August2020You Know A Collingwood Supporter When…9FESR;
36August2020Flying Stations Part 2 - Comment by the Editor10desmond woods; chris smallhorn; mike lehan; victor smith;
36August2020How Long Did They Last? Graph on the length of service of RAN aircraft12
36August2020Mystery Photo 58 Answer - Kiwi Skyhawks13uss okinawa; auckland; a4-k; whenuapai; ohakea; 75 squadron;
35July2020The RAN's Tiger Moths1hmas albatross; de havilland;
35July2020Medical Advice For Older Aussies - Humour2
35July2020Update for ASM(CT) for Operation Bursa - July 20203
35July2020Mystery Photo Answer - Helicopter Flight Aboard HMAS Sydney 19534westland dragonfly; james summerlee;
35July2020Sopwith Camel…Sopwith Without Camel (Photo)4
35July2020Queens Birthday Honour Congratulations - July 20205allen whittaker;
35July2020Tracker DVD Now Available in Digital Format5HARS; 844
35July2020Rest In Peace - July 20205leon o'donnell; graham stevens; alan clark; charlie rex; john mead
35July2020The Making of a Masterpiece 6jim rae; gannet; cole-hamilton
35July2020Tracker 842 Changes Hands8keith boundy; air affairs;
35July2020Farewell to a Friend - Rob Partington8
35July2020What Happens to Your Widow When You Die? 9
35July2020Vietnam Veteran's Reunion - Aug 2020 update10macartney
35July2020Are You A DFRDB Superannuant?11
35July2020More About What Airlines Are Thinking11covid; qantas;
35July2020New Navy Wings Books - Jack's Dits, The Pussers Cookbook, Andrew, Jack and Jenny11
34June2020Get Ready For The Future - Aviation in Times of COVID1qantas;
34June2020Wall of Service Update - June 20202thurgar; masters; siebert; cooper; mcnally; morton; williams; ignatieff; gration; misfeld; johnson; dorhauer; blennerhassett
34June2020Answer to What Is It? Sea King Ordnance (photograph)2spike campey; keith englesman; jack kinross;
34June2020Rest In Peace - June 20202arthur nixon
34June2020Message of Hope From Switzerland3david farthing; covid; zermatt; gary hofsetetter;
34June2020Just Like The Real Thing - MV Sycamore Model4doug bain; steve batcheldor
34June2020NSW Regional Sub-Ground Formed5john macartney;
34June2020Mystery Photo No. 56 Answer - Towed Glider Targets6IMA; nabbington; charles birch; argonaut; miles martinet;
34June2020Squadron of MH60Rs at Sea? (Photograph)6Jarrod Mulvihill; hmas adelaide;
34June2020Sea Fury Mystery (Photograph)7WJ109; WH589; richard kenderdine;
34June2020What Is It? (Photograph of a small badge)8michael heenan
34June2020Supermarket Priority Assistance Open to Gold Card Holders8dva; covid; coles, foodworks; iga; woolworths
33May2020Sea King - Workhorse of the FAA1askfuk; hmas melbourne; solace; plumbob; trek; anode; bursa; relex; slipper; sumatra assist; seahawks; sikorsky; westland; paul moggach; kanimbla; mat bradley; haddad; bonser; purdy; harley; heiu; ch-46; doha; kuwait; jeff weber; george bush;
33May2020Progress on Naval Heritage Flight Dakota/Iroquois4hars; 893; 898; casa; car30; air affairs; tracker 845; dakota; n2-90
33May2020Rest In Peace - May 20204david manton
33May2020Fleet Air Arm Update - May 20205jason wickman; taipan; mrh-90; todd glynn; mh-60r; hmas toowoomba; richard green; johathan mead; james hawley; paul hannigan; 725 squadron; 808 squadron; tyler hubbert; schiebel; phil woodward; 822x squadron;
33May2020Wall of Service Update - May 20206thurgar; masters; siebert; cooper
33May2020Shark 02 Tragedy Remembered 15 Years On7nigel rowan; memorial; nias; steve estherby;
33May2020Slipstream in the time of COVID7ron batchelor; terry hetherington; dick martin; james caldwell; denis mulvihill
33May2020Remembering A Friend: Errol Kavanagh7
33May2020ADF Pay Rise To Be Deferred7
33May2020Should FlyBy Continue? Survey Results9
33May2020Superannuation Plea10adfra;
33May2020Tracker DVD Nears Readiness11844; matthew jones; michael hough;
33May2020More Wings Badges11brett dowsing; navy wings;
33May2020Can You Help? Looking for Frank Aide11
33May2020The Nowra Veterans' Wellbing Centre - Update11phil carey;
33May2020Anzac Day 2020 in Pictures12
32April2020The Curious Case of XA5141gannet; ffps; pcu; mauritz; 724 squadron;
32April2020Should FlyBy Continue? Survey 2
32April2020Memorial Service for Paul Kimlin5
32April2020Remembering A Friend: Peter Clark6obituary
32April2020Letters to the Editor - Operation Brancard6manus; sea fury; firefly; monto bello
32April2020Wall of Service Update - April 20207jones; williams; johnson; matheson; wall; scott
32April2020Geoff Brooks - Roll of Honour7kate brooks; kim dunstan; neil gunn
32April2020The Genesis of a Cartoon8jim rae; gannet; cole-hamilton; hms cavalier;
32April2020Corona Cancellations9
32April2020RUOK? April 20209
32April2020How to put idle hours to use - Creating A Slipstream Index10
32April2020HARS to release Tracker DVD10844; matthew jones; michael hough;
32April2020COMFAA Update Deferred10COMFAA
32April2020Endpiece - A Message from our National President11COVID
31March2020For Young Lives Lost - Mauritz and Caird1greg kelson; warren browne; wd869; firefly; foxground;
31March2020Can You Help? Looking for Kate Brooks2
31March2020Transgenders in the US Armed Forces - Article2trey gowdy;
31March2020The FAAs Involvement in Operation BRANCARD 19983Joko widodo; indonesia; jakarta; djakarta; comausnavair; favo; seahawk; sea king; an-124; antinov; surabaya; suharto; hmas torrens; hmas newcastle; hmas canberra; hmas adelaide; 816;
31March2020Rest in Peace - March 20205barry bachlor; terry ford;
31March2020Wall of Service Update - March 20205jones; williams; johnson; matheson; wall
31March2020Just Winging It - Book By Barry Lister5
31March2020Navy Heritage Flight Update - March 20205hars; 844; air affairs; keith boundy; iroquois; wessex; venom; michael hough'
31March2020Last Post Ceremony to Honour Paul Kimlin - March 2020 update6
31March2020Wings of Gold - Book Launch - March 20207jed hart; jack maccaffrie; trevor rieck
31March2020Wanted - Peter Coulson Research7graham king; peter plunkett-cole; peter mcnair
31March2020Aircrew Reunion October 2020 - Advance Warning 7
30February2020Remains of Tracker 845 (152334)1842; 153597;
30February2020Wall of Service Update - February 20202jones; williams; johnson; matheson; wall
30February2020History Mystery Uncovered2Stringbags, Myles Osborn; swordfish; fairey; raymond taylor; sicily; luca lazzara; cefalu; ronald osborn;
30February2020Do You Know Steve Boothroyd2
30February2020Mess Number or Overshoot Height?2david forbes; jock cunningham;
30February2020Mystery Photo 55 Answer - HMAS Sydney and the Vickers Vimy3Ross smith; keith smith; vickers; cayley; bennett; shiers;
30February2020Book Review: Wings of Gold5pensacola;
30February2020Man Up, Check Up. Prostrate Cancer Awareness5
30February2020Former FAA Commander Named Shoalhaven Recovery Coordinator6vince Di Pietro;
30February2020Rest In Peace - February 20206Leonard Bateman; Trevor Young
30February2020Veterans' Wellbeing Centre for Nowra7dva; lee cordner; rsl; keith boundy;
30February2020Letters to the Editor - The QGH Approach8Norman Lee; Barry Daley; jerry o'day;
30February2020Patch Questions: The RAMJETS and Vietnam Patches8ranhfv;
30February2020Aviation Wing Sponsors8brett dowsing
30February2020Australia Day Honours 20208,9ben spurgin; shane craig; terry hetherington
29January2020The De Havillan Vampire Trainer1
29January2020HMAS Sydney Memorial Cruise 20212kormoran; fremantle; geraldton; ted graham; bob trotter; adrian burns
29January2020Aircraft Publications Available3sea otter; dakota; wirraway; sea fury; firefly; seafire; sycamore; sea vampire; sea venom; gannet; tracker; skyhawk; natops
29January2020Erratum - Erik Saltor3
29January2020Slipstream and FlyBy - What's the Deal? 5marcus peake
29January2020National Emergency Medal?5brian swan;
29January2020RIP - John McClinton RN5roll;
29January2020Rest in Peace - January 20206noel morgan; george williams; alby gratton
29January2020A Veterans Wellbeing Centre for Nowra? January 2020 report7rsl; dva;
29January2020Caption Competition Results - Elephant towing a Walrus8
29January2020DVA Card Update (Letter to the Editor)8
29January2020Website Difficulties - January 20209
29January2020Letters to the Editor - January 2020 - Has Anyone Flown A QGH?3, 4Norman Lee; Barry Daley; jerry o'day; clive blennerhassett; phil thompson
28December2019The Venerable Wirraway1CAC; general motors; holden; wackett; woomera; winjeel; macchi; rolls royce; merlin; viper; hawker; boeing; vampire;
28December2019Wall of Service Update - December 20192O'leary; forbes; bellert; siska; ruyssenaers; rae; stone; gunn; turner; spee; vidal; willmott; untchings
28December2019Rest in Peace - December 20192noel morgan
28December2019Seahawk Replaces Wessex at National Maritime Museum3n7-216; n24-006
28December2019Has Anyone Flown A QGH Approach?3buchanan; vampire;
28December2019FAAAA Accident Database Upgraded4bob geale; john crawley; cris george
28December2019RUOK? December 20194
28December2019HARS Snippet - Progress of John Travolta's Boeing 7075bob de la hunty; maureen massey
28December2019Venicle GST Exemption for Eligible Veterans & Unlawful Practices5beaurepairs;
28December2019In Case You Missed It - Video of Life Aboard HMAS Adelaide5
28December2019Ahoy HS748 Fans - The Story of N15-7096martin edwards; adf serials;
28December2019Forthcoming Book - Wings Of Gold7trevor rieck; jack mccaffrie; jed hart
28December2019More About the DVA Veteran Card8
28December2019844 Comes To HARS9owen nicholls; vh-nvx; tracker; s2; s-2
28December2019Introducing Our New Welfare Officer10david mckean; snapper;
28December2019Missing Banner12john macartney
27November2019Warbird Flies Again - Firefly WB5181HMAS Sydney; wd828; eddie kurdzell; bruce cordell; oshkosh; wb377
27November2019Ex Historic Flight Tracker Takes To The Skies - Nov 19 update3tracker; 844; hars; peter hookway; east sale; chris smallhorn; 844; 845; michael hough
27November2019Do You Have Any Photos? 4
27November2019Update on ASM(CT) Medals for Op Bursa - November 20194
27November2019Wall of Service Update - November 20194O'leary; forbes; bellert; siska; ruyssenaers; rae; stone; gunn; turner; spee; vidal; willmott
27November2019Rest in Peace - November 20194don roberts; graeme fry; kevin longford; karl fallenberg; robert porter; robert crawford
27November2019HMAS Sydney Bridle Catcher and Firefly Dropped Store5bridle horn; hmas melbourne;
27November2019Is The Covenant Getting Closer?6dfwa; entitlements; values;
27November2019Federal Council Meeting - Thumbnail7mark campbell; phil carey; dick martin; james caldwell; paul norris; david mckean; marcus peake; registration fee; capitation fee; slipstream levy; life member;
27November2019What Do You Know About Vampires?7de havilland;
27November2019The Exploding Pie Oven8cwis;
27November2019Tracker Reunion A Great Success - Nov 198bruce saville; hars; air affairs; bill smith; steve mcmahonl; terry hetherington; garry hollaway; keith boundy; own nicholls
27November2019Venom On The Move8wz939; david rasmus; parafield
27November2019Can You Help? Building an Ultra Light BD58john wakefield; james bond; octopussy;
26Sept/Oct2019Renowned Cartoonist Joins the Fleet Air Arm Association1ron gent;
26Sept/Oct2019COMFAA Update - October 20191723; don dezentje; angus campbell; 816; hmas newcastle; hmas hobart; mh-60r; hmas ballarat; 808; mrh90; mrh-90; hmas adelaide; hmas canberra; hmas choules; hmas success; 822x; scaneagle; schiebel; s100; s-100; camcopter; amaftu;
26Sept/Oct2019Travolta's Boeing 707 For The Illawarra? 2boeing; hars; casa;
26Sept/Oct2019Connie Engineering Heritage Marker2constellation; hars;
26Sept/Oct2019Wall of Service Update - Sept/Oct 192O'leary; forbes; bellert; siska; ruyssenaers; rae; stone;
26Sept/Oct2019Keeping Us In Suspense (photo of A4 suspended)2
26Sept/Oct2019Update on ASM(CT) Medals for Op Bursa - Sept/Oct 20193bursa;
26Sept/Oct2019No FlyBy in October3
26Sept/Oct2019New Publications To Help With Family Trauma3darren chester; dva; phoenix; couineau;
26Sept/Oct2019Wirraway Help Wanted4
26Sept/Oct2019Do You Know of SBLT Harry Hanson?4toz dadswell;
26Sept/Oct2019RAN Sea King Update - What Happened to Our Airframes? 4aerospace logistics
26Sept/Oct2019Next Slipstream Out Soon!4shiels;
26Sept/Oct2019Vietnam Veterans Old Bar - Report on 2019 event4macartney; chris smallhorn; terry shulze; dan tyler; david west; kirralie smith; jim buchanan; emus; scanes;
26Sept/Oct2019Rest in Peace - September 20185barry simpson; ryland gill
26Sept/Oct2019ACT Division Enjoys Day at Sea5sycamore; matv; tk shipping; tim barratt; carl brinkman; al whittaker; george sydney; jarrod mulvihill
26Sept/Oct2019HARS Navy Historic Flight Aircraft6dakota n2-90; albion park; wessex
26Sept/Oct2019Tracker Reunion Notification - September 20196bruce saville
26Sept/Oct2019Can You Help With Information - Sea Venom WZ9396
26Sept/Oct2019Harsh But Fair - Newspaper Clipping7eric garbutt
25August2019Skyhawk - The Story of the RAN's McDonnell Douglas A4s1mcdonnell; douglas; website;
25August2019Mystery Photo No 54 Answer - Sonobuoy Fallen Off Tracker2frank siska; barry brommfield; queanbeyan; vc851; fairbairn;
25August2019Ah, What Bliss! The Bliss Arrester Gear2clive blennerhasset; albatross; phil thompson;
25August2019Rest In Peace - August 20192ian strathie; john sendy; tony schubert
25August2019Progress on HARS Sea Venom of the Navy Heritage Flight3bob de la hunty
25August2019Short Quiz on the FAA 3tracker; ditching; 151646; 153608; bromfield; rulfs; palmer; kroger. Eugene ely;
25August2019Wall of Service Update - August 20193O'leary; forbes; bellert; siska; ruyssenaers; rae
25August2019Missing Person Wanted - Robert Leslie Young3vs816; r63166;
25August2019Reunions - Old Bar, Tracker Reunion; All Navy Reunion4
25August2019List of National Secretaries4george sydney; terry hetherington; john stewart; jan akeroyd; graham nicholas; mal smith; keith taylor
25August2019Who Are They? Photo of sailors aboard HMAS Melbourne5
25August2019Attention - Those Who Like Blowing Things Up (video of nuclear test)5
25August2019What's Happening to Tracker 844 - Update August 20195
24July2019New Slipstream Hits the Streets1
24July2019Mystery Photo No 53 Answer - Skyhawk Launching from Hermes2Disbanding; hmas melbourne; communist; resurgence; 1964; gannets; sea venoms; trackers; skyhawks; coral sands; john da costa;
24July2019What Was The Bliss Arrestor? 2arrester;
24July2019Wall of Service Update - July 20193mackenzie; milsom; jesser; wall; harries; ryan; henderson; cocks; bain; atkins; kelly; williams; raftery; forbes
24July2019Can I Switch My Divisioion?3
24July2019Nominations for National Executive Members3mark campbell; phil carey; dick martin; denis mulvihill; marcus peake; paul norris
24July2019Rest in Peace - July 20194Ian Strathie, Mike Heneghan, Bruce Williams; Alan Wayne
24July2019Attention Former RANGA Members!4Laurie Simpkins; bocian; VH-GHC; t31b;
24July2019Reunions4Vietnam Veterans Old Bar 2019; Tracker Reunion 2019; Photographers Reunion 2019; All Navy Reunion 2019
24July2019HARS Navy Historic Flight Update - July 20195Tracker 844; 845; Venom; dakota; wessex 832; 813; Iroquois 893; 898; Sea Fury; WG630; michael hough
23June 2019A Word From The Editor1Paul Shiels; Marcus Peake; Slipstream;
23June 2019Wall of Service Update - June 20191mackenzie; milsom; jesser; wall; harries; ryan; henderson; cocks; bain; atkins; kelly; williams; raftery
23June2019Mystery Photo June 2019 - Spitfire Carrying Beer1
23June2019Looking for contacts of Peter Ey (deceased)2
23June2019Forthcoming Reunions - June 20192Vietnam Veterans Old Bar 2019; All Navy Reunion 2019
23June2019Gap Payments for Gold/White Card Holders3
23June2019Can You Help? Names of aircrew in 2004 Multi-Type Flypast3
22May2019The Douglas Dakota1C47; A65-43; dak; qantas; n2-43; hmas sydney; ora; observers; vh-orb; gannet; sea venom; radar; skyhawk; tracker; hs748;
22May2019The First Australian Pioneer2wilbur wright; orville wright; 1904; john duigan; finsbury; melbourne; battersea; weymouth; reginald duigan; mia-mia; dunlop; bendigo; a.v. rowe; keilor; flying corps; yarrawonga;
22May2019Air America's Black Helicopter5hughes 500P; oh-6a; loach; stealth; cia; laos; vietnam; kissinger; nixon; linebacker; vinh; mainstreet; n315x; n352x; flir; loaches; taiwan; thailand; ps-44; glerum; knight; su-50; nvg;
22May2019Frank E. Evans Collision 50th Commemoration 11melbourne;
22May2019DFRDB Update - May 201912herb ellerbock; chester; esort; dfwa; jim hislop
22May2019Wall of Service Update - May 201913mackenzie; milsom; jesser; wall; harries; ryan; henderson; cocks; bain; atkins
22May2019Missing Vietnam Veteran is Awarded Citation13oppenhuis; rawmond hawkins; raymond homer; raymond jones; peter malcolm; franncis mills; james montgomery; garrie morris; graham terrell; david varley.
22May2019Have Things Changed (pictures of people reading media)13
22May2019FlyBy Newsletter to change content14marcus peake;
22May2019New Slipstream Editor14ron batchelor; paul shiels
22May2019Letters to the Editor - Vietnam Helicopter Memorabilia Wanted15john conway;
22May2019HARS Navy Historic (Heritage) Flight Update - May 201915sea fury; air affairs; hars; trackers 844 845; Dakota N2-90; wessex 832; 813; sea venom; sea fury; wg630; mark thurstan; iroquois; 893; 898; hough
22May2019Wings Over Illawarra 201916
21April2019The Supermarine Seagull III1albatross; raaf; amphibians; 1926; napier lion; tag;
21April2019CMDR Vickridge Awarded A Commendation2US Naval & Marine Corps Medal; frank e evans; citation; cvs-21; dd-754; leukaemia;
21April2019Rest In Peace - April 20193geoff vickridge; bill barry; robert burns
21April2019Letters to the Editor - LCDR Joe Gates3terry hetherington; Jerry O'Day
21April2019One For The Technology Buffs - Every Radio Station On Earth4
20March2019Sycamore in the Skies1bristol; hmas sydney; hmas melbourne; hmas vengeance; floods; gordon mcphee;
20March2019The Fairey Gannet - Recollections by CMDR P. Morritt2herbie becker; ffps; bolter; hmas melbourne; mamba;
20March2019Names of the 1st Contingent RANHV Embarkation (Photo)5darky phillips; kev french; terry brooks; jeff mcintyre; john dawe; ray jones; gordon edgecombe; foxy cronin; ray godfrey; bruce crawford; pat vickers;
20March2019HARS Naval Heritage Flight Update6michael hough; heritage; tracker 844; tracker 845; n2-90; dakota; wessex; 832; venom; sea fury wg 630; iroquois; 893; 898; casa; air affairs;
20March2019Wall of Service Update - March 20197mackenzie;
20March2019DFWA Updates its Objectives for 2019/208covenant; superannuation; msbs; dfrdb; tpi
20March2019Boarding! HMAS Adelaide Boarding Party, Persian Gulf 200410bruce victor; ahatt al-arab; hmas adelaide; tony johnston; sam dale; andrew watson; irgcn; john flynn;
20March2019Bravo Zulu (Book Review)12Pfennigwerth;
20March2019Mystery Photo Answer - March 2019 - People on HMAS Melbourne13charles lyttelton cobham; g. gatacre; t. morrison;
20March2019Obituary - Captain John Stevenson14
20March2019Aroound The Traps - 817 Squadron Reuinion15shane holness;
20March2019Around The Traps - Ex RN Sea King for Norwegians15bardufoss; clockwork; commando; rn; royal navy;
20March2019Around The Traps - Where's the ASM(CT) for the Bursa Gang? 16brett dowsing; ted wynberg; medal;
20March2019Around The Traps - New Vietnam Book Needs Your help.17
20March2019Letters to the Editor - Misguided Credit17richard kenderdine; sycamore; tasmania;
20March2019Letters to the Editor - The Tale of One Venom17rich grinnell; john hammons; utah; wz944; ultimate aviation; mitch miller
20March2019Letters to the Editor - A Hot Start for 81218gannett; john mcalister; melbourne; arthur payne; toz dadswell; jerry o'day; gordon turner;
20March2019And A Final Word..19John Downton;
20March2019Around The Traps - HMAS Voyager Commemoration (Photo)16 & 17jack parnell; troy duggan; josh abbott; john marshall; dot dasas; keith taylor; peter tinley; forster;
19February2019Old Timer Unearthed! 1wz902; wz944; wz903; chino; california; grinnell; oregon; ogden; utah;
19February2019Tales from the Do-Drop Inn2terry brooks; vung tau;
19February2019Wall of Service Update - Feb 20192byrne; ralph; ross; smith; whittaker; james; beauchamp; hunter; sullivan; cocks
19February2019Boeing's Blended Wing Airliner - Fact or Fiction?4797;
19February2019HMAS Queenborough - Medivac in the Southern Ocean 19665van gelder; macquarie;
19February2019A Little More About 822x Squadron6
19February2019Grapevince Comes Up Trumps - Sycamore Photograph Location10dunstan; kenderdine; vengeance; silley;
19February2019Mystery Photo No 49 Answer - HMS Furious Sopwith Camel 10trondern;
19February2019FAAM Manager Retires11Hetherington; ralph;
19February2019Rest In Peace - February 2019 11Leisk; whitton; gould; kimlin; barnett
19February2019If Only - The Art of Adolf Hitler12
19February2019Navy Historic Flight Update - February 201913hars; heritage; wg630; n9-3104; n9-3101; WZ895; N2-90; N12-152333; N12-153600; N7-203; N7-222; wessex; sea fury; dakota; tracker; iroquois; venom;
19February2019Missing RANHFV People13hawkins; homer; jones; malcolm; mills; montgomery; morris; terrill; varley
19February2019Around The Traps - The Airbus Beluga14
19February2019Hoaxes, Phishing and Scams - The Dangers of Using the Internet14
19February2019Around the Traps - Korea Exhibition16
19February2019Navy Wings Magazine Available (Feb19)16
19February2019John Downton - Art Exhibition16
19February2019Letters to the Editor - The Failure of the HMS Invincible Sale17melbourne; malcolm fraser; bob hawke;
19February2019The Dakota - A Way of Life17ted goater; singapore airlines;
19February2019Memories of a Walrus Aviator18alan mcfarland; pam cosh;
19February2019Some FAA Recollections19george meacham; mike waddell; david frost; ron robb;
18January2019A Dakota Experience1john van gelder; dc3; dc-3; c47; a65-23; a65-43; jim bailey; arthur whitton; slug; bob bloffwitch;
18January2019Defence Asbestos and Hazardous Chemicals Exposure Scheme5DAHCES;
18January2019Wall of Service Update - Jan 20195byrne; ralph; ross; smith; whittaker; james; beauchamp; hunter; sullivan; whittaker
18January2019RN Sea King Tribute (video clip)5
18January2019Rest in Peace - January 20195brian terry; terry o'donnell; brian koch
18January2019Saving Boxer 226558th; phantoms; ho chi minh; skyraider; hh-3e;
18January2019Caption Competition Result (Photo)7american floatplane
18January2019Can You Help? (Photo of sycamore)7sycamore; tasmania
18January2019Editorial - Are the Airlines Out of Control?10
18January2019Royal Navy Historic Flight to be Discontinued11jock alexander; yeovilton; swordfish; sea fury; firefly; seahawk; rnhf; wasp; sea vixen; seafire; wessex; sea king;
18January2019Mars Rover: How Did They Do It?12
18January2019It Snowed Last Night. A lesson in Wokeism13
18January2019Monte Bello Burning14nuclear; sydney; atomic; tests; hiroshima; nagasaki; menzies; plym; hurricane; scrivenor; frearson;
18January2019How Subtle changes to flight paths will save Qantas millions16
18January2019Gold Card Benefit for Widows17
18January2019Southern Cross II Update17kingsford-smith;
18January2019Well Known Vic Member Honoured17Kim Dunstan; chris fealy; mal smith;
18January2019Veterans Draft Report Released18Productivity Commission;
18January2019HF Trackers on the move19HARS;
18January2019Letters to the Editor - Missing a Vital Bit of History20missing skyhawk; john da costa
18January2019Letters to the Editor - Next of Kin Thanks20george clarke; fogarty; burnett; walrus; rankin