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This is a fledgling library.  If you have any favourite A4 video links you think other FAA members might enjoy, please email the link to the Webmaster for inclusion in the library.

A4-G Videos – General 

Documentary on the A4-Skyhawk:  ‘Discovery Wings Great Planes’  49minutes. Colour. You tube.

Skyhawk Forever.  The story of TA4 518.  Skyhawk builder Mike McDougall and Owner/Pilot Don Keating allow an insiders view of the world’s only individually owned and operated TA-4 Skyhawk.

A4-Skyhawk Mechanics’ Corner.  A good 28 minute quality video of a walk around the Draken Hangar, talking about the systems of the aircraft and some of the issues and problems they have.

A4-G Videos – RAN 

Loading Skyhawks Aboard HMAS Melbourne. AWM F10993. 1:56. Colour. No sound

Unloading Skyhawks in Jervis Bay.  AWM F10960 2:07.  B&W. No sound

RAN Skyhawks & Trackers Commissioning Ceremony 1965. AWM F11265. 2:30 B&W No sound.

Skyhawks for the Royal Australian Navy.  No sound. 2.00 Colour.

Skyhawk RAN FAA  A4G Carrier Ops HMAS Melbourne Early 70s by Spaz Sinbad. 6:34 Colour

A4G Skyhawk Ops HMAS Melbourne Early 70s.  SpazSinbad. 7:57 B&W with music soundtrack. Includes first cold catapult loss [at 2:01] and tip-over [at 4:20]

RAN Skyhawk RAN FAA Overview Fleet Defence and Support.  Spaz Sinbad. 2:21 Colour

Greenfield VF-805 A4G HMAS Melbourne Deck Qualifications. Peter Greenfield. 7:35 Colour

Landing an A4 on Melbourne.  Peter Clark talks about operating the Skyhawks off the small deck. 1:10 Colour.

LCDR Finan Ejection on arrester hook failure HMAS Melbourne


RAN Pilots and People

Skyhawk Pilots.  An interview made by the Australian Television show ‘This Day Tonight’. Made in the mid 70’s interviewing RAN 805 Sqn Skyhawk pilots at Nowra, NSW. Shows Graham King, Barry Diamond, Andy Sinclair and others. Includes some background on VF805.  8.52 colour

The Skyhawk Sellout. ‘Sixty Minutes’ program on the Royal Australian Navy Skyhawk jets being sold to New Zealand. Filmed in 1990.  11.36 colour.


A4 Videos – RNZAF

RNZAF A4 Skyhawk sales video. A interesting video about the air to air capabilites of the RNZAF A-4K skyhawks.With some nice HUD mock dogfighting kills. 25.20 colour.

A4-K Skyhawk Down.  News clip of the collision of two Kiwi A4s on 24 October 1989.  6.34 colour

A4 Skyhawks of the RNZAF.  A4 Skyhawks of the RNZAF having a bit of fun. 3.18 colour.

HMAS Melbourne

Farewell to a Lady.  Overview of the life and times of HMAS Melbourne.  Colour 10.00

The Aussie Aircraft Carrier.  Link courtesy of Ray “Dutchy” Brauer.  Shows various scenes of Melbourne operating aircraft over the period 1955-1982.  B&W and Colour mix. 3:19 to music.

HMAS Melbourne Busy Flight Deck.  Link courtesy of Ray “Dutchy” Brauer. Home made film to music of various scenes on M’s flight deck.  Colour 1:19 to music (including the Dam Busters!)