Gannet Attrition

The following 14 Gannets were lost or damaged beyond economical repair during their service in the RAN.  Where further information is available a link is provided to the relevant page.

Date Airframe No Detail
10-November-1955 WN459 Crashed Isle of Wight. Fatal.
13-November-1956 XA514 Crash Nowra.
08-May-1956 XA332 Crashed Sylvania. Fatal.
17-June-1958 XA436 Ditched HMAS Melbourne.
15-October-1959 WN458 Crashed Nowra.
30-March-1960 XA356 Crashed HMAS Melbourne.
09-May-1960 XA359 Ditched HMAS Melbourne.
20-February-1961 XA330 Crashed Nowra.
16-March-1963 XA350 Ditched Manus Island.
24-April-1963 WN457 Ditched HMAS Melbourne. More Info
02-February-1965 XG792 Ditched HMAS Melbourne.
23-February-1965 WN456 Ditched HMAS Melbourne. Fatal.
24-February-1966 XG796 Crashed HMAS Melbourne.
01-June-1967 XA334 Barrier landing, HMAS Melbourne.