Wessex Videos

The following Video Links of Wessex and all things Wessex may be of interest to readers.

(Note.  This is a fledgling library.  If anybody has any favourite Wessex material, or videos of Squadrons, events or people associated with the Wessex, please forward the link to the webmaster so it can be included for the enjoyment of others.)

General Videos – Wessex in the RAN

Wessex Unpacking/Testing.  This is a part of a larger (14 minute) video about the RAN in general.  Unpacking/Testing the Wessex is early in the sequence (you can fast forward to 04:02:11:16.

Wessex Formation.  Four Wessex 31B helicopters take off in formation from NAS Nowra to over fly the RANC (Naval College at Jervis Bay and then fly over Beecroft Range, the Drum and Drumsticks.  9.57. Set to music.

Salvage of 829 off Singapore  Salvage of Wessex (8)29 off Singapore 1970. Film by Grahame Winterflood. The aircraft never flew again and was used as a ground training aid.  2.08 colour. No sound.