Navy is saddened to hear of the passing of RADM Ron Calder on Thu 14 Aug in Bateau Bay NSW.

A Weapons Electrical specialist RADM Calder joined the RAN in 1949 as a SBLT, completing his degree studies (BEng) at Adelaide University.In his early career he served in HMA Ships SydneyTobruk and Voyager(between 1952-62).
As a CMDR he served as Assistant Naval Attaché Washington and as Staff Officer for the Guided Missile Destroyer Project (construction phase) 1963-68; commissioning WEEO HMAS Brisbane1968-70; Supt Engr Weapons 1970-72.
Promoted to CAPT he served as Dir Naval Equipment Production (1972-74), Dir Naval Industrial Policy (1974-76) and Dir Naval Weapons Design (1977-79).
In 1980 on promotion to CDRE he served as DG Naval Production until 1983 when on promotion to RADM he became Chief of Naval Engineering. RADM Calder transferred to the RANR at the end of that posting in 1987.
He was awarded the AM in 1979 for his time as DNWD and the AO in 1986 for his time as CNE.


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