Born in Shanghai in 1931, John Dudley came to Australia as a refugee just prior to Pearl Harbour.  He joined the RAN as a recruit Naval Airman in ’51 and became an Observer, serving variously on 723, 851, 816 and 817 Squadrons. 

Following the expiration of his short service commission in 1960 he spent some time working for the Defence Signals Directorate, and also at the School of Languages specialising where he was Lecturer-in-Charge, Vietnamese.  In the 70s he joined Radio Australia in Chinese Overseas Broadcasts which he eventually headed up.  He retired in the late 80s as Comptroller of Radio Australia Foreign Language Services.

John transferred to the Reserves when he left the FAA and was heavily involved with NID at Lonsdale. He was promoted to Commander in the Reserves hence the rank depicted in the self-portrait above.

In later life he won many awards for his portraits.

John Dudley died in February 2018 after a long illness.