Mike Killingsworth was born on April 6th 1951 in Geelong and attended Naval College at Jervis Bay after leaving school early – much to the protests of his parents!

Initially failing an eye test for the Pilot’s Course, and being sent to work in Stores, it was later found that his eye sight test had become mixed up with another entrant (who instructors found could hardly see the light of day!). Mike told stories of hardship at Naval college, but always reflected on the mateship the Navy experience brought him. The Navy allowed him to literally spread his wings after passing pilot’s course in 1971, and he enjoyed tours in Trackers on the ‘Melbourne’ and two exchanges with the US Navy.

In December 1976 Mike married Jennie at HMAS Watson, and together they had two children. When the fixed wing element of the Fleet Air Arm was dismantled the family moved to Perth where Mike worked as a SNO on the Macchi while part-time studying for his ATPL.

Mike was later accepted into Cathay Pacific and soon after took his Command on the 747. In 2006 he retired to his childhood home of Ocean Grove. Mike’s interest in aviation continued, as did a passion for classic cars and local Veteran’s Affairs. A unique soul, he loved a good “old-fashioned” joke, and every now and then gave people a roaring laugh with his “Balfang” rendition.

‘Killa’ passed away peacefully at his home on 24 May 2021, aged just 70. He will be greatly missed by his wife Jennie, children James and Lucy, Daughter-in-law Eva and grandson Callum.

A Funeral to celebrate the life of Michael was held at The Dunes, Surf Beach Road, Ocean Grove on June 4th 2021. 

Words and picture courtesy of James Killingsworth via Facebook.