Koch, Brian

Koch, Brian

The FAAAA was saddened to learn of the death of Brian Koch, OD, in December 2018.  Often referred to as greatest of all practical jokers, he was very well known and very well liked amongst his peers.

Brian has three living brothers  Dean, Kyle John & wife Clelia, Skipton.  Brian passed at Liverpool Hospital on November 26th 2018.  Born 17th March 1935 in Adelaide, he joined the Navy at 18 years of age in  1953/54 and served in HMAS Sydney and Melbourne.

Brian then worked at Garden Island plumbers store after Navy retirement.  He never married or had children, and lived in Panania from the late 1950’s  until his death. 

Kyle John was ten years younger and was very close to his big brother Brian. As a little boy he remembered letters/mail arriving regularly in the 1950’s  with money “blue five pound notes” inside.  Brian allotted some of his Navy wages to both mother in Adelaide and Marjorie Lipman at Panania. He was an all round athlete who was a competitive boxer & runner.  While employed at Garden Island he moonlighted as a bouncer at Kings Cross.   Always generous and cheerful he was good company.  

“Brian’s last wish was for his friends to enjoy “a good feed of crayfish and king prawns ” after his funeral.   Two memorials are to be held.  Sunday 17th March 2019 and Tuesday December 3rd. 2019.    Both held on Sydney Harbour.  Brian to get a “FIDDLERS GREEN” send off.    Some of his local friends at Panania will get their prawns personally delivered to each in early March as they can not make the ferry.   

The memorial ferry cruises are already booked for  these dates, but the fine detail is yet to be published.  Brother Brian gave instructions to fully cater for crayfish for everyone.  It was a family tradition on Friday nights, established in the late 1940’s although at that time crays were a fifth of the price of chicken.   

Clelia’s email address is  cleliakoch@bigpond.com  for anyone interested in attending.  Cruises will be fully catered as per Brian’s wishes.  

Brian always took joy in celebrating wins at the Trots /horse-racing  with all around him.  Generosity/sharing  and mirth was in his DNA. His send-offs will be in keeping with the way he lived his life.

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  • Glen Hartig


    Another story of his quips was when he worked on the other side of the runway at the pig farm. He was punishment doing some “chooks” and at the 5pm roster at the guardhouse he was absent. When told that he was working at the pig farm the Officer of the watch sent the patrol land rover over to fetch him.
    On arrival clad in his best pig sty outfit he was giving a dressing down and asked to show some ambition and he replied that his ambition was to be the Wardroom Caterer and this was enough to get him off the hook after all the laughter ceased.

    He was a member of the “Ralphs” a group of mainly Handlers whose theme song was “When the Saints come marching in” Saints was left out and Ralphs inserted. During and after the late sessions at the wet canteen their not so melodious voices would deafen all present.

    Whilst on the turps and when he was in charge of sailors laundry he locked himself in and a few hours he flaked out and all was ways and means were undertaken to force a way in. He welcomed everyone in with his usual charm when he was able and the Dobying continued.

    He kept in touch with many of his old mates after pussers and would often let Boxer Banks know how things were, they were great mates and Boxer would send me any story that Brian had to relate,

    Fair well old Mate, you lived a great life and your parting gift will be well received. Say hello to “Ralph” ‘Whisky’ Dalton for us”


    December 29, 2018 at 8:15 am

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