Image courtesy of The West Australian

The Fleet Air Arm Association was saddened to hear of the death of Clive Mayo, who slipped away at approximately 0500 WST on 31 December 2016, following a short stay in hospital.  He had been suffering from ill health for some time. 

Clive had an illustrious career in the RAN, including service in Vietnam on HFV3 (Sept 69 – Oct 70) and as Commanding Officer of HU816 Squadron conducting Operation Bursa.   Commodore Vince Di Pietro, a previous Commander Fleet Air Arm said of him: 

“Clive was a terrific, uncomplicated bloke who enjoyed life to the fullest and at times at full afterburner when idle would have more than sufficed! I remember his affection for Wessex 813 ‘Calamity Jane’; his prowess at cryptic crosswords; an uncanny ability to attract more poo as a CO than the total aggregation of his Squadron’s SL Sub Lieutenants; his tiger pattern unregistered Mini – as much at home when illegal on the ‘Tross roads as it was on its roof in the Wardroom; and, his pet dog who could chew through 240volt washing machine power cords and not feel a thing!  Vale Boss!”

A further insight into Clive’s professionalism and generosity of spirit can be seen through the words of Cris George:

“Clive was my HC 723 ‘sponsor’ officer who looked after us when I with my small family arrived at Bomaderry station on the “Red Rattler” in 1978. We were flat broke having paid for our removal and fares across the Tasman and there had been the usual complications. We had very little visibility in the RAN system and no credit history with local banks. We will always remember with gratitude Clive’s outstanding support during the first several weeks of our new lives. He anticipated and overcame all difficulties sometimes at significant personal cost  and set us up for the longer term. He thought nothing of this assistance. It was ‘what you did’.

A few years later in 1984 or so when Clive was CO of HU 816 and I had HC 723  the FAA still had a way to go before the post fixed wing era settled. Some still thought the sky was falling in. Manpower structures and allocations were turbulent, our aircraft UAE’s and availability presented challenges. His National Task was a considerable enterprise. 723’s developmental Interim Ships Flight commitment at the time demanded new ways of doing business. As approximate equivalents just down the road from each other Clive and I worked closely together with each of our teams usually quietly meeting several times a week to achieve the FAA’s objectives without getting into too much trouble. He was a thorough  professional who was absolutely dedicated to the RAN and naval aviation who focussed upon getting the job done. The right man at the right time. I don’t think that he ever changed. A good bloke who could be depended upon in both good and challenging times. Vale.”  

Clive did an interview about his time in Vietnam not long before he died. You can see it here on YouTube.   A copy of his funeral obituary can be found here (courtesy of John ‘Bomber’ Brown, WA Div). 

Funeral details were as follows:

Date/Time: Friday 13th January 2017 at 1400 Hrs WST

Location: Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park, Whitford Avenue, Padbury WA

Wake:  Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club, Ocean Reef Boulevard

Letters/Cards: Marg Mayo, 50 Poseidon Rd, Heathridge 6027