Gwynfryn ‘Taff’ Morris died on the 29 April 2007 aged 82. ‘Taff’ was one of the original RN Telegraphist Air Gunners (TAGs) who entered the RAN on the formation of the RAN Fleet Air Arm after World War II and trained as an Observer alongside several other ex RN TAGs. 

He was in the RN FAA as a TAG from 23 February 1943 to 5 March 1946. As TAG he flew in a variety of RN FAA aircraft and squadrons. ‘Taff’ then joined the RAN on 6 January 1949 for ini-tially a period of six years entering as a Naval Airman (TAG). On 7 February 1949 he was reclassified and promoted to A/Leading Aircrew-man (II). 

It was then that he commenced Observer training transferring be-tween various RN Air Stations until completion of the course. He was then promoted to Observer II (PO) on 25 September 1950 followed by promotion to Observer I (CPO) on 30 December 1952. 

On returning to Australia in December 1950, various postings followed between HMAS Albatross, HMAS Sydney as well as between 816 and 817 Squadrons on Fireflys. During this time ‘Taff’ saw ser-vice in the Korean War. 

In March 1953, he was posted to 723 Sqn where he remained un-til April 1958 during which time he completed a Gannet OFS. Gannet flying continued with 816 and 817 Sqns until he was commissioned as an ASLT SDAV O on 1 August 1965. He then completed ATC train-ing before being confirmed in the rank 12 months later. 

Promoted to LEUT SDAV O ATC on 1 August 1967, ‘Taff’ completed the Ground Controlled Approach course at RAAF East Sale before a posting to the CAG for ATC duties in 1969. 

On 16 February 1976 ’Taff’ was appointed SATCO NAS Nowra in the rank of A/LCDR before being confirmed in the rank prior to leaving the RAN. He retired in the late 1970’s. 

‘Taff’ spent nearly 34 years in both the RN and RAN. Another great guy to work alongside, particularly when he became SATCO. 

Paul Shiels