By Webmaster – the words below were written by Glen Hartig, the ex-Postie, in his publication ‘Flying Stations’.

Allen “Weed” Smith, Handler Class Number 17 (9-7-1951) R44332 passed away on 19 October 2013.
‘Weed” was a colourful character and I counted him as a good mate and many a run ashore we had. Noel Payne OAM in his eulogy noted that in his opinion, without Weed’s and Ken Staff’s assistance the FESR would not have had the impact that it has had. That means that many of us would probably not have received DVA entitlements. I believe that to be so. Remember the instance that he and many others should be arrested by the Federal Police as war criminals for being in the Malaya conflict. The continual harassment of Federal Minister Bishop for DVA entitlements these were “Weeds” ideas. There is a belief that he received a snarler, true but only for a few days for this was revoked and the punisbment was time at Holsworthy. On release he was discharged from the Navy holding the rank of Leading Naval Airman, Aircraft Handler, First Class (NAAH (1)). (Acting Petty Officer.) This I have proof of in a letter from the Department of Defence dated 19-4-1999. To his Daughter Michelle and Family goes our deepest sympathy.