The FAAAA was saddened to hear of the death of Graham “Squiz” Taylor, one of the original FAA Handlers, on Wednesday 27 June 2018.  The following information was provided by Terry Dave, a mate:

Squizz and I went to school together along with Dave Green(Handler died a few years ago) and we all decided to join the Navy in 1961, where we obviously became  ‘Handlers’ , the three of  us spent time at the same establishment(Albatross)  and at sea(Melbourne) some of his other postings were to shore patrol at Lonsdale as a driver(couple of stints there I think), he left the Navy in 73 and pursued a career with the metropolitan Fire Brigade in Melbourne, he did 12 years at that and then ventured into his own business( commercial waste management garbage trucks)  he then decided he had had enough sold the business and then moved to Alice Springs, a few years there then on to Port Pirie , it is there that he became very ill last year, and his eldest son(a Navy WO) moved him to WA to live with him and his wife, he never really recovered from the illness and was hospitalised a couple times this year, resulting in his passing yesterday, His main passion throughout his Naval and civilian life was car restorations, and he did make a lot of coin out of that, he is survived by his two sons Glen and Paul.

I do have more photos mate but I figured the ones I send should be enough.


Will let you know of any funeral details when they come to hand.