A former RAN pilot who distinguished himself on Vietnam operations, Anthony Arthur (Tony) Hill, died on 1 May 2011 after a long illness. The thoughts of members of the Fleet Air Arm Association go out to his family.

His funeral was held at Garden Island Naval Chapel on 6 May 2011.

Tony, English-born but with a great heart for Australia, flew Wessex and Iroquois helicopters during his RAN service and he was one of eight RAN pilots attached to the RAAF’s 9 Squadron which provided troop-lift capacity for the 1st Australian Task Force, and which re-supplied troops in the field with food, ammunition and stores. It also provided aerial fire support using modified UH-1H helicopters dubbed ‘Bushrangers.’

For his work on his deployment during 1968-69, Tony was awarded a Mention in Despatches.

Tony left the RAN in 1972 and followed a civil aviation career but returned to the RAN in 2002 and served with 817 Squadron before finally retiring in 2009.

In an email tribute, John (Bomber) Brown recalled some of “Hurl’s” life, and added: “His family, the Navy, his mates and society in general will miss him dearly. I just wish the public of this great country could get to know what one of its “rat-bags” does, and did for them, when our “wonderful” Press gets stuck into something not “correct” nowadays.”