Peter died on 18 March 2017, aged 94. He was born in Tonbridge, Kent, won a scholarship to Mathematical School, Rochester and then worked briefly as an accountant’s clerk before volunteering for the Royal Navy, Fleet Air Arm, in 1940.

Peter began his training with the 46th “Nelson” Observer Course, St Vincent before assuming Observer duties in early 1942. In April 1942, whilst in the observer’s seat, the engine of the Swordfish of 813 Squadron, North Front Gibraltar, failed and the aircraft made a forced landing on Alboran Island in the Mediterranean. The tail and undercarriage oleos were damaged and it was too dangerous to take off.  The crew set fire to the aircraft and were picked up by boat from the destroyer HMS Antelope. Later in November 1942, whilst observer on a Swordfish of 830 Squadron, Hal Far Malta, the engine failed shortly after take-off and the aircraft was forced to land in the sea. The crew were adrift for 14 hours before being picked up next morning by high speed launch.

Returning to the UK in 1943, Peter began flying control training and was then recommended for a Fighter Direction Officer course. He joined HMS Indefatigable as Deputy FDO in September 1944, when she proceeded via the Mediterranean to join the British Pacific Fleet. While en route in January 1945, they joined the Eastern Fleet attacks on Sumatra to reduce enemy oil production. Following the Japanese surrender and subsequent demobbing in Hong Kong in 1946, Peter chose to settle in Australia (possibly swayed by the fact he had met his future wife playing tennis on her court while on leave in Sydney!).

Peter married Esther Ward in 1949. He followed a career as a Chartered Accountant and became one of Sydney’s leading tax accountants. He was a mentor to many and was known for his honesty, integrity and generosity of spirit.

He talked very little about his war service but was obviously intensely proud of the Navy’s achievements. Until recently, he walked under the banner of HMS Indefatigable at the Anzac Day march and remained vitally interested in all things Navy, subscribing to many UK and Australian Naval publications. Esther and Peter had the pleasure of joining in the VE celebrations in 1995, when they attended the FAA Reunion in Portsmouth and thence to Yeovilton.

Peter is survived by his loving wife, two children, six grandchildren and a great grandchild. His memorial service was held in St Andrew’s Roseville where Esther and Peter had been married 68 years earlier.