We have been advised of the passing of John Mulhall; former handler and Naval Policeman, on Monday 14th August 2023.

John was particularly remembered for his sporting excellence in Aussie Rules and Lawn bowls.

John was born 10 November 1940 and enlisted in January 1959 for 12 years at Perth W.A. He was a quiet, respectful person who was well liked and served as an aircraft handler at Albatross with time as fire crew and at the MT yard as a driver and refueller. He also did various tours on HMAS Melbourne where in 1964 he had the misfortune of falling (some 35 feet) overboard from a catwalk while climbing onto the flight deck. As this was during flying stations and the ship was at full-steam he struck the water hard and suffered a slight concussion, but was fortunately quickly rescued by the ship’s sea-boat.

John was a P.O. when he transferred to the Naval Police in 1969.

The funeral service to farewell John was held in Rockingham on Thursday 24 August 2023.

Rest in Peace.

Below.  The central figure in this photo is John Mulhall who has his hand on the radar dome of this Sea Venom which suffered a brake failure while taxying on the flight deck of HMAS Melbourne in 1960 resulting in the aircraft spinning and crashing into the 40mm gun sponson in front of the ship’s island. Nobody was injured but the aircraft was out of action until repaired. John was part of a flight deck aircraft handler team keeping a watch on things.