Mr Brian Sander, best known as Sug was aged 78, when he passed away in Ipswich General hospital on May 27th 2011.

He joined the Royal Australian Navy and travelled the world. He was in the elite squad to be at the Queen’s Coronation in London in 1963. He lived in Brisbane for a short period of time before moving back to his family home in Ipswich. His life has been a colourful one with many ex­citing careers and ventures some we just can’t mention.

Brian loved doing his charity work for Ipswich Hospice and he was a very dedicated and passionate supporter of the Ipswich Knights Soccer Club. He loved his wife Pat dearly and cherished his three children, Maggie­Rose, Narelle and Collin. He most certainly adored his 10 grandchildren. He will be greatly missed.

He was a member of the Atomic Ex-servicemens executive for many years and contributed to the Handlers reunions in Queensland in many ways. He was a member of Class 13, 26-1-51.