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Editions that have been indexed so far are:

Vol 1-1 [Mar90] to Vol 5-4 [Jul93] inclusive, with the exception of Vol 4-4 (which will be added soon). This advice will be updated as more editions are processed. 

29 May 2020

Vol 1-11990MarchEditor's Note on first edition.2Penno;
Vol 1-11990MarchRegular Defence Force Welfare Association news3RDFWA; Gray; Maralinga; Monte Bello; Toon; Safety; Radiation; Cancer; Vengeance; Asbestos
Vol 1-11990MarchWanted Advert: Sea Fury Volume 63VW632; Seafury; Dunner;
Vol 1-11990MarchArticle: RAN Skyhawks Saw Action In Vietnam by Ray Larson4Larson; A4; VA55; VA212; Shinkle; Cooper; Palmer; Poole; Loxton; Strean; Kinderin; 155060;
Vol 1-11990MarchArticle: Skyhawk for Museum4Tucson; 142871; El Toro; Skyhawk; A4
Vol 1-11990MarchArticle/Advert: The Australian Naval Aviation Museum5Dunner; Seafury; Firefly; Raffle; Korea;
Vol 1-11990MarchArticle: HMAS Melbourne - some facts6Majestic; 1949; Portsmouth; Tracker; Skyhawk; Stokers; Boilers; Radar;
Vol 1-11990MarchPoem: The Pussers Duck7Seagull A2/2
Vol 1-11990MarchNotice of AGM - Sunday March 4th 19907
Vol 1-11990MarchNaval Aviation Museum Site Work7NAM; Museum
Vol 1-11990MarchForm: Join the FAAAA and Eligibility for Membership 19509FAAAA; Eligibility
Vol 1-11990MarchWhy We Say That: Freeze the Balls Off A Brass Monkey10Sayings
Vol 1-21990AprilEditors Note2Seagull; A2/2; Sydney; Bowen; Geale; Museum; Cronin; Birtles; Penno; Lee; Larson; Matterson; Barnett; Gray; Dunner; Furguson; Clark; McCartney
Vol 1-21990AprilNews: RAN Historical Flight Clean Up3Seafury; SeaVenom; Skyhawk; Scout
Vol 1-21990AprilNews: Sea Venom located in Queensland3Rowsell; Caloundra; WZ898; 862; WZ910; SeaVenom
Vol 1-21990AprilFAA Navy Calendar for 19913Clarke; Dadswell; Lee
Vol 1-21990AprilArticle: Fleet Air Arm Types of the Past: The Supermarine Walrus4Walrus; 1934; Albatross; Seagull V; Pegasus; Osprey; Swordfish; Seafox; SeaOtter;
Vol 1-21990AprilArticle: How To Fly A Jet Plane5Vampire; Venom;
Vol 1-21990AprilSnippet: Special Sea Dutymen5
Vol 1-21990AprilSnippet: From an Admiralty Circular5Top and Bottom.
Vol 1-21990AprilArticle: Personality No 1: George Szymoniczek6
Vol 1-21990AprilRegular Defence Force Welfare Association news7RFDWA; Rail Concessions; Pension; Retirement; Gray; YuleFest; Bloundel; Griffin;
Vol 1-21990AprilAdvertisements8
Vol 1-21990AprilPresidents Report9Maralinga; Monte Bello; FAAAA; Membership; Cronin
Vol 1-21990AprilSecretary's Report9Lee
Vol 1-21990AprilHMAS Melbourne Association10Melbourne
Vol 1-21990AprilTreasurers Report10Larson; A4; VA55; VA212; Shinkle; Cooper; Palmer; Poole; Loxton; Strean; Kinderin; 155060;
Vol 1-21990AprilAVRO 707A10Melbourne; Avro; Williamstown; Research; Vulcan; 1956;
Vol 1-21990AprilNavy Race Day11
Vol 1-21990AprilMuseum Open Day11Neptune; Squirrell; Harvard; Macchi; Seaking; Seahawk; CT9; Mustang
Vol 1-21990AprilClear Lower Deck12FAAAA; Dummy Deck; Museum; Firefly; Venom; SeaVenom;
Vol 1-21990AprilFleet Air Arm Memorabila12FAA Badges; Beret
Vol 1-21990AprilUnfinancial Members12
Vol 1-21990AprilMembership Renewal Form13
Vol 1-21990AprilPreserving Australia's Military Heritage14Museum
Vol 1-31990JulEditorial2Cronin; Birtles; Penno; Lee;Larson;Matterson;Barnett;Gray;Dunner; Ferguson; Ducret; Arnold; George;
Vol 1-31990JulWhen The Navy Took A Sampan Salute3Melbourne; Hong Kong; Salute; VAT Smith; 1961;
Vol 1-31990JulPilots Last Sea Venom Flight3Seavenom; Caloundra; VC724; Rowsell; Matthews; 1958;
Vol 1-31990JulDevelopent of British Naval Aviation and the Australian Fleet Air Arm41911; 1912; 1913; Sampson; Africa; Short; Hirbernia; Hermes; Ark Royal; Seaplanes; 1914; RFC; RNAS; WW1; Zeppelin; Sopwith; 1917; Furious; Dunning; Accident; Yarmouth; Pup; Smart
Vol 1-31990JulSatire: Night Flying At NAS Nowra5Night Flying; NAS; HMAS Albatross; Met;
Vol 1-31990JulAt the Captain's Table5
Vol 1-31990JulMeeting At Museum6George; Partington; Museum;
Vol 1-31990Jul1990 Social Calendar6Blondell; 1990; HMAS Albatross
Vol 1-31990Jul1991 FAA/NAVY Calendar6
Vol 1-31990JulHelp Wanted (Firefly)6Firefly; Serial numbers;
Vol 1-31990JulSpin Us A Dit (Separation Interviews)6
Vol 1-31990JulGeorge Blondel Memorial Yulefest71990; RDFWA; WRENS; Jim Lee
Vol 1-31990JulSea Venom WZ937 Starts8Tony Penno; Peter Dawson; Historic Flight; Museum;
Vol 1-31990JulAdvert: 42nd Anniversary Dinner9
Vol 1-31990JulGannet XA434 Restoration Starts9J Hangar; Museum; Don Parkinson; Frank Birtles; Rob Partington; Cris George;
Vol 1-31990JulRDFWA News10Chips Gray;
Vol 1-31990JulMystery Photo: How Many Remember This?11
Vol 1-31990JulArticle: FAA Types of the Past The Fairey Fulmar111937; Osprey; Skua; P4/34; HMS Pegasus; Focke Wulfs; 1940; CR42; Italian; German; WW2; 1944; Firefly; Auster Autocar; Fulmer
Vol 1-41990OctEditorial1Cronin; Birtles; Penno; Lee; Larson; Matterson;Barnett; Gray; Dunner; Ferguson; Ducret;
Vol 1-41990OctNews: Equal Opportunities2
Vol 1-41990OctWhy We Say That: Freeze the Balls Off A Brass Monkey2
Vol 1-41990OctReport: Air Day July 1st 19902RAAF; PC9; Seahawk; Pitts; Trtacker; F111; Macchi; HS748; Seaking; Orion; Winjeel; Seavenom; Gannet: Skyhawk;
Vol 1-41990OctReport: 1990 Yule Fest3Blondell; 1990; HMAS Albatross; WRENS; WRNS; Gage; Kelson; Van Dam; Clunies Ross; Partington; Gray
Vol 1-41990OctRDFWA News3Asbestos; Hiroshima; Nagasaki; Monte Bello; Emu Field; Maralinga: Toon; Gray
Vol 1-41990OctDevelopent of British Naval Aviation and the Australian Fleet Air Arm4Dunning; Furious; Argus; Dumaresq; Sydney; 1917; Melbourne; 1918; Sopwith; Camel; Heligoland; 763: Sharwood; Brisbane; Baby; Wolg; Repulse; Rutland; Australia; Zeppelin; Fox; 1918
Vol 1-41990OctThe Career of HMAS Melbourne (1955)5
Vol 1-41990OctReport: Sea Venom WZ937 Restoration6Seavenom; Gannet;
Vol 1-41990OctReport: Gannet XA434 Restoration6Larder; George; Partington; Ross; Jess; Eyke; James; Parkinson; McFarlane; Gurnay
Vol 1-41990OctSpectacular Air Show to be Held at RANAS6FAAAA; Albatross; Coral Sea;
Vol 1-41990OctXmas BBQ7
Vol 1-41990OctSocial Calendar 19917
Vol 1-41990OctFAA Reunion 19927
Vol 1-41990OctMystery Photo: Can You Name The Faces8
Vol 1-41990OctThe Final Tributes To A Good Bloke9Sir David Martin; NSW Governor; Asbestos; Mesothelioma;
Vol 1-41990OctArticle: Personality No 2 - George Meacham10Meacham; 1923; Worcester; Short; Stirling; Malvern; HMS Duke; HMS Daedalus; Swordfish; Albacores; HMS Jackdaw; HMS Dasher; Macrihamish; VAT Smith; HMS Chaser; Wesses; HMAS Sydney; HMAS Vengeance; Wessex; SAMR;
Vol 1-41990OctTaranto Night - 50th Anniversary Dinner10FOANAM;
Vol 1-41990OctFAAA Reunion 199211
Vol 1-41990OctFAAAA Port Glasses12
Vol 2-11991JanEditor's Note1Air day; Penno;
Vol 2-11991JanSea Venom Restoration2Cris George; Lascells; Hipano; Cramn; WZ895; WZ937;
Vol 2-11991JanCareer of HMAS Melbourne 19562
Vol 2-11991JanFAA Delegates Visit Nowra (29Oct90Visit) - Account of Delegates' visit3Conlan; Priestly; Bush-Jones; Tate; Penno; Jindivic; Kelson; Lee;Ferguson;
Vol 2-11991JanNaval Aviation Museum - Letter from President about survival.3Campy;
Vol 2-11991JanSpin Us A Dit - White Ensign Club demise4Nabbington; Albatross; Sydney; 21st Carrier Group; Crabbe; Hospital; Collins; Trey; Condom;
Vol 2-11991JanGannet XA434 Restoration - Progress report.6Larder; George; Ross; Day; Partington; 434; James; Johnson; Parkinson
Vol 2-11991Jan816 Squadron History (Brief List)6
Vol 2-11991JanDevelopent of British Naval Aviation and the Australian Fleet Air Arm (continued)7
Vol 2-11991Jan1991 Social Calendar8
Vol 2-11991JanFAAA Report 19909Capitation Fees; Joining Fees; Constitution; Joining Criteria; Lee;
Vol 2-11991JanHMAS Sydney returns with British Recruits (news clipping)10Bore; Twyford; Coussens;
Vol 2-11991JanFAA Reunion 1992 - Information11
Vol 2-21991AprFleet Air Arm Association of Australia NSW Inc Office Bearers 1919/19921Cronin; Birtles; Penno; Lee; Larson; Matterson; Gray; Arnold; Ferguson; Ducret; Kelson; Dunner
Vol 2-21991AprEditors Note1FAAAA; Constitution; Commander Air; George; Ledger; AGM; Arnold; Kelson; Parkinson; Sycamores; XD-653; Matterson; Memorial Stone; Encounter; New Zealand; Skyhawks; Trackers
Vol 2-21991AprSecretaries Report2AGM; Constitution; Lapel Badges; Silver Wings; WEC;Museum; Reunion; '92
Vol 2-21991AprHMAS Melbourne 121928; Melbourne; Spithead; Portsmouth; Majestic;1943; 1945;
Vol 2-21991AprSea Venom WZ937 Restoration3Sea Venom; WZ937; Restoration; Diffuser; Casing; Beasly; De-Havilands; WZ895; Penno
Vol 2-21991AprGannet XA434 Restoration3Gannet; XA434; Restoration; Delahunty; Taylor; Models; Firefly; Sea Fury; Sea Venom; Sycamore; Parkinson
Vol 2-21991AprClassifieds3AP4D18B; Sea Fury; Vol 6; Sea Venom; Course Notes; Dakota; Firefly; Tracker
Vol 2-21991AprNaval Aviation Museum News February 19914Museum; Albatross; Construction; Donations; Heritage; Campey
Vol 2-21991AprRDFWA News4Asbestos; Naval Association; Veteran's; Armourer; Advocate; Gray; Arnold; Gage; Stevens
Vol 2-21991AprSpin a Yarn5Auster; Sea Venom; Sivyer; Gypsy;
Vol 2-21991AprThe Career of HMAS Melbourne (1957)5Royalist; Malacca; Singapore; Jesselton; Hong Kong; Darwin; Cairns;
Vol 2-21991AprAnnual Subscriptions 19916
Vol 2-21991AprDevelopment of British Naval Aviation and the Australian Fleet Air Arm6Albatross; 1933; Decommissioned; 1938; Hobart; Seaplane Tender; Atlantic; 1946; Scrapped; 1954; FAA; Seagull 3; Australia; Canberra; Seagull 5; Catapults;Hobart; Perth; Sysdney
Vol 2-21991AprNaval Association of Australia Survey Into Occupational Exposure to Asbestos7Naval Association of Australia; Survey; Asbestos; Cancer; Lung Cancer; Mesothelioma; Asbestosis; Bronchogenic Cancer; Peritoneal Mesothelioma; Fibrosis; Pleural Plaques; Cancer of Larynx
Vol 2-21991AprConstitution of the Fleet Air Arm Association of Australia (New South Wales) Incorporated8Index;
Vol 2-21991AprFleet Air Arm Reunion '9212Invitation; Reunion
Vol 2-21991AprPreserving Australia's Naval Aviation Heritage13Museum
Vol 2-31991JulyEditorial1Jervis Bay ;Anzac Day
Vol 2-31991JulyForce Structure Review1Self Reliance;Naval Aviation;DDG replacement;Sea King;Mine Hunters;Seacat;Ikara;HMAS Stirling;Collins;Oberon
Vol 2-31991JulyÊRoyal Navy helos3846 Squadron Lynx; Iraqi patrol boats;Sea King;RFA Argus
Vol 2-31991JulyHelicopter support from Somerset3846 Squadron;casualty evac;845;848;Atlantic Conveyor;Sea Kings;Gulf
Vol 2-31991JulyDorset Lynx sinks Missile boats3Sea Skua;815;829;Iraqi patrol boats ;Persian Gulf
Vol 2-31991JulyThe quiet killer Asbestos4Bronchial cancer;Asbestosis;mesothelioma;bowel cancer;Mebourne;Sydney;Vengeance;Commonwealth Compensation
Vol 2-31991JulyRDFWA News5Veteran benefits;Eligible service
Vol 2-31991JulyAircraft Restoration6Gannet XA434;Sycamore;Venom WZ937;cartridges;Fury
Vol 2-31991JulyBismarck Attack7Bismarck 50th anniversary;TAG L. Sayer DSM personal experience
Vol 2-31991JulyHS8177Firefly; Korea 1951;Coronation 1953; Monte Bello 1955;disbanded 1958;reformed 1963 Wessex;Melbourne ;Vietmam
Vol 2-31991JulySpin us a dit8HMAS Sydney;Jervis Bay;Fleet Canteen;VAT Smith; Toz Dadswell
Vol 2-31991JulySecretaryÕs report8Lapel Badge;membership register;FAAA Officers Association.
Vol 2-31991JulyObituary8Hanson,Pat CEAW
Vol 2-31991JulyMuseum news9Museum open day; flying display;Navy helos;RNZAF Skyhawk; Robertson; Partington
Vol 2-31991JulyFleet Air Arm Reunion 19929Application;registration
Vol 2-31991JulyBritish Naval Aviation and Aus.FAA Part 110Nowra RAAF Station;USAAF;18 Squadron NEI sqdn;BaseTorpedo Unit;RAAF 73 sqdn;Beauforts;Ansons;Wacketts
Vol 2-41991OctoberOffice bearers 91-922Office bearers 91-92
Vol 2-41991OctoberEditorial2Museum open day;old 16mm movies wanted
Vol 2-41991OctoberSecretaryÕs report2NSW division growth;Draft constitution;National Conference
Vol 2-41991OctoberRegular Defence Force Welfare Association News3Yulefest dinner;Shoalhaven contact group;Blondel
Vol 2-41991OctoberSea Fury restoration report3Sea Fury restoration;Sycamore restoration. Harper.
Vol 2-41991OctoberSycamore restoration report3Parkinson.
Vol 2-41991OctoberBell Bottom saga4Uniform designs;bell bottoms;silk;uniform;Jack Tar
Vol 2-41991OctoberRemarkable story of sabotage in Australia5Sabotage;train derailment;Wangaratta;Kormoran;German officers;
Vol 2-41991OctoberWZ895 Restoration6Sea Venom;WZ895; Penno; Cronin; Ducret
Vol 2-41991OctoberSpin us a dit7Naval humour
Vol 2-41991OctoberDevelopment of British Naval Aviation and Australian FAA. Part 1. In the beginning8B26 crash;Beaufort;Jervis Bay;73 Sqdn;B.T.U.;RN mobile torpedo unit;Avenger;MONAB1;Warwick Farm;Nabbington;Corsair;Avenger;Hellcat;British Pacific Fleet
Vol 2-41991OctoberTrackers for Brazil8Brazilian Navy;Hookway Aerospace;ex RAN Trackers; Waddell
Vol 2-41991OctoberContact column9Indefatigable Assn;820,1770,1772,887,894 sqdns;HMS Ocean assn;SAGA newsletter
Vol 2-41991OctoberAdvertising10 Gannet photos,restoration assistance,Thorneycroft photos;Harvey world travel
Vol 2-41991OctoberAlbatross 199111Tracker;Skyhawk;Macchi;RNZAF Skyhawks;noise problems;military flying area
Vol 2-41991OctoberThe role of HMAS Albatross12Environment,Clean-up Australia day;Search and rescue;medical evacuation;work experience;civilian positions;RNZAF Skyhawks;Gulf War;Seahawk;Squirrel
Vol 2-41991OctoberFirefly WD826 rebuild report13Firefly;WD 826;Grounded;1988 Bi-centennial air show; Firefly coolant problems;
Vol 2-41991OctoberNaval Aviation Museum Stage 1 completed14museum fund raising;FAA reunion 1988;
Vol 2-41991OctoberObituary14ÒJumperÓ Cross
Vol 3-11992JanFront Cover Photograph1HMAS Melbourne, Heeling Trials, Keedle
Vol 3-11992JanOffice Bearers for 1991/19922Cronin, Birtles, Penno, Lee, Larsen, Matterson, Gray, Arnold, Ducret, Kelson, Dunner, Ferguson,Ê
Vol 3-11992JanEditorial2Copyright, Slipstream, Trackers, West Sale, Brazil, S2T's, RANAS, Peregrine, Grose, Fury, Firefly, Sea Venom, Gannet, Beasley, Historic Flight
Vol 3-11992JanSecretary's Report2Slipstream, NSW Division, FAAAA, Constitution, Life Subscibed, Perpetual Membership, Bowden, Ivers, Annual General Meeting, Lapel Badges, Lee
Vol 3-11992JanWelfare Officers Report3Regular Defence Force Welfare Associaition, RSL, Repatriation General Hospitals, RDFWA, Military Superannuation and Benefts Scheme, MSBS, DFR&DB, Ready Reserve, DFRB, DFRDB, Arnold, Voyager Survivors, United Nations, GrayÊ
Vol 3-11992JanNote Of Thanks3Archives, Curator, Australian Naval Aviation Museum
Vol 3-11992JanProspecting For The Lost Squadron4US Army Air Force, B17 Flying Fortress, P38 Lightning, Greenland, Reykjavik, Iceland, Big Stoop, Dodo, North Atlantic, Artic Circle, Warbirds, Greenland Expedition Society, Ballantyne, Sydney Morning Herald
Vol 3-11992JanThe Australian War Memorial Leader In Conservation Research6Conservation science, Research, Scientists, Australian War Memorial, Australian National University, Electricite de France, The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (USA), AWM, Degrigny, Heath, ANU, Hallam, Adams, CSIRO, Parkinson, VetaffairsÊ
Vol 3-11992JanContact Column - Fleet Air Arm Association Of Great Yarmouth7Norfolk, Seymour
Vol 3-11992JanContact Column - The Ponam Association7Navy News, FAA Reunion '92, FAA Association Derbyshire Branch, RNA, PONAM, MSR6, MONAB5, MONAB4, HMS Nabaron, 721 Squadron, 1701 Squadron, MATU7, MMHU5, RAAF Bankstown, HMS Arbiter, Puttuck, Bannister
Vol 3-11992JanContact Column - 820/826 Squadrons7RN Navy News, 820 Squadron, Indefatigable, British Pacific Forces, 826, King
Vol 3-11992JanContact Column - St Helens Branch Of The FAA Association7HMAS Sydney, Nowra, Webster, Cross, Wearn, Locke, museum, Coronation, Monte Bello, Korea, Peace Keeping Force, Hoult
Vol 3-11992JanContact Column - A Letter From Whitely Bay Tyne and Wear7RN Navy News, FAA Association of Australia Reunion '92, Yeovil, Daisley, McMahon, Hindle, Arnold
Vol 3-11992JanGoodbye Jill - Hello Jack8Women's Royal Australian Naval Service, WRANS, Telegraphists, Writers, Stewardesses, Cooks, January 1985, Navy List of Officers, WRAN, Boye-Jones, Zammit, Vanikoro, Tulagi, Solomon Islands, Feldt, Coastwatcher, Hong Kong, Malaya, Java, Philippines, New Guinea, Bignell, Battle of the Coral Sea, Battle of Savo Island, HMAS Canberra, Astoria, Vincennes, Quincy, Guadalcanal, Halsey, BEM, 1939-45 Star, Pacific Star, War Medal, Australian Service Medal, Nimitz, Fitch, Jones, Vetaffairs
Vol 3-11992JanHistoric Flight Update - Sea Venom WZ897 Restoration10Historic Flight, Restoration, Cartridge Starting, Sea Venom, WZ895, WZ937, Reunion, Penno
Vol 3-11992JanHistoric Flight Update - Sycamore XD653 Restoration10Historic Flight, 92 FAA Reunion, Sycamore, Parkinson
Vol 3-11992JanHistoric Flight Update - Gannet XA434 Restoration10Historic Flight, Gannet, Museum, Restoration, Larder, Ross,, Day, Mowat, George, Partington, White, Corrosion Control, Parkinson
Vol 3-11992JanHistoric Flight Update - Sea Fury Restoration10Historic Flight, Zuccoli, Aerotec, Bach, Centaurus, Ken Lee, Josling, Sea Fury, Historic Flight, HarperÊ
Vol 3-11992JanSpin Us A Dit - Put On The Spot11Pussers Duck, Walrus, Sea Digest, MoyesÊ
Vol 3-11992JanSpin Us A Dit - How Senior Citizens Beat Inflation12
Vol 3-11992JanSpin Us A Dit - Life's Like That12HMS Bulwark,Ê
Vol 3-11992JanSpin Us A Dit - Check Mate12
Vol 3-11992JanDevelopment Of British Naval Aviation And The Australian Fleet Air Arm Part 1 In The Beginning Cont.13Nowra, MONAB 1, Anengers, Jervis Bay, RAAF Torpedo Unit, HMS Lewes, RAAF Jervis Bay, MONAB 5, HMS Nabswick, RNAS Bankstown, HMS Nabberly, 854 Squadron, HMS Illustrious, Corsairs, 1845 Squadron, No 3 CAG, HMS Victorious, 1843 Squadron, RNAS Schofields, HMS Naethorpe, HMS Arbiter, RNAS Maryborough, HMS Nabstock, HMS Formidible, Hellcats, HMS Indomitable, 723 Squadron, Martinets, Beaufighters, Ansons, RAAF Point Cook
Vol 3-11992JanAngels Seranade Albatross13Albatross, Angels, rock group, Naval Aviation Museum, Historic Flight, A4 Skyhawks, Sea King, NAS, Waddell
Vol 3-11992JanKeep Australia Beautiful14Aboriginal, United Kingdom, Central Australia, Atomic Tests, Taranaki Atomic Test, Maralinga, Bourke NSW, Port Macquarie NSW, Fallout, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Menzies, Strontium-90 Fallout, Bone Tumours, Beta Rays, Monte Bello, Lighthouse, Atomic Ex-Servicemen's Association
Vol 3-11992JanStop And Think A Minute14historian, Edward Gibbon, Roman Empire,Ê
Vol 3-11992JanNaval Aviation Museum - Stage 2 Approval15Naval Aviation Museum Administrator, Whyte, Construction, Stage 2, Museum, Clifford Pty Ltd, P&O Catering, Development Program, Workshop, Theatrette, Special Theme Areas, Displays, Campey
Vol 3-21992AprFront Cover Photograph - HMS Albatross1HMS Albatross, Baldrey
Vol 3-21992AprOffice Bearers For 1992/19932Cronin, Lee, Hetherington, Larsen, Gray, Arnold, Penno, Barnett, Birtles, Dunner, Ê
Vol 3-21992AprEditorial2Slipstream, Re-union '92, Matterson, Sea Venom, Kinghorn St, Albatross Rd, Annual General Meeting, Walters, Committee, Wessex 31A, Fleet Air Arm History
Vol 3-21992AprWelfare Officers Report2Slipstream, DFRB, DFRDB, Retirement Pay, Invalidity Pay, Commuted, Commute, Voyager, Commonwealth Employees Act, Veterans Affairs, Compensation Act, Statute of Limitations, Regular Defence Force Welfare Association, RDFWA, Korea, Malaya, Vietnam, Gray
Vol 3-21992AprForeword By His Exellency Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair, AO Governor of New South Wales0Fleet Air Arm Association, Slipstream, History, Restoration, Sycamore, Sea Fury, Firefly, Sea Venom, Museum, SinclairÊ
Vol 3-21992AprAlbatross Happenings3Naval Air Station, Fleet Air Arm, Facilities, AVTUR, AVCAT, Refurbishments, Seahawk, Gulf Deployments, Seahawk Simulator, 2 Squadron RNZAF, 723 Squadron, AS350 Squirrels, FFGs, HS 748's, History of Naval Aviation, Construction, Stage 2, Museum, Stage 3, Partington, Commanding Officer, HMAS Albatross
Vol 3-21992AprRetiring Secretary's Report3Jim Lee
Vol 3-21992AprThe NZ Farmer Who May Have Beaten The Wright Brothers4Orville, Wilbur, Wright, Gustav Whitehead, August 1901, December 17 1903, Lyman Gilmore, May 1902, Richard Pearce, Temuka, March 31 1903, George Bolt, Gordon Ogilvie, Robyn Bromby, Sydney Morning Herald
Vol 3-21992AprHistory Lives With The Help Of Modern Technology5Australian War Memorial, Mitchell Annex, Conservation, Ann Parkinson, Vetaffairs
Vol 3-21992AprHistoric Flight Update - Sea Venom Restoration6Historic Flight, Sea Venom, Restoration, WZ937, Walker, Beningfield, Venoms, DEL MAR, Ikara, WZ895, Ducret, Tremlett, Park, Penno
Vol 3-21992AprHistoric Flight Update - Gannet XA434 Restoration6Historic Flight, Gannet, XA434, Restoration, 846, HM AS Albatross, Naval Aviation Museum, Larder, George, Ross, Day, Partington, Mowat, Turner, Parkinson
Vol 3-21992AprHistoric Flight Update - Sycamore XD653 Restoration6Historic Flight, Sycamore, XD653, Restoration, Finished, Wessex 31A, N7-217, 827, Parkinson
Vol 3-21992AprContact Column - George Cross Island Association7George Cross Island, Spooner, GCIA, Malta, 830 Squadron, 828 Sqdn, Pain, Wellington, Don Mogg
Vol 3-21992AprContact Column - Fleet Air Arm Association of Great Yarmouth7HMAS Albatross, Bombay, 1943, Nairobi, Kenya, Mombasa, Walrus, Cape Town, Gibraltar, Deveonport, Lee-on-Solent,Worthy Downs, HMS Kestrel, Baldrey
Vol 3-21992AprContact Column - Bankstown Aerodrome 45/47 & The BPF7Slipstream, Bannister, PONAM Association, Bankstown Aerodrome, Bankstown British Centre, 1945/47, Flower, Walters, Brooks, Horsley, Connolly, Wood, Hemsworth, Snapper Island, Greenaway
Vol 3-21992AprThe Romance Of Flying From a Carrier8Aircraft Carrier, Pilot, Aircraft Mechanic, Gordon M Cummins, HMCS Magnificent
Vol 3-21992AprGet A Grip On This One9TAGS, Telegraphist Air Gunners Association, Peet, Gannet, Ark Royal,Ê
Vol 3-21992AprRadar Traps Its Inventor9Sir Robert Watson-Watt, Speeding, Radar Trap
Vol 3-21992AprCribbed From The Curator10Curator, Naval Aviation Museum, Naval Aviation History, LCDR Haynes, DSO, Albacore, Petsamo, Kirkenes, Raid, Russian Convoy, Escort Duty, Victorious, Fulmar, Tromso, Scapa, Geale, Peregrine
Vol 3-21992AprRN Fleet Air Arm Armourers Association10Bombheads, Holdsworth,Ê
Vol 3-21992AprNational Crimplelene Ban10Crimplelene, Crimples
Vol 3-21992AprSpin Us A Dit - The Ultimate Authority11Peregrine, Navylark
Vol 3-21992AprIt's Moments Like This You NeedÉ.....12Melbourne, SEATO, Gannet, 816 Squadron, James, Skinhead Kelson, Nugget Williams, LCDR Dadswell, Hinnrichsen
Vol 3-21992AprQuotable Quotes12Eric Moody, British Airways, 747, Volcanic Storm, Southern Summatra, July 1982, Lord Castlerosse, Nancy Astor
Vol 3-21992AprEpitah12Maggie, Army Mule, Grave
Vol 3-21992AprStringbag Memories12Swordfish, Salty Dips, Geale, Naval Aviation Museum
Vol 3-21992AprConfirmation Of East Coast Sighting1314 March 1992, Giorgio Ambrusco, McDonnell Douglas, RAN Air Station, Nowra, A4 Skyhawk, Submarine
Vol 3-21992AprBlast! From The Past13817 Squadron, Diary, 07Apr75, Cyclone Betty, Tracker, 816 Squadron, Mathew Island, Mr Martinet, Armourers, Wessex 31, Naval Aviation Museum
Vol 3-21992AprNews From The Divisions - Tasmania14Tasmanian Division, Fleet Air Arm Association, Ex-Birdies, Bob (Tassie) Douglas, 11th August 1919, Folies Hotel, Campbell Town, Les Kube, Barry Simpson
Vol 3-21992AprNews From The Divisions - Western Australia14Annual General Meeting, Office Bearers, Devereux, Hammond, Cook, Gault, Caldwell, Bushe-Jones, Webster, Burns, Crew, McGrills, Tate, Bennett, Suriano, Lake, Green, reunion, A.J. Cox, Bradley, Reunion News Release, Camp Markham, HMAS Stirling, Murdoch, Dunn,Ê
Vol 3-21992AprDevelopment Of British Naval Aviation And The Australian Fleet Air Arm In The Beginning Cont.15Corsairs, Formidible, Avengers, Impacable, Fireflies, Disembarked, Nowra, 23 and 24 August, 1845 Squadron, Firefly, 1771 Squadron, Light Fleet Carriers, Barracudas, 828 Squadron, British Pacific Fleet, Air Stations, Schofields, 723 Squadron, Martinets, No 3, 7, Mobile Air Torpedo Maintenance Units, MONAB, RN, RNAS Nowra, 1946, FAA, RAAF, RAAF BTU, Nowra Airfield
Vol 3-21992AprLate News Snips - Plaque PresentationÊ15NSW Division, Fleet Air Arm Association, Plaque, UK, Les Palmer, FAA Association, Bob Cronin,Ê
Vol 3-21992AprLate News Snips - Reunion '92 UpdateÊ15Matterson
Vol 3-21992AprLate News Snips - U.K. Visitor15Creasey, Preston, Lancashire, UK, Naval Aviation Museum, Matterson, Cronin, HMAS Sysdney,Ê
Vol 3-21992AprStage 2 - Naval Aviation Museum Takes Shape16Construction, Stage 2, Naval Aviation Museum, 13 January 1992, White Ensign Restaurant, White Ensign Club, Memorabillia, August 1992, 1st November 1992, Campey, Ê
Vol 3-21992AprHello Jill - Again17Slipstream, Women's Royal Australian Naval Service, WRANS, April 1945, September 1st 1991, Equal Opportunity Act, Birdie, ATCs, ATAs, ATWLs, HMAS Albatross, HS817, HC723, Squadrons, SITU, Seahawk In Transition Unit, Avionics Workshop, ASU, Aircraft Support Unit, Apprentices, HMAS Nirimba, HMAS Cerberus, FFs, HMAS Moresby, HMAS Success, HMAS Tobruk, Viellaris, Horton, Dickson, Barter, Domatulous, CAMMS, Computer Aided Maintenance Management System, Carcinogenic, Nicholls, HMAS Albatross
Vol 3-21992AprStop Press - Sea Fury restoration17Sea Fury, Restoration, Fury, Harper
Vol 3-31992JulFront Cover - Harry's CafŽ de Wheels1Harry's CafŽ de Wheels, Garden Island Dockyard, Keedle
Vol 3-31992JulForeword By Rear Admiral Andrew Robertson, AO DSC, RAN Rtd3
Vol 3-31992JulOffice Bearers For 1992/932Cronin, Lee, Hetherington, Larsen, Gray, Arnold, Penno, Barnett, Birtles, Dunner, Ê
Vol 3-31992JulEditorial2Reunion 92, Slipstream, Australia, England, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Legal Deposit, Mitchell Library, State Library, New South Wales
Vol 3-31992JulNSW President's Report2Slipstream, Reunion, National Conference, Perth, '88 Reunion, Wilson, Parker, Stanford, HMAS Creswell, JBRF, Bushe-Jones, Monsignor Lyons, Albatross, HMS Indefatigable, Cronin
Vol 3-31992JulNational Secretary's Report3Reunion, Constitution, Dadswell, Vickeridge, Ikin, Bushe-Jones, Sinclair, Naval Aviation Museum, McIlwain, Queensland Dvision, Lister, Ferguson
Vol 3-31992JulNaval Tragedy Off WA Coast4Derek Hammond, 1945, Cape Leeuwin, Overboard, Fremantle, Nizam, N Class, Nepal, West Australian,Ê
Vol 3-31992JulPreservation Of The Japanese Midget Submarine5May 31, 1942, Japanese Midget Submarine, Sydney Harbour, USS Chicago, Australian War Memorial, Cockatoo Dockyards, AMW, Corrosion Inhibitor, Ann Parkinson, Vetaffairs
Vol 3-31992JulDeficiencies Need Rectification6Viewpoint, The Navy, Navy League, Geoffery Evans, Garath Evans, F111's, Submarines, Strike Capabilities, Aircraft Carriers, RAN, S70B2, Seahawks, FFG7, Frigates, Seakings, HMAS Success, Tobruk, AS350B, Squirrels, Anzac Class, Frigates, HMAS Jervis Bay, Amphibious Lift, LCH's, Fixed Wing, 1983, HMAS Melbourne, Gulf War, HMAS Newcastle, Mk41, Missile, Sea Sparrow, DDG, Collins Class, Submarines, Grazebrook,Ê
Vol 3-31992JulRN Fleet Air Arm Fact Sheet77,500 People, Naval Aviation, 300 aircrqft, Flag Officer Aviation, FONA, Cooke-Priest, Yeovilton, Fleet Air Arm, 21, Naval Air Squadrons,Ê
Vol 3-31992JulNational President's Report To The Delegates Of The Third Conference Of The Fleet Air Arm Association Of Australia8Delegates, 3rd Conference, Fleet Air Arm Association Of Australia, Nowra, October 1988, Perth 1990, April 1990, May 1992, Reunion, Veterans Affairs, Register of Ex-Servicemens Associations, ANZAC Day, Sir Victor Smith, Constitution, Federal Council, Adelaide, November 1991, Ferguson, Bryce, Matterson, Dadswell
Vol 3-31992JulThe Indispensable Man8
Vol 3-31992JulContact ColumnÊ9HMS Ocean Association, Museum, Plant, Reunion, Portsmouth, Portland, Weymouth, Yeovilton, Knowlson, Senior Sailors Mess, Reunion, Naval Aviation Museum, McIlwain, Hamer, Reunion 92, MattersonÊ
Vol 3-31992JulSpin Us A Dit - Memories Of The Old Albatross Cinema10Albatross, Cinema, Peregrine
Vol 3-31992JulSpin Us A Dit - Military History11
Vol 3-31992JulSpin Us A Dit - Sin Bosun Dits11
Vol 3-31992JulSpin Us A Dit - Ship's Standing Orders For Being Human11
Vol 3-31992JulIn The Beginning - Birth Of The RAN Fleet Air Arm12RAN, Fleet Air Arm, VAT Smith, FAA, Naval Board, Admiralty, RANFAA, February 1947, Museum, HMAS Albatross, Chifely, CVL, CAG, RN, Nowra Airfield, Majestic, Magnificent, Terrible, Powerful, Hercules, Leviathan, HMAS Sydney, HMAS Melbourne, HMCS Bonaventure, Vikrant, Indian Navy, Training Air Group, TAG, Fleet Requirements Unit, FRU, Jervis Bay Airfield,Ê
Vol 3-31992JulNews From O/S1222Apr92, Ark Royal, Sea Harrier, Atlantic, RAF, Portsmouth, January 1992, Slipstream, P38 Lightning, Greenland, B-17 Bombers
Vol 3-31992JulNews From The Divisions - Victoria13Bushe-Jones, Life Member, Reunion, Federal Council, HMAS Cerberus, Clifford, Penny, O'Dwyer, Anzac Day, Lacy, O'Keefe, Priestly, Yeovilton, HMS Heron, FAA, Museum, Conlan
Vol 3-31992JulNews From The Divisions - Western Australia Division13Slipstream, Matterson, Reunion, Webster, Tate, Pattenden, Gault, Hammond, Duperousel, Murdoch, Armourers, Prentice, Herbert, Lombard, Taylor, Dadswell, Bushe-Jones
Vol 3-31992JulHistoric Flight Update - Sea Venom Update14Historic Flight, Sea Venom, Restoration, WZ937, Reunion, Flightwatch, Museum, WZ895, Penno
Vol 3-31992JulHistoric Flight Update - C47A - Dakota Resoration15Historic Flight, C47A, Dakota, FAA, Parkinson
Vol 3-31992JulHistoric Flight Update - Firefly Report15Historic Flight, Firefly, WD826, Museum, November 1992, Delahunty, Glynn, Hetherington, Boundy Ê
Vol 3-31992JulHistoric Flight Update - Sea Fury Restoration15Historic Flight, Sea Fury, Restoration, Lee, Royal Navy Historic Flight, Yeovilton, Fury, Centaurus, Meacham, Constantine, Hill, Ayres, Harper
Vol 3-31992JulWhose Job Is It?15Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, Nobody
Vol 3-31992JulGeneral Meeting Of The NSW Division1513 September 1992, Hetherington
Vol 3-31992JulOld Bird Deserved Better16HMAS Nirimba, Robb, Sea Venom, Quakers Hill, HMAS Melbourne, Vampire, Ghost,Ê
Vol 3-31992JulAlbatross Affairs16Air Day, HMAS Albatross, 50th Anniversary, Battle Of The Coral Sea, Reunion, Museum, Air Show, Seahawk, SITU, HS 816 Squadron, PTS, Jaspers Bush, Waddell
Vol 3-31992JUlWelfare Officers Report17RDFWA, Veterans Affairs, Compensation, Veterans, Korea, Malaya, Vietnam, Malignant Condition, Medicare, RAN Service, Cancer, Free Cancer Treatment, DVA, Malignant Cancer, Arnold, Gage, Gray
Vol 3-31992JulA Little Bit Of History17Model, Albatross, First Sea Lord, HMAS Albatross, 1956, Drake
Vol 3-31992JulNaval Aviation Museum News18Museum, Development, Establishment, Facility, Naval Aviation, RAN, Historic Flight, Tracker, Dakota, Firefly, Volunteers, Warbirds, Campey
Vol 3-31992JulGetting The Facts Right18Second World War, Winston Churchill, Dunkirk, BBC
Vol 3-31992JulShips With A Secret19Marie Celiste, Del Gratia, New York, Gibraltar, Abbey S. Hart, Pickhuben, Indian Ocean, 1894, Rumney, Frigonifique, 1884, Ellen Austin, 1881, Seabird, Edyth Harper
Vol 3-41992OctFront Cover1Sea/Air Rescue Vessels,Ê
Vol 3-41992OctForeword By Commodore T.A. Dadswell, AM, RAN (Retd)2Dadswell, National President, Fleet Air Arm Asociation Of Australia, Conference, Nowra, May '92, National Newsletter, Slipstream, Albatross, FAAAA, Divisions, Museum,Ê
Vol 3-41992OctEditorial3Slipstream, 44th Anniversary, FAA, Matthews, Commanders AirÊ
Vol 3-41992OctSea/Air Rescue Vessels3Air Mercy, 925, Air Trail, 916, Air Speed, 910, Ray Robertson, SAR's, 1943, 1945, Lend lease Agreement
Vol 3-41992OctNational Report3Constitution, October Council Meeting, Bryce, Walters, Simpson, Reunion, Lister, Riches, Cox, Henderson, Blair, Clark, Gray, 44th Anniversary, Albatross, Dadswell, Cronin, Matterson, Ferguson
Vol 3-41992OctWelfare Officers Report4RDFWA, Regular Defence Force Welfare Association, Wills, Arnold, Legal Aid, Veterans, Gray
Vol 3-41992OctShoalhaven Spring Festival4Sinclair, Freedom of Entry, Naval Air Day
Vol 3-41992Oct$1/2M Dollar Donation To Museum4Naval Aviation Museum, Shoalhaven City Council,Ê Campey
Vol 3-41992OctNumber 2 Squadron - Royal New Zealand Airforce5A-4 Skyhawk, Nowra, No 2 Squadron, RNZAF, HMAS Albatross, History, Blackburn Baffin, Vincents, Vildebeasts, DH 86's, Hudsons, Venturas, Ohakea, No 75 Squadron, December 1984, A4K, TA-4K, Canberra, ex-RAN, 882, 883, 884, 887, 871, 874, 876, 877, 880, 881, Project Kahu, A4G, Strikemaster, Macchi 339c, Steve MooreÊ
Vol 3-41992OctWhy Are Aircraft Storage Sheds Called Hangars?6
Vol 3-41992OctSwords Cared For Honourably7Samurai Swords, Australian War Memorial, Shogun, Ann Parkinson, Vetaffairs
Vol 3-41992OctMemories Are MedicineÊ8
Vol 3-41992OctSpare A Thought8HMAS Melbourne
Vol 3-41992OctSpin Us A Dit - The Funeral Firing Party - Dry Run Instruction9
Vol 3-41992OctSpin Us A Dit - What Is An FAA Armourer9FAA, Armourer, Stalford
Vol 3-41992OctSpin Us A Dit - The Torpedo10Torpedo, Gannet, Hoins
Vol 3-41992OctSpin Us A Dit - The Last Flight10
Vol 3-41992OctContact ColumnÊ11Geale, Naval Aviation Museum, Crozer, HMAS Albatross, 1948, Randall, HMS Daedalus, Vengeance, 1946/47, Sydney, 1950, RANAS, Lane, Rhoades, Poole, Willoughby, Farncombe, Daniels, HMS Ocean Association,Ê
Vol 3-41992OctIn The Beginning Continued - Birth Of The RAN Fleet Air Arm12RAN CAG, 20th CAG, RNAS Eglington, 28th August 1948, HMS Nabbington, HMAS Albatross, 31st August 1948, RAN CVL, HMAS Sydney, Devenport, 16th December 1948, Sea Fury, 805 Sqn, Fireflys, 816 Sqn, Dowling, 808, 817, 21st CAG, Sea Otter, December 1950, Korean War, HMS Nabthorpe, Schofields, SAME, HMAS Nirimba, Vengeance, HMAS Melbourne, Gatacre, Sea Venom, Gannet, 30th May 1958, March 7th 1962, Vietnam, Westland Wessex,Ê
Vol 3-41992OctAlbatross Happenings - Erection Of 'K' Hangar Under Way13Childcare, Wardroom Annex
Vol 3-41992OctAlbatross Happenings - New Building Projects13Albatross, HS817, HC723, Administration, 'ç' Hangar, 'B' Hangar, Interdenominal Chapel, Seahawk
Vol 3-41992OctAlbatross Happenings - HS 816 Squadron Commissioned13July 23, Commissioning, HS816, RNZAF, Defence Minister, Senator Robert Ray, Chief of Naval Staff, MacDougall, Sikorsky, S-70B-02, Seahawk
Vol 3-41992OctAlbatross Happenings - HC 723 Squadron Celebrations1340th Anniversary, HC 723
Vol 3-41992OctHistoric Flight Update - Sea Venom Restoration13Historic Flight, Sea Venom, HMAS Albatross, Dakota, WZ937, WZ895, Penno
Vol 3-41992OctHistoric Flight Update - Sea Fury Restoration14Historic Flight, Sea Fury, Aerotec, Dehavilland, Albatross, Harper
Vol 3-41992OctHistoric Flight Update - Dakota Restoration14Historic Flight, South Australian Division, $200.00, Donation, Rayner, SA DivÊ
Vol 3-41992OctNews From The Divisions - Western Australia14Western Australia, Burns, Caldwell, Matterson, Tate, Dadswell, Suriano, Devereux, Hammond, Colin Bushe-Jones, ACT Division, Vickeridge, Constitution, Leisk, Prentice, Murdock, Asbestos, Slipstream, Theo Bushe-Jones
Vol 3-41992OctNews From The Divisions - South Australia15South Australia, HMAS Encounter, Submarine Corporation, Harrison
Vol 3-41992OctNews From The Divisions - Victoria15Victoria, Slipstream, National Association, Sir Victor Smith, HMAS Canberra, Christie, Weddell, Forbes, Egan, Herbert, Monsignor Kevin Edwards, Traynor, Lacy, Annand, Craske, Slade, Breaden, Clarke, Davidson, Jordan, McGregor, Robinson, Mitchell, Conlan
Vol 3-41992OctNews From The Divisions - ACT Division17ACT, Slipstream, Treloar
Vol 3-41992OctNews From The Divisions - Queensland17Queensland, National FAAAA, Reunion, Steering Committee, Lister
Vol 3-41992OctNews From The Divisions - New South Wales17New South Wales, Cronin, Naval Aviation Museum, Whyte, Constitution (NSW), National FAA Reunion '92, Lee, Dunner, Gray
Vol 3-41992OctAir Day To Mark Naval Aviation Museum Opening19Australian Naval Aviation Museum, 1 November 1992, Sinclair, Historic Naval Aircraft, Air Display, Skyhawk, Seahawk, MIG-15, S2G Tracker, Harvard, Dakota, Whyte
Vol 3-4A1992AugustForeword2Smith ;44th Anniversary
Vol 3-4A1992AugustGenesis of the Fleet Air Arm3WW1;RNAS;Airships; Zeppelins;Churchill;Eastchurch;Dardanelles;Cuxhaven;Dunning;Culley;Argus;Arrestor wires;Eagle
Vol 3-4A1992AugustFleet air Arm -The Australian Connection4Sopwith Pup;Australia;Brisbane;Sopwith Baby;Fairey 111D;Albatross;RAAF Control;Seagull111;Seagull V;Cruiser catapults
Vol 3-4A1992AugustThe Fleet Air Arm -1925 Vintage5Executive Branch;Air Force Rank;Naval Uniform;Flying duties allowance;
Vol 3-4A1992AugustThe First Forward Step7Smith;Naval Aviation Plan;
Vol 3-4A1992AugustNaval Air Station Albatross,a chronology7Civil airfield 1935;WT Station;Development for RAAF;Beauforts;7 Sqdn;73 Sqdn;18 sqdn NEIAF;Beaufort collision;Nowra War Cemetery;Hand over to RN;HMS Nabbington;Royal Navy Squadrons; Nabbington Closed
Vol 3-4A1992AugustNaval Air Station Albatross,a chronology9RNAS nowra returned to RAAF;Approval for Naval Air Branch;Order placed Sea Fury Firefly;20th CAG formed;Albatross Commissioned
Vol 3-4A1992AugustAnd What did the Press have to say? (History of Albatross)10Albatross commissioned;Lane;Rhoades;Second carrier
Vol 3-4A1992AugustAnd one year later (History of Albatross)10Albatross;Sea Fury;Shoalhaven Naval Centre;Naval personnel unpopular;Establishment of married quarters approved
Vol 3-4A1992AugustShoalhaven Naval Centre11Shoalhaven Naval Centre public meeting
Vol 3-4A1992AugustAustralia's Naval Airmen1120th 21st CAG;RAAF pilot training;Point Cook; Syerston; Lossiemouth;RANVR Air Group;Dummy deck;Jervis Bay;Schofields
Vol 3-4A1992AugustA guide to Albatross14Albatross Commanding Officers;Executive officers;Commanders Air;Honour roll
Vol 4-11993JanuaryForeword2Partington;816;Seahawks;Naval Aviation Museum;Albatross;Depot level maintenance;Stirling
Vol 4-11993JanuaryEditorial3Sydney ll ;Chapel;Wheeldon;
Vol 4-11993JanuaryNational Report3Senior SailorsÕ Reunion;Qld Division;Lister;Dadswell;Walter;White Ensign
Vol 4-11993JanuaryWelfare OfficerÕs Report4Counselling;Asbestos
Vol 4-11993JanuaryHMS Ocean-peacetime warrior5Caspar John;Last Swordfish;First Jet Landing;ÓWinkleÓ Brown;Corfu;Evans;Korea;Triumph;Glory;Theseus;802;825;Warramunga;Farouk;Nasser;ÕMusketeerÓ.
Vol 4-11993JanuaryRemembrance Day Service7Bomaderry;Wheeldon;
Vol 4-11993JanuaryBig Day Naval Aviation Museum7Sinclair;Partington
Vol 4-11993JanuaryOn Time-On Budget8Williamstown Dockyard;FFGÕs;Anzac class;Transfield;AMACON;Painters and Dockers;Enterprise agreement;
Vol 4-11993JanuaryHMAS Nirimba History8Commemorative book;Robb
Vol 4-11993JanuarySpin me a dit9TAG;Sea Otter;Parramatta;Bonner;Neville;Seatalk;;Maternity uniforms.
Vol 4-11993JanuaryContact column,letters to Ed.11Glory;Bomaderry;DiggersÕ dance;Wheeldon;Seagull;Walrus;Evans Head;Westralia;Gant;817;Sydney-Emden Cup;
Vol 4-11993JanuaryThereÕs no holding this Tiger13Lyons;92 Reunion;Smith
Vol 4-11993JanuaryIn The Beginning É.continued14Sycamore;Iroquois;Wessex;Scout;Moresby;RANHFV;135th Assault HelicopterCompany;Vietnam;Skyhawk;Tracker;Squirrel;FFGÕs
Vol 4-11993JanuaryNews from the Divisions14ÊNSW Division news;Victoria Div news;Queensland Division formed;W A Division;ACT Division
Vol 4-11993JanuaryHistoric aircraft update18Dakota 800 N2-43;Sea Venom WZ937;Sea Fury;Firefly;Sea Otter JN200
Vol 4-21993AprilForeword2Hunt;Spectacle Island;Seahawk;Collins;Dadswell;Cronin;Korea;SEATO;Malaysia:Vietnam
Vol 4-21993AprilEditorial3Jenner;Luther;Lamb;Bartlett;Patterson
Vol 4-21993AprilProfile3Morton;Derwent;Anzac;Excellent;Torrens;Melbourne;Perth;Tobruk;Albatross
Vol 4-21993AprilFront cover3Melbourne badge
Vol 4-21993AprilThe Firefly...that did not4WD826; Firefly;Fairey Aviation;Korean War;817;Sydney;WD828;
Vol 4-21993AprilRAST Helicopter Haul down System6ÊHelo haul down system; FFG;Seahawk;Anzac
Vol 4-21993AprilFleet Air Arm Personality8Gould;Port Moresby;Argus;Hurricane;Murmansk;Russia;Intrepid;Spitfire;75Sqdn;Kingaroy;Milne Bay;457 Sqdn;Deans-Butcher
Vol 4-21993AprilIndian Naval Aviation9Vikrant;Hercules;Viraat;Hermes;Sea Eagle;Sea King;Super Constellation;Il38;TU142;Do228;Sea Skua;VN-2;Ka-25/28;
Vol 4-21993AprilFull Set9Vampires; 1956;Lister;Knowles;King;Davidson;Litchfield;Waites
Vol 4-21993AprilContact column10Avenger;Formidable;Benbow;845;Bataan Assn;
Vol 4-21993AprilContact column11PONAM Assn
Vol 4-21993AprilWartime Recollections12Palembang; Gibbs;TAG;820;Chandler;Pladgoe;Richardson;Changi;Treloar
Vol 4-21993AprilSpin us a dit13Hearts of Oak-Men of Steel-Balls of iron;Gunnery School;Blackie;Chaplain;Cornwallis;Wrens
Vol 4-21993AprilNational Secretary Report;Divisions News14Membership List;Air races
Vol 4-21993AprilRestoration progress report18Dakota 860;20mm Hispano;Sea Otter Hull;Iroquois N9-3102;Firefly WD826;Firefly WJ109;Sea Venom WZ937;
Vol 4-21993AprilMuseum Sitrep19Museum progress; Lehan, Taylor;
Vol 4-21993AprilChips Raftery calls it a day21Raftery retirement
Vol 4-21993AprilAround the traps22Albatross chapel;Sea Venom WZ943; Toz Dadswell; Wheelden; Birtles;French; Walters; Pancho; Young; Constantine;WZ943; Norma Lee;
Vol 4-21993AprilCdr Errol Kavanagh24Obituary
Vol 4-31993JulyBits and Pieces23WJ109; Wheatley; Lister; Dulwich; Richardson; Boundy; Ferguson; Whyte; Napier; Marshall; Lee
Vol 4-31993JulyForeword2VAT Smith; MacDougall;
Vol 4-31993JulyEditorial3Shoalhaven City Council;HS 817;Somalia
Vol 4-31993JulyPrincipal Chaplain to retire3Dempsey
Vol 4-31993JulyNational Secretary report3National numbering system;Federal Council Meeting
Vol 4-31993JulyThe Life and Tribulations of Sea Venom WZ9374ÊWZ937 restoration;unsafe cartridges. Penno
Vol 4-31993JulyVengeance Badge5Vengeance
Vol 4-31993JulyRockwall Systems Australia S70 B Seahawk6Procurement; Contract; Sikorsky; S70B;Collins Avionics;Tactical data system;Display management system;UYS503 Sonobuoy system;ThomsonEMI super search radar
Vol 4-31993JulyFleet Air Arm Personality8Blondel; St Vincent;Drake;Dromeda;Royal Oak;Valiant;Quebec;Sydney;Korea
Vol 4-31993JulyContact column10VAT Smith;NZÕers in FAA 38-45;TAG;Anzac Day Honolulu; Kanimbla
Vol 4-31993JulyThe last Kamikazi13Kamikazi;Indefatigable;Marshall Lloyd USN; Tisdale
Vol 4-31993JulySpin us a dit14nicknames;
Vol 4-31993JulyHangover Fairy15Hangover;Hello Sailor;religious instruction
Vol 4-31993JulyA Snip of History: It sure was a wow of a get-together16Albatross;Coronation Ball;Radm Showers;Gussey; ABC dance band;White Ensign Club
Vol 4-31993JulyAircraft Restoration Reports17Venom WZ895;Firefly WJ109;Firefly WD826;Sea Fury VW623;
Vol 4-31993JulyWelfare Officers Report17Asbestos
Vol 4-31993JulyNews from the Divisions NSW18NSW Division ; 45th Anniversary dinner
Vol 4-31993JulyNews from the Divisions QLD19Connellan; Raddatz; Kelly; Collins; Nichols; Fisher
Vol 4-31993JulyNews from the Divisions SA;ACT Ê20Haynes; Howlett; Kavanagh; Bushe-Jones
Vol 4-31993JulyNews from the Divisions WA;Vic20Green; Smith; Sundstrom; Murdoch; Hammond; Caldwell; Suriano; Vickridge;Toz Dadswll; Ikin
Vol 4-31993JulyAustralian Naval Aviation Museum22Capital Campaign Fund;Building Project;Sea Venom WZ937;Dakota;Sea Fury;Museum workshop; Wasp. UH1B
Vol 4-31993OctoberForeword2Hughes;Collins Submarines
Vol 4-31993OctoberEditorial;Museum update3Family days;Skyhawks
Vol 4-31993OctoberHow teamwork unmasked Albatross arsonist4ÊH hangar fire;Trackers;816;851; police; fingerprinting;Trent;
Vol 4-31993OctoberHangar round for a bit more history7H hangar collapse 1951; J hangar construction 1953;Naval airman recruit class #7
Vol 4-31993OctoberMuster on the Flight Deck8Handlers from early days
Vol 4-31993OctoberThe great seatbelt lesson9Canadian Navy;Avengers;Glow-worm;seatbelt
Vol 4-31993OctoberLetters to the editor10Horseflesh menu; Jan 64 J.R.Õs reunion;Naval PhotographersÕ Assn;Aust Rules team Yeovilton photo;Nirimba history;Eglinton 1956 photo
Vol 4-31993OctoberSpin us a dit13Naval humour
Vol 4-31993OctoberWelfare officerÕs report;Nat.SecretaryÕs report15Travel insurance;contact arrangements;lapel badges;new members
Vol 4-31993OctoberNews from the divisions16Division news October 1993
Vol 4-31993OctoberAircraft restoration reports19Sea Venom WZ895;Dakota 800; Bell Sioux;Sea Fury;Firefly WD826;WJ109
Vol 4-31993OctoberThere is movement at the Station, Albatross update21Civilian contracts;British Aerospace;Shoalhaven Drag Racing;Defence Police Games;Chapel;Gliding
Vol 4-31993October8,9,10 Squadron; Museum Support Squadron22Museum support;Volunteer status;Volunteers needed
Vol 4-31993OctoberSpotted around the traps23Photos from Divisions; anniversary dinner photos;museum volunteers photos
Vol 5-11994JanFront Cover - 'up came the Trackers - one, two, three'. Aircraft of 851 Squadron - Dawn over Ayers Rock - 19721Trackers; 851 Squadron; Ayers Rock; 1972
Vol 5-11994JanForeword by Commodore M. A. McK (Nobby) Clarke AM RAN (Rtd)2Clarke; Naval Association of Australia; Albatross; Sydney; Vengeance; Melbourne; Museum
Vol 5-11994JanEditorial3Computer Sciences of Australia; National President; Toz Dadswell; Fleet Air Arm Officer's Association;Jarman; FAA Officer's Association
Vol 5-11994JanNational President's Report31994; 1993; The FAAA of Australia; flag; Australian White Ensign; FAA Memorial Plaque; HMAS Cerberus; Slipstream; Naval Aviation Museum; Veterans Affairs; Aircraft Handler's Branch; Blue Larter; FAA Reunion; Bundaberg; 1994; Toz Daswell
Vol 5-11994JanWhy I Want To Be A Pilot3
Vol 5-11994JanPhoto - FAA Plaque Laying Ceremony At HMAS Cerberus In Remeberance of RAN Personnel, Past and Present, Who Served In The Fleet Air ArmÊ3HMAS Cerberus; Fleet Air Arm; Hetherington
Vol 5-11994JanComputer Sciences of Australia Pty Ltd4Computer Sciences of Australia; CSA; Computer Sciences Corporation; CSC; INFONET; Systems Engineering Division; SED; Business Systems Division; BSD; P-3 CMI; RAAF Edinburgh; P-3 Orion; Hughes; RAAF F-18; simulators; RAAF Tindal; RAAF Wiiliamtown; S-70B-2 Seahawk; Collins Avionics and Communications Division; Rockwell International;Aircraft Weapon System Support Centre; AWSCC; HMAS Albatross; Tactical Data System; Seahawk; Link Corporation; Weapon System Trainer; Mission System Trainer; Tony Baker; 824 Squadron; HMS Ark Royal; HMS Hermes; Mission Support Facility; Combat Data System Centre; FFG Combat System; Naval Aviation Museum
Vol 5-11994Jan50th Anniversary5Fiftieth Anniversary; Formation; 851 Squadron; 1 October 1993; Fleet Air Arm Museum; RNAS Yeovilton; Avenger; Tony Tuke; HMAS Shah; 21st Aircraft Carrier Group; 1954; Fireflies; 1958; 1968; Trackers; C47s; HS 748s; 1984; Original Squadron Crest
Vol 5-11994JanSquadron Line Book Entry5S.S.Laurie; Squadron Eight Five One; G. Vickeridge
Vol 5-11994JanPhoto - Air Engineering Officers - HMAS Albatross July 19586Lamb; Rose; Hutchins; Duff; Burmeston; Jones; Wilson; Birch; Coker-Godson; Wickett; Lovell; Kent; Logan; Coward; Foale; Webster
Vol 5-11994JanNirimba '52 To '56 - The 'Nitty Gritty'6Eric Manuel; Nirimba; Colin Davis; Schofields; Moretay; Largs; Jervis Bay; MONAB 9; Albatross; HMS Gamecock; 22 Squadron City of Sydney; Mustangs; Bristol Sycamore; Centaurus; Firefly; Theory of Flight; Barney Bear; Jack Kitney;
Vol 5-11994JanHMAS Voyager Reunion9HMAS Voyager; 30th Anniversary; 1994; John Hanney; Terry Hetherington
Vol 5-11994JanHMAS Melbourne - USS Frank E. Evans Memorial Service9Memorial Service; 25th Anniversary; Collision; HMAS Melbourne; USS Frank E. Evans; 1994; US War Memorial; Russell Offices; Frank E. Evans Association
Vol 5-11994JanThe Melbourne - Evans Collision! One Man's Observation93 June 1969; USS Frank E. Evans; HMAS Melbourne; South China Sea; Rescue Destroyer; 816 Squadron; Tracker; 848; John Clarke; Ian Payne; Ken Beaton; Geoff Vickeridge; Voyager; Singapore; Rear Admiral Crabb; VAT Smith; 816; 805; Skyhawks; Ron McKenzie; Kersage; John Clarke; Wally Gasgoigne; Dennis Rose; Jim Firth; Winston; J.P Stevenson; Awards; Burns; Rogers; Patterson; Heard; Richardson; Baldwin; Stevens; Buchanan; Cleveland; James; Evatt; Varley; Pullinger; Johnson; Arnold; Scott; Harris; Hartley; Farkas; Wessex 31-B; S2E Trackers; A4-G Skyhawks
Vol 5-11994JanPhoto - Aircraft Handler's At Jervis Bay Airfield 195311Brian Parrotte; Ray Armol; Ron Solomon; Slim Sutherland; John Wilson
Vol 5-11994JanConsistency In An Inconsistent World11Selby
Vol 5-11994JanLetters To The Editor12Slipstream; Naval Aviation; Campey; Ken Beaton; HMS Belfast; Bill Crozer; Dave Richardson; Culdrose; 750 Squadron; Yeovilton; FAA A Reunion; Joyce Knowlson; HMS Ocean Association; Vickeridge; Nirimba; Albatross; NAMO; Jost; Albatross Bomb Dump; Glen DorŽ; Cerberus; Museum; Peter DorŽ; Don Chisholm; Clive Smithers; Ron Robb; Kevin Foot; Allan Johnson; Ray Davy; Travena; Eddie Thompson; Bruce Errey; Bernie Jeffries; Ron Neal; Max Ackerley; Paddy McArdie; Merv Carter; Jack Scanlon; Ray Shanahan; Owen Nadin; Bill Collins; Max Kerr; Ray Gunnerson; Maurie Lithgow; Ned Nevin; Mal Presland; Bill Hazel; Bill Cox; John Isherwood; Bill Sincock; Bill Linden; Cameron Reed; Arthur Sharland; Pricky Reid; Barry Tyrell; Ray Marley; Barry Simpson; John Nobes; Geoff Singline; Les Kube; Fowler; Mulhall; Olinga; Knudsen; O'Dwyer; Leuders; Philistin; Bob Evans; Harris; Mason; Plester; Gilmour; HMS Indefatigibal; HMS Victorious; 849 Squadron; Avenger; Harold Chandler; Tisdale; Marshall Lloyd; Col Price; Higgins; Nicholls; Artificer Conversion Course; HMS Conder; Fireflies; Corsairs; Avengers; 820 Squadron; 828 Squadron; Implacable; Schofields; 29th April 1946; Walrus; Rose Bay; Ron Sunderland
Vol 5-11994JanSpin Us A Dit! - The Story Of 'Bob' - The Great White Hunter16Peter DorŽ
Vol 5-11994JanSpin Us A Dit! - 'Bob' - The Timber Cutter16Trevor Gibbs
Vol 5-11994JanSpin Us A Dit! - The Bosun's Mate?16AJ Smith; Flinders Naval Depot
Vol 5-11994JanSpin Us A Dit! - Life's Like That!16
Vol 5-11994JanWelfare Officer's Report17Gray; Asbestos; Occupational Health And Safety Officer; OH&S Officer; Veterans Affairs; Cancer; Pulmonary Tuberculosus; Australian Veterans; Malignant Neoplasia; Senior's Health Card; July 1994; DFRB; DFRDB;Ê
Vol 5-11994JanFarewell Shipmates17Gordon Howlett; HMS Siskin; Kevin Boulter; Leslie Mickan
Vol 5-11994JanNational Secretary's Report181993; Federal Council; Victorian Division; Matterson; Dadswell; Monsignor Frank 'Tiger' Lyons; National Association Chaplain; Les Jordan; Association Flag; Cerberus; FAA Plaque; Graeme Adsett; Eric Burton; Goble; Christie; Tate; Theo Bushe-Jones; Litchfield; Baggott; Col Bushe-Jones; Treloar; Lee; Pope; Jost; Phil Smith; Haynes; Crane; Walters; Robb; Schmidt; Julius; Viles; Bull; Christopher; Burton; Foot; Knappstein; Maloy; Judy Young; Bosanquet; Childs; Hodgkiss; Daniels; Ferguson
Vol 5-11994JanNews From The Divisions - Western Australia18Tate; Federal Conference; RAAF Base Pearce; Christie; Prentice; Brian Smith; Raynor; Ferguson; Matterson; Walter; Goble; Dadswell; Constitution; Slipstream; Theo Bushe-Jones; Conlan; HMAS Cerberus; Diplomas of Merit; Plaque; Flag; Eldridge; Albatross; Museum; Anning; Treloar; Lee; RAAF Richmond; Bradley; Murdoch; Diver; Partington; Eames; HMAS Stirling; Hall; Burns; Walter Ê
Vol 5-11994JanNews From The Divisions - Victoria20Treloar; Tate; Theo Bushe-Jones; Raynor; Crowe; Jordan; Lee; Hetherington; Walter; Ikin; Matterson; Christie; Ferguson; FAAAA Federal Council Meeting; FAA 45th Anniversary; Reunion Dinner; Goble; Dadswell; HMAS Cerberus; RAN Fleet Air Arm Memorial Plaque; Dedication; Consecration; FAA Association of Australia; National Flag; Alan Clark; Litchfield; Baggott; Lyons; Knappstein; Roberts
Vol 5-11994JanNews From The Divisions - South Australia21
Vol 5-11994JanNews From The Divisions - Queensland21March '94 Reunion; Bundaberg; Lee; Lapel Badge; Henderson; Lyons; National Association Chaplain; Slipstream; Asbestos Exposure; Asbestosis Check; Alan Smith; Mickan; Higgins; Stan Paul, Price; Nicholls; Connellan; Daniels; Bolitho; Collins; National Reunion; Queensland; October 1995; 50th Anniversary Reunion; Morton; Crawley; Blair; ListerÊ
Vol 5-11994JanNews From The Divisions - Australian Capital Territory22Harry Adams; Norman Lee; Nobby Clarke; Col Bushe-Jones; FAAAA Plaque; Cerberus; Sir Victor Smith; Farthing; Dadswell; Tiffen; Treloar
Vol 5-11994JanNews From The Divisions - Tasmania22Slipstream; Simpson; Coupland; Blair; Baxter; Raddatz; Williamson; Lamont; Thompson; Ripps; Gordon James; 724 SQN; Sea Furys; Gannets; Luther; Heaven; Warfield; Sara; Childs; Albatross; Museum; Jacobs
Vol 5-11994JanNews From The Divisions - New South Wales23Hetherington; FAA 45th Anniversary Dinner; Naval Association Museum; Lehan; 8,9,10 Museum Vounteer Support Squadron; Penno, Sea Venom; Restoration; Regular Defence Force Welfare Association; RDFWA; Constitution; Cronin; Lee
Vol 5-11994JanThe Naval Aviation Museum - A Summary Of 1993 And A Glimpse Into 199425Stage 2; Function Centre; Galley; Shop; IMB Display Hall; November '92; RAAF Museum; Historic Flight; Nowra Air Division RANR; Fleet Air Arm Association; Sea Venom; Dakota; Sea Fury; Firefly; Australian War Memorial; HMAS Albatross; Scout; Tracker; Geale; Ship's Cutter; Melbourne; Ships Safety Boat; Naval Association; Ikara; Taurana; The Victoria Museum; National Aviation And Space Museum; Whyte; Gliding Hangar; Fleet Air Arm Chapel; Holmes; Matterson; Wessex; Lehan
Vol 5-11994JanJacks' On The Fax27
Vol 5-11994JanSpotted Around The Traps!28Wlaker; Webster; Gant; Senior Sailors Reunion; Julius; RANAS Nowra; Selby; Kelson; Naval Aviation Museum; Brian Smith; Matterson; Plaque Laying Ceremony; HMAS Cerberus; DaCosta; Laidler; Lee; Mowatt; Henshaw; Roberts; Flemming
Vol 5-21994AprFront Cover - An Early Morning Captured In Time 'Flying Stations Aboard HMAS Sydney'1HMAS Sydney; Ferguson
Vol 5-21994AprForeword By Vice Admiral R.G. Taylor AO RAN Chief Of Naval Staff2HMAS Sydney; HMAS Melbourne; Fleet Air Arm; FAA; Museum; Historic Flight
Vol 5-21994AprEditorial3British Aerospace Australia
Vol 5-21994AprHospital Call3Raddatz; Coates
Vol 5-21994AprUrgently Required3Simpson
Vol 5-21994AprCan't Remember The Words É But The Music Sounds Familiar!3
Vol 5-21994AprContacts For 19943Ferguson; Arnold; Goddard; Treloar; Theo Bushe-Jones; Christie; Cooper; Nobes; Woods
Vol 5-21994AprFarewell Shipmates3Bob Proud; Geoffery Dunn; David Thomas
Vol 5-21994AprBritish Aerospace Australia4British AerospaceÊ Australia; Woomera; 1950's; BAe Australia; BAeA; Rapier; F/A-18; Commercial Support Program; RANAS Nowra; Sea King; Simulator; Nowra Naval Air Station; Ê
Vol 5-21994AprHMAS Albatross - What's Been Happening Since The Last Update?5McDonnell Douglas MD 520N; NOTAR; Allen 'Tassie' Anning; HMAS Albatross; Transport Compound; Morton; Naval Aviation Museum; Sea Fury; NSW Bush Fire Emergency; January 1994; HS 816; Dowsing; HS 817; Lee; HC 723; DiPietro; Sea King; Squirrel; S-70B Seahawks; Ogden; NAS Nowra; RAAF Richmond; RANAS; Defence Housing Authority; Defence Civilians; Civilian Contractors; Naval Air Station; HMAS Creswell; Commercial Support Programme; CSP; British Aerospace Australia; BAeA; HMAS Voyager; 30th Anniversary; Morton;Ê
Vol 5-21994AprThe Forgotten Mechanic6Naval Aviation
Vol 5-21994AprFrom The Archives - Photo 808 Squadron Aircrew RNAS Yeovilton 1955/567Sea Venom; 808 Squadron; Cox; Wyatt; Hilliard; Seed; Jude; Thompson; Cordell; Wilson; Gratwick; McIver; Carmichael; Potts; Ralph; Brennan; Kable; Champ; Green; Miller; Morbey;Ê
Vol 5-21994AprFrom The Archives - Photo 817 Squadron in 1952 - Equiped With Fairey Fireflies7817 Squadron; Fireflies
Vol 5-21994Apr817 Squadron Omission From Awards List8Vickridge; USS Frank E. Evans; HMAS Voyager; United States Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation; 817 Squadron; Rogers; Firth; Riley; Meritorious Unit Commendation; 3 June 1969; HMAS Melbourne; South China Sea;Ê
Vol 5-21994AprMelbourne - Evans Memorial Service Update9Reunion; 03 June 1994; 25TH Anniversary; Melbourne; Evans; HMAS Harman; Ron Baker
Vol 5-21994AprWelfare Officer's Report9Gray, Department of Veterans Affairs; Department of Defence (Compensation); Medical History; RDFWA; Regular Defence Force Welfare Association; FAA Association; Naval Association; Vietnam Veterans Association; Compensation; DFRB; DFRDB; MSBSÊ
Vol 5-21994AprFacing The Facts Of Life9Department of Veterans Affairs
Vol 5-21994AprIf You Can 'Cobble Up A Camel' Or 'Prefab A Pup' - Read On10RAN; Naval Aviation; World War 1; Museum; HMAS Australia; HMAS Sydney; HMAS Melbourne; HMAS Brisbane; Sopwith; Goble; Geale
Vol 5-21994AprIs It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No.It's Harold Kent!10Lister; Glider Reunion; RAN Gliding Association; Bullock
Vol 5-21994AprObituary - Captain Peter Fanshawe11Fanshawe; 803 Naval Air Squadron; Ark Royal; Blackburn Skua; Scharnhorst; Gneisnau; Glorious; HMAS Albatross
Vol 5-21994AprA Cordial Invitation For Members And Families To Join The Army11Salvation Army; Jennifer Keeley; HMAS Albatross; Spargo
Vol 5-21994AprLetters To The Editor12Raddatz; Blair; Baxter; Keedle; Fleet Air Arm Museum Yeovil; HMS Glory; Pomfret; Crozer; Randall; Cronin; Stan Brown; Geale; Buchanan; Beardsley;Ê
Vol 5-21994AprSacked Over Rat12
Vol 5-21994AprLetters To The Editor (Cont'd)13Vickridge; Beaton; HMS Begum; HMS Shah; HMS Bulolo; Albatross; RNAS Port Reitz; 788 Squadron; Haydn Taylor; Stanley Brown; 817 Squadron; Sydney; Geale; Museum; FAA Association Of Australia; 816 Squadron; Ray Torrens; Australian Naval Aviation Museum; Chadwick; EFTS; Tiger Moths; Harvards; HMS Vincent; Conway-Jones; HMAS Melbourne; 25 Years; Ross Gillett; Sydney; Vengeance; Jacobs; Baxter; Beardsley; Gardener; Cross; McKeon;
Vol 5-21994AprWhere Are All The Safety Equipment People?15Massie; Cross; Ward; Hill; McNay; Wessell; Blackwell
Vol 5-21994AprA Sailor Rues Death Of Base15Nirimba; HMAS Nirimba; Kitney; HMS Golden Hind; HMS Nabstock
Vol 5-21994AprSpin Us A Dit! - It's A Snip To Cure A Cold16Buchanan
Vol 5-21994AprSpin Us A Dit! - Further Adventures Of The Golfing Commodore16
Vol 5-21994AprSpin Us A Dit! - Spanish Joe16
Vol 5-21994AprSpin Us A Dit! - Ain't That The Truth16
Vol 5-21994AprSpin Us A Dit! - The Obliging Scot16
Vol 5-21994AprAircraft Restoration Team ReportsÊ17Sea Fury; VW-623; Hill; Ayers; Wright; Harper; Lee; Bale; Brown; Dakota; 800; Venom; Gannet; Wessex; Larder; Historic Flight; Shelley; Studdert; Winning; Parkinson; Mowat; Ross
Vol 5-21994AprSea Venom WZ 985 Restoration18Sea Venom; WZ 895; HMAS Albatross; HMAS Melbourne; 804; 870; 867; WZ937; Tremlett, Park; Bowers; Addison; Ducret; Cummings; Wright; Penno
Vol 5-21994AprBae Australia Sponsors Historic Flight19Wright; Historic Flight; British Aerospace Australia; Naval Air Station; BAeA; Iroquios; Tracker; Dakota
Vol 5-21994AprReports From The State Divisions - National Secretary's Report20Matterson; Federal Council; Australian Fleet Air Arm Officers Association; Fleet Air Arm Association Of Australia; FAAA Of A; Reunion; Bundaberg; Bourke; Hespe; Traill; Warwick; Spence; Schilling; White; Jones; Love; Hall; Jeffery; Beattie; Watts; Williams; Neilsen; Serre; reid; Winning; Bullock; Barlow; Holston; Norris; Forrest; Eaton; Edmonds; Aubrey; Hope; Ferguson
Vol 5-21994AprReports From The State Divisions - ACT Division20Federal Council; Col Bushe-Jones; Ledger; Coker-Godson; Treloar; Astbury; Clarke; West; Rodgers; Scott; Bell; National Constitution; HMAS Harman
Vol 5-21994AprReports From The State Divisions - Tasmanian Division21Skyrace Tasmania; Spitfire; Mustang; Pitts Special; T-28 Trojan; Harvard; Dakota; Aero Commander; Sea Fury; Centaurus; Blair; Raddatz; Bosanquet; Baxter; Parry; Vengeance; Simpson; Jacobs; Greenaway; Andrews
Vol 5-21994AprReports From The State Divisions - Victorian Division22Jordan; Crowe; Christie; Ikin; Butler; Chanpion; Clark; Mayer; Roberts; Weddell; Baggott; Egan; Lacey; White; Wilson
Vol 5-21994AprReports From The State Divisions - Western Australia22HMAS Stirling; Tate; Cook; Vickridge; Gault; Partington; Pattenden; Stonehouse; Duncan; Burns; Cooper; Matterson; Theo Bushe-Jones; Robertson; Taylor
Vol 5-21994AprReports From The State Divisions - New South Wales Division24Lehan; Naval Aviation Museum; MacDonald; Lee; Stanfield; Goddard; Birtles; Gray; Parkinson; Link; Cronin; Hetherington; Roberts; Walter; Historic Flight; HMAS Albatross; Eldridge
Vol 5-21994AprReports From The State Divisions - South Australia24HMAS Encounter; Conlan; Berry; Elston; Saywell; Cooper; Rayner; Harrison; Laidler; Bryant; Richards; Howlett; Magrath
Vol 5-21994AprReports From The State Divisions - Queensland25Bundaberg; Reunion; Dadswell; Walter; Penny; Johnson; Scott; Daniels; Conellan; Kelly; Mackay; Powell; Andrews; Morton; Wynberg; Lister; Blair; Woods; Henderson; Smith; Kelly; Sargeson; Zuch; MacCartney; McLaughlin; Raddatz; DC3; Historic Flight; Purvis; Payne; Rosewarne; Parkinson; Larder; RAN Gliding Club; Strickland; Daniels; Thompson; Bullock; Winning; RANGA; Welsh; National reunion; 1996; HMAS Melbourne; Doyle; HMAS Moreton; Collins; Burns
Vol 5-21994AprThe Australian Naval Aviation Museum - Progress Report26Dadswell; Museum Board Of Directors; FAA Officer's Association; McKeon; FAAOA; Museum Helicopter Flying School; Tiger Moth; HMAS Albatross; Naval Association; Fleet Air Arm Association; RAN Historic Flight; Lehan; Wheeldon
Vol 5-21994AprSpotted At The Bundaberg Reunion28Bristow; Blair; Walter; Bucholz; Doyle; Johnson; Churcher; Woods; Penny; Shelley; Parkinson; Hathaway; Gant; Mack; Bolitho; McLoughin; Torrens; Kelly; Henderson; Zuch; Sargeson; Lister; SmithÊ
Vol 5-31994JulFront Cover - A4 Skyhawk Of 805 Squadron Preparing To Launch From HMAS Melbourne1A4; Skyhawk; 805 Squadron; HMAS Melbourne
Vol 5-31994JulForeword By The Right Reverend Monsignor F. Lyons AM RAN (Rtd) Chaplain To The Fleet Air Arm Association Of Australia2Lyons; Chaplain
Vol 5-31994JulEditorial3Slipstream; FAA; Albatross; Coates; Tasker; Champion; Line Book; Sea Furies; Fireflies; Carriers
Vol 5-31994JulA Message From The National President3Dadswell; Slipstream; National Reunions; FAAAA
Vol 5-31994JulFrom The Archives - Photo HMAS Albatross 1959 Motor Transport Compund Crew4Luxford; Hickey; Lillyman; Cowey; Plunkett; Thompson; Daley; Hall; Laurie; Donnelly; Cooper; Alton; Dodds; Annand; Weaver; Knibbs; Taylor; Gault; Sojan; Davenport
Vol 5-31994JulFrom The Archives - Photo Operational Flying School Course No 7Ê4Rohrsheim; Amold; Smith; Hansen; Roland; Scott; 851; Dedman
Vol 5-31994JulFrom The Archives - Photo No 4 SESO Safety Equipment & Survival Course4McNay; Wessel
Vol 5-31994JulFrom The Archives5Keedle; Lyons; McKenzie; McPhee; Clarke; Dadswell; Firefly; Vengeance; Laughlan; HMS Terror; Alli-Oops;Ê
Vol 5-31994JulThe Dying Aviator5
Vol 5-31994JulReport Of The Committee Of Inquiry Into Defence And Defence Related Awards6Dadswell; Inquiry; Australian System Of Honours and Awards; Recognition Of Service Medals; Service In Military Campaigns; Peacekeeping; Imperial Awards; Australian Awards; Australian Service Medal; 1945; 1975; Clasp Japan; 1945; 1947; Clasp Korea 1953 - 1957; Clasp PNG; HMAS Tarangua; 1951; 1975; Imperial Naval General Service Medal Clasp Malaya; NGSM; Far East Strategic Reserve; 1955; 1960; Award For Officers And Instructors Of Cadets; Vietnam; Naval Ship Visits; Other Service; 1962; 1963; Vietnam Logistic And Support Medal; RAS Badge; Strategic Reserve; SEATO Exercises; Staff Officer Medals; CIDA; Voyager; War Medal; 1939; 1945; Roberts; Ê
Vol 5-31994JulSo You Think You've Got Things Tough7FAA; 805; Gregan
Vol 5-31994JulJust One Of Those Days8Litchfield; 1954; 805 Squadron; HMAS Sydney; Sea Furies; Sherbourne; Salthouse; Pollock; Fairbairn; Davidson; Waites; Williams; Sea Fury; WJ 284; Donnelly; DownesÊ
Vol 5-31994JulWelfare Officers Report9Gray; Commonwealth Seniors Health Card; Australian Hearing Services; Commonwealth Dental Health Programme; Service Pension; DFRDB; MSBS; Superannuation; Eligible Service; Cancer; Pulmonary Tubercolosis; Malignant Condition; TB; Disability Pension; Department Of Veterans Affairs; Seniors CardsÊ
Vol 5-31994JulCertificate Of Service9Certificate Of Service; Records Of Service; Baxter
Vol 5-31994JulVale - W.G (Jimmy) Bowles (12 May 1920 - 10 May 1994)10Bowles; RNZN; RN; RAN; Hurricanes; Martlets; Hellcats; Fulmars; 20th Carrier Air Group; 805 Squadron; Sea Furies; HMAS Sydney; Korean Conflict; 1951; Gould
Vol 5-31994JulVale - LSATWO Michael John Henderson (The Snake)10Henderson; Paul
Vol 5-31994JulVale - Lt. Reg Hutchins, RCN; Poole-Warren, G.H.F. 'Peter'; Dick CoatesÊ10Hutchins; Poole-Warren; Coates
Vol 5-31994JulLetters To The Editor11Victor Smith; VAT; Implacable; Spitfire; Seafire; Schofields; Air Speed Indicator; Firefly; Wheeldon; Caraske; HMAS Sydney; HMAS Albatross; Museum; Vought Sikorski Kingfisher; British Torpedo Unit; HMS Nabswick; Bendall; Albatross; Anderson; Tanner; Long; Peart; Green; Hearn; Neale; Drinnan; Barrett; Nixon; Benson; Baxter; Dobbyn; Wodetski; O'Brien; Cunningham; 816 Squadron; Ahern; Fanshawe; HMS Daedalus; Australian Naval Aviation Museum; Geale; Randall; C rozer; Shearwater Aviation Museum Foundation; Chadwick; Arnold; HMS Furious; Greenaway; Canadian Naval Air Group; CNAG; Geale; Reesor; Edgar; Tracker; Johnson; Bundaberg Reunion; Micken; Coker-Godson; Carrington; Coward; Hall; Hutchins; Lamb; Jones; Air Ordnance Engineers; Ferguson; Birch; Logan; Wolson; Duff; Wickett; Lovell; Webster; RANAMEB; Kent; Hay; 817 Squadron; Gannet; Nirimba; RANAS; RANATE; Foale; Henshaw; Robb; 805 Squadron; Campbell; Coates; Sea Fury; Cocks; Magnificent; Copeland
Vol 5-31994JulDawn Launch15Cocks; Sea Furies; USS Wasp; Bearcat; Cruddas
Vol 5-31994JulReminiscences Of Life On A Carrier15Hodgson
Vol 5-31994JulSmilin' Jack Is Sweating16Cocks
Vol 5-31994JulSwampy's Trivia Corner - Naval Aviation Firsts, Achievements and Trivia17Marsh; WW 11; Dornier Do 18; Skuas; HMS Ark Royal; P47 Thunderbolts; Longmore; No 1 Squadron RNAS; Dallas; 805 Squadron; Bailey; 886 Squadron; Seafires; Little;Ê
Vol 5-31994JulTruth In Advertising17
Vol 5-31994JulWomen's Lib17
Vol 5-31994JulLife's Like That17
Vol 5-31994JulSpin Us A Dit! - The Bomb Dump18Blain; Herbert; Raddatz; Billy The Goat; Cooper; Macgillicutty; Vengeance; Harrison; Viles;Sea Fury
Vol 5-31994JulSpin Us A Dit! - Make It So18
Vol 5-31994JulLooking Like A real Sailor191958; Far East; Pearl Harbour; HMAS Melbourne; Bruce; Cannon; O'Hagan; Elder; Coles; Crisp; Crompton; Damm; Keys; McDonald; McVea; Hourighan; Byass; Clark; Kyte; Smith
Vol 5-31994JulThe Drunken Driver19Spokeshave
Vol 5-31994JulNews From The Divisions - National Secretary's Report20Stan Brown; Keith Taylor; Michael Knight; Charles Fischer; Dennis Mulvihill; Arthur Wrigh; Doug Eastgate; Robert Morgan; Jack Goddard; Gordon Ellis; Clive Cotter; Robert Crimmins; Lynton Ferguson; George Cottam; Edward Wilson; John Selby; David Robertson; William Lovell; Malcolm Barratt; Graham Stevens; Raymond Merritt; Donald McLaren; Peter Churchill; Ronald Sunderland; Richard Humbley; Jack Pritchard; David Farthing; Paul Gaynor; A.J . (Nat) Gould; David Collingridge; Lillian Sara; Andrew Robertson; Mike Killingworth; Adrian Howells; Gerald York; Gordon Moon; Donald Gunn; Geoffrey King; Jeffrey Dalgliesh; W.Staff Lowe; Reginald Torrington; John R.Green; Chris Johnson; Chris Finch; A. PringShambler; Phillip Rowe; Gordon Turner; John Williams; Fred Randall; Desmond Miller; Anthony Horton; Richard Holmes; Guy Cooper; Anne Buchanan; and Leslie Anderson; C.R.J.Coles; P.F.McNay; J.E.Parsons; D.J.Ramsay; J.M. McNay; Ian Wilson; Ron Andrews; Bruce Smith; Albert Riley; Gloria Fleming; Joan Nicholas; Col Champ; John Buchanan; Kevin Mackay; Errol Shelly; Michael Mack; Roy Studdert; Warren Hull; Arthur Rowe; Fred Clark; Cyril Carey; Eugene Gangloff; Cedric Allen; Peter McDonald; Ron Hobba; Tom Carroll; Des Malcomson; Ray Robertson; Arthur Thompson; Mark Wilson; Don Kennedy; Tom Drummond; Tom Turner; Rod Venning; Fred Olinga; Tom Townsend; Gordon McPhee; Barry Bromfield; N.G.Barrett; S.W.Belger; J.R.Brown; F.T.Budd; R.Colless; S.Corboy; A.T.Fish; W.P.James; E.Jenkins; J .Kroeger; D.Orr; B.H.Poole; N.D.M.Roberts; P.Smith;, D.R.Stonehouse;, F.Woodward; Worthington; FurgusonÊ
Vol 5-31994JulNews From The Divisions - Australian Capital Territory Division20Ramsay; Ledger; Schilling; Coles; Spence;Parsons; McNay; Eames; Robinson; HMS Rodney; Treloar
Vol 5-31994JulNews From The Divisions - Victorian Division21Jordan; Laracy; Lacy; Association Flag; Andrew Clark; Alan 'Happy' Clark; Crowe; Champion; Baggott; Litchfield; Terry; Grant; Young; Martin; Mayer; Riley; Davidson; Conlan; Mayger; Tiger Lyons; Roberts; HMAS Cerberus; FAA Memorial; Arnold; Christie
Vol 5-31994JulNews From The Divisions - South Australian Division21Conlan; HMAS Encounter; Berry; Rayner; Saywell; Laidler; Olinga; HMAS Albatross; Memorial Plaque; Magrath; Sea Venom; WZ 939; 879; Gloster Meteor; Sabre; HMAS Torrens; HMAS Swan; HMAS Melbourne (III); Harrison
Vol 5-31994JulNews From The Divisions - Western Australian Division22Gault; Partington; Jost; Hammond; Hall; Cook; Vickeridge; Melbourne; Evans; Reunion; Memorial Service; Pattenden; Burns; Arnold; Head; Prentice; Tate; Theo Bushe-Jones
Vol 5-31994JulNews From The Divisions - New South Wales Division23Birtles; Parkinson; Historic Flight Liaison Officer; Historic Flight And Restoration Officer; NSW Constitution; Stanfield; HMAS Cerberus; Roberts; Lee; Goddard; Link; Arnold; Matterson; Museum; 46th FAA Anniversary;Ê
Vol 5-31994JulNews From The Divisions - Queensland Division23Henderson; Churcher; Brennan; Wheatley; Bryce; Smith; Raddatz; Coates; Blair; RANAS; Bowles; Dadswell; Woods; Sargeson; Tite; Ferguson; Bosanquet; Doyle; Hill; Hayes; Woods; Nielsen; Johnson; Parsons; Lord; Whitton; Lewis; Mathews; National Reunion; Gold Coast; October 1996; Lister
Vol 5-31994JulNews From The Divisions - Tasmanian Division25Simpson; Lowe; Singline; Baxter; Coates; 817 Squadron; Sea King; Albatross; Sycamores; 723 Squadron; Jacobs; Laing; Kube; Hutchins; O'Donnell; Barnes;
Vol 5-31994JulNew Arrival26Westland Whirlwind HAS7; XM-665; Naval Aviation Museum; Apperley
Vol 5-31994JulSea Venom WZ-895 Restoration Report26Robb; Washbrook, Sea Venom; WZ-895; Restoration; WZ935; Lehan; Penno;Ê
Vol 5-31994JulMuseum Restoration Activities26Museum; Stinson; Westland Whirlwind; Apperley; Dakota; Parkinson;
Vol 5-31994JulAustralian Naval Aviation Museum Progress Report27Museum; Building Development; Whyte
Vol 5-31994JulSpotted Around The Traps!28Roberts; Lee; Cronin; Certificate Of Appreciation; Vickridge; Hodges; Stevenson; Melbourne; Evans; Reunion; Stewart; Ridgeway; Harrison; Kelson; Eagles; Rodgers; Cedro;
Vol 5-41994OctFront Cover - With These Hands We Will Pray For YouÉ..Ê1Batsmen; Naval Aviation Museum; Bronze Batsman; Lane; Roland; Todman
Vol 5-41994OctForeword By Admiral A.L. Beaumont, AC, RAN Chief Of The Defence Force2
Vol 5-41994OctEditorial3
Vol 5-41994OctGolden Wedding Anniversary3Sir Victor Smith; VAT
Vol 5-41994OctNational Secretary's Report3Museum; Zuch; Jost; Nicholls; Federal Council Meeting; 1994; Stan Brown; Cyril Carey; Bourke; Hearn; Smith; Vallack; Bailey; Bolton; Caldwell; Lane; Fitzgerald; Metherall; Brown; Callaby; Walker; Simmons; Marr; Champion; Rieck; Whitton; Scovell; Mossman; O'Day; Findlay; Callan; Ackerly; Ackerly;FergusonÊ
Vol 5-41994OctA Last Farewell3Binnington; Nicholls; Lloyd; Klose; Groome; Finch; Zimmer; Howarth; Reidy
Vol 5-41994OctFrom The Archives - Photo 19654Stubbington; Sargeson; Selby; Baugh; Fellenberg; Clark; Donnelly; Birtles; Duke; Cridge;Ê
Vol 5-41994OctFrom The Archives - Photo 1969 - Church Service Aboard HMAS Melbourne4Melbourne; Crabbe; Batt; Beslan; Stevenson
Vol 5-41994OctFrom The Archives - Photo 1951 - Windmill Hotel Arbroath4Dickson; Jolly; Annand;
Vol 5-41994OctFrom The Archives - Photo 1952 Kid's Xmas Party HMAS Sydney4Sydney; Keedle
Vol 5-41994OctFrom The Archives - Photo 1960 Manila Welcome To The 'Yellow Bar'4Keedle
Vol 5-41994OctFrom The Archives - Photo 1953 Kure5Bull; Martin; Gibson; Green; Cronin
Vol 5-41994OctFrom The Archives - Photo 1950s Salvage Section Bren Gun Carrier5Brown; Keedle
Vol 5-41994OctFrom The Archives - Photo 1950s D6 Mess HMAS Albatross5Albatross; Keedle
Vol 5-41994OctFrom The Archives - Photo 1955 Cleaning The Guns In The Hangar After A shoot5
Vol 5-41994OctFrom The Archives - Photo 1956/7 HMAS Melbourne CAG Junior Sailors Mess5Aherne
Vol 5-41994OctProspecting For The Lost Squadron6
Vol 5-41994OctRAN Radio Mechanic's Association7Saywell
Vol 5-41994OctNick' Off?7
Vol 5-41994OctYesterday Today Tomorrow7
Vol 5-41994OctNews With A Vengeance8HMAS Vengeance; Minas Gerais; Baxter;Ê
Vol 5-41994OctMore - On The 'Gong Show'!9Baxter, Defence Related Awards; CIDA; Committee Of Inquiry Into Defence And Defence Related Awards; Civilian Service Medal 1939-1945;Ê
Vol 5-41994OctA Letter To A Member Which May Be Of Interest To Others9Long Service Medal; Royal Australian Navy; Royal Australian Naval Reserves; Long Service And Good Conduct Medal; Fleet Reserve Long Service And Good Conduct Medal; Volunteer Reserve Long Service And Good Conduct Medal; RANEM; RAFR; RANR; Defence Force Service Medal; Reserve Force Decoration; Reserve Force Medal;Ê
Vol 5-41994OctWelfare Officer's Report10Veterans Affairs; Vetlink; Income Support Supplement; DVA; Standard Rate Of Service Pension;Ê
Vol 5-41994OctCrash Pilot Honoured10Kavanagh; Monsignor Frank Lyons; Ramsay
Vol 5-41994OctMelbourne - Evans' Material Sought For Journal113 June 1969; HMAS Melbourne; USS Frank E. Evans; South China Sea; 25th Anniversary; Reunion; Carrier Air Group; Ellis; Winston; RAN Museum Repository; Spectacle Island; Baker;Ê
Vol 5-41994OctThe Sea11Baker;Ê
Vol 5-41994OctNavy Medal For Veterans11HMAS Warrnambool; Navy General Service Medal; Leo Evans; HMAS Waterhen; HMAS Rushcutter
Vol 5-41994OctThey Were Known As - 'The Dirty Dozen!'12Walker; FAA 46th Anniversary; Naval Aviation Museum; Sydney; 20th Carrier Air Group; CAG; 20th CAG; Buchanan; Firefly; Furies;Ê
Vol 5-41994OctTracker Trials Melbourne13United States Navy S2; Tracker; Melbourne; Gannet; Lane; McKeon; Venamore; Johnson;
Vol 5-41994OctLetters To The Editor14Harold Kent; Kirwin; Bosanquet; Jacobs; West; Silsby; Steve Smith; Australia; Sydney; Vengeance; Melbourne; Stalwart; Albatross; Hopkins; Ahern; Silby; 808 Squadron; 1955; Wyatt; Nunn; Gaynor; Sea Venom; WM551; RNAS Yeovilton;Diggerson; McLoughlin; Brown; Conway-Jones; Cyril Carey; Royal Australian Navy Historic Flight; Wynberg; Herman; 816 Squadron; Battle Honours Board; Gannets; Trackers; Leisk; Warne; Geale; Ark Royal; Swordfish; Skua; Kelson; HMAS Sydney; 1967; 725 Squadron; Wessex; Vung Tau Ferry; 817 Squadron; South China Sea; HMAS Melbourne; Mulvihill; Hobba; Baxter;
Vol 5-41994OctSilver Shackles18
Vol 5-41994OctA Matter Of Personal Choice18
Vol 5-41994OctC For Initiative18
Vol 5-41994OctSpin Us A Dit - 'Wheels' The Wonder Dog Of Salvage19Wheels; Salvage Section; 1950's; Albatross; Firefly; 816; 817; Bosaquet; Blair
Vol 5-41994OctSpin Us A Dit - The Riley19Manuel; Coates; Baxter;Ê
Vol 5-41994OctOver And Out20
Vol 5-41994OctMemories Of The Fleet Air Arm '50s Style20
Vol 5-41994OctSwampy's Trivia Corner - Naval Aviation Trivia21Marsh
Vol 5-41994OctNews From The Divisions - Western Australia22Hall; Vickridge; Diver; Prentice; Burns; Murdoch; Jost; Worthihgton; Murdoch; Pattenden; Hammond; Tate; Theo Bushe-Jones
Vol 5-41994OctNews From The Divisions - Victoria22FAA Memorial; Cerberus; Butler; Clark; Strickland; Cleland; Shepherd; Smith; Jordan; Lacy; Ikin; Conlan; Christie; Litchfield
Vol 5-41994OctNews From The Divisions - Australian Capital Territory23FAAOA; O'Day; Findlay; Callan; Treloar
Vol 5-41994OctNews From The Divisions - South Australia23Townsend; Venning; Kavanagh; Sir Victor Smith; Raynor; Berry; Harrison;
Vol 5-41994OctNews From The Divisions - Tasmania24Simpson; Jacobs;
Vol 5-41994OctNews From The Divisions - New South Wales24AFAAOA; Link; 46th FAA Anniversary Dinner; Birtles; Lee; Goddard; 1959; Sea Venoms; Gannets;Naval Aviation Museum; Roberts;
Vol 5-41994OctNews From The Divisions - Queensland25Crawley; Walters; Bush; Gant; Torrens; Forrest; Powell; Henderson; Nicholls; Groome; Greer; Quick; Cottrell; Robinson; Jelly; Bryce; Al Smith; Doyle; Sea Venom; Sea Vixen; Gannet; Tracker; Connellan; Harkness; Winning; Daniels; Bray; Hamon; Naval Aviation Museum; RANAS; Dowson; Woods; Lister;
Vol 5-41994OctSea Venom Restoration26Corboy; Conlan; Andrews; Sea Venoms; Historic FlightÊ Restoration; Ducret; Cummings; Penno;
Vol 5-41994OctA Day To Remember26Museum; Batsman Statue;Ê
Vol 5-41994OctDouble Jeopardy27Litchfield; Cocks; 805 Squadron; Sea Fury; 1957; Campbell; Roberts;
Vol 5-41994OctHMAS Melbourne - Flight Deck Handling Party27Purcell; HMAS Melbourne
Vol 5-41994OctThe Australian Naval Aviation MuseumÊ28Museum; Vietnam Memorial and Display; 47th Anniversary HMAS Albatross;
Vol 5-41994OctSpotted Around The TrapsÉ..30Maclean; Wheeldon; Walter; Beasley; Walter; Grose; Greenaway; Walker; Hunter; Trood; Newbold; Link; Tate; Theo Bushe-Jones; Lee; Zuch; Jost; Crowe; Lyons; Berry; Conlan; Christie; O'Farrell; Sir Victor Smith; Clarke; Reid; McMurtie; Day; Barlow; Lister; Nugent; Henderson;
Vol 5-41994OctI Am A Volunteer32