Aircraft History

  • First Flight 09/04/63.
  • 1986 with LEUT Reyne (P) RAN, aircraft made a forced landing 4 miles West of Moruya NSW after a loud bang was heard and vibration felt. Aircraft returned to NAS Nowra underslung on RAAF Chinook.
  • Ditched 30/10/89,180 Nautical miles North West of Surabaja from HMAS Stalwart in South China Sea. LEUT(P) Lister, LEUT(P) Hill, LSA Knowles and two passengers. All personnel recovered by HMAS Stalwart, which also salvaged the aircraft which was beyond repair.
  • Bomb Dump at Nowra 1997.  Destroyed at RANAS Nowra fire ground.

    Wessex828 (Navy)

Above.  Under a “Pingers Moon”.  828 some time before her eventual demise. (RAN Photo)

Aircraft Ditching



Wessex828Recovery2(FAAM)N7-218 shortly after ditching in the South China Sea 30Oct89.

Wessex828Recovery(FAAM)Salvaged aboard HMAS Stalwart. Unsurprisingly, the aircraft was never repaired.