The Wessex was in service from late 1962 to the end of 1989 – a period of just over 27 years.  During that time the RAN lost 13 aircraft to accidents – an attrition of 48%.  The graph left shows the rate of loss over the years of the aircraft’s service life. It can be seen that the rate of attrition was relatively consistent across the entire period.  Of the 12 aircraft lost, only one resulted in fatalities. 

This page provides a brief overview of each of the 27 Wessex Airframes acquired by the RAN.  Click on the green “More Info’ box, where available, to drill down into more detailed information regarding the relevant airframe including photographs, more detailed history and narrative of events and accidents etc., where known.


(Note: Initially the Airframe number prefix was “WA-“. This was later changed to “N7-” but the suffix number remained the same.)

Airframe No/Side No                           Brief Details:

N7-200 (880,810)

First Flight 04Sep62. Withdrawn 31Dec89. More Info

N7-201 (881,811)

First Flight 14Aug62. Ditched 23Nov70. A/c lost. More Info

N7-202 (882,812)

First Flight 31Aug62. Crashed 08Aug89. A/c written off.  More Info

N7-203 (883,813)

First Flight 22Oct62. Withdrawn 19Jan87.  More Info

N7-204 (884,814)

First Flight 22Oct62. Withdrawn 31Dec89.   More Info

N7-205 (815)

First Flight 26Oct62. Withdrawn 31Dec89.  More Info

N7-206 (816)

First Flight 15Nov62. Ditched 24Nov64.  More Info

N7-207 (817)

First Flight 20Nov62. Ditched 14Sep64. A/c written off.   more info

N7-208 (818)

First Flight: 28Nov62. Ditched 19Nov74. A/c lost.  More Info

N7-209 (819)

First Flight 16Dec62. Ditched 31May87. A/c written off.   More Info

N7-210 (820)

First Flight 20Dec62.  Withdrawn 31Dec89.   More Info

N7-211 (821)

First Flight 14Jan63. Ditched 13Nov69. A/c lost.  More Info

N7-212 (822)

First Flight 18Jan63. Ditched 22Jan78. A/c written off.   More Info

N7-213 (823)

First Flight 18Feb63. Ditched 13Jul77. Front portion salvaged and returned to Australia.   More Info

N7-214 (824)

First Flight 18Feb63. Withdrawn 31Dec89.   More Info

N7-215 (825)

First Flight 07Mar63. Crashed 04Dec83. A/c written off.  More Info

N7-216 (826)

First Flight 14Mar63. Withdrawn 31Dec89.   More Info

N7-217 (827)

First Flight 08Apr63. Withdrawn 03Aug83.   More Info

N7-218 (828)

First Flight 09Apr63. Ditched 30Oct89.  More Info

N7-219 (829)

First Flight 24Apr63.  Ditched 16Jun70. A/c written off.   More Info

N7-220 (830)

First Flight 09May63. Withdrawn 31Dec89.   More Info

N7-221 (831)

First Flight 23May63. Survived ditching & engine failure. Withdrawn 31Dec89.   More Info

N7-222 (832)

First Flight 21Jun63. Withdrawn 31Dec89.   More Info

N7-223 (833)

First Flight 22Jul63. Withdrawn 31Dec89. More Info

N7-224 (834)

First Flight 06Aug63. Withdrawn 08Jul87.   More Info

N7-225 (835)

First Flight 13Aug63. Ditched 06Mar67. Aircraft lost.    MORE INFO

N7-226 (836)

First Flight 16Aug63. Withdrawn 31Dec89. More Info

Core information courtesy of ADF Serials, supplemented by additional photographs and notes, etc., where available. All photographs courtesy of Fleet Air Arm Museum unless otherwise notated.